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The Battle of Tatra Fortress finally ended when Mila announced her neutrality, which gave a great impact to both Zhcted and Brune since she is no longer acted as Thenardier's ally. Both Tigre and Elen would shake Mila's hand as the truce between Leitmeritz and Olmutz. Before leaving, Mila told Tigre to pay a visit to Olmutz someday, much to Elen irritation as she sarcastically tell Mila that he won't be visiting Olmutz anytime soon, which she claimed as "regrettable". Both Vanadis continued to argue for Tigre before the Leitmeritz Army return to Leitmeritz.

A month has passed since Tigre returned to Alsace, with 5000 strong army behind him under Leitmeritz banner. In the same time, Tigre was visited by Hugues who send more 1000 troops as his additional support to Tigre's cause. Although possessed enough army to confront his rivals, Tigre has numerous concern in his mind: He didn't received any news from Nice nor Mashas. Regardless, Tigre would march his army toward Nemetacum, the land Duke Thenardier governed, and winter is around the corner.


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