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Chapter 3
光華の耀姫 (ブレスヴェート)
Brilliant Princess of the Light Flower (Presuvet)
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Visit to SaunierEdit

Viscount Augre, with his attendants, and Tigre, with his entourage of Rurick along with the scouts Aram and group travel to the village, Saunier, which is the center of all local villages for the meeting with the Village Leaders.

Saunier is among the several villages to the North of Orange Plains, beyond a river, and is more like a small town than a village is shaped like a circle and surrounded by a stone wall to an adult's height. Most village meetings are done here and even though there are villages closer to the highways, there is an open market in Saunier. It is a territory under the Viscount Augre who is their Feudal Lord.

The reason for the visit to Saunier is to grant some relief to the people from Augre's visit and another was to confirm the situation amongst the villages and the final reason to determine their future actions.


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