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After a triumphant victory over the fallen Thenardier Army, Tigre and Leitmeritz Army returned to Celesta to celebrate by holding a humble yet festive feast with Alsace residents. Tigre thanked Elen for assisting him to rescue Alsace, but he also concerns that not only his victory would enraged the Duke over his son's demise, but also Ganelon and other Brune's aristocrat over his alliance with a Vanadis and Zhcted Army to save Alsace. Elen then asked Tigre anything regarding the Black Bow, which according to her, there wasn't another weapon able to supernatural powers aside from the Vanadis' Viralts. Tigre replied that such bow's power only existed in lore and legends that triggered Elen's interest. Lim interrupted the two as she recalled a certain legend once implied that, according to the legend itself, those who possessed the mysterious power from a mysterious bow would be considered as invincible to enemies, and even becoming a king known as the King of the Magic Bullet (Madan no Ou). Tigre however claimed his bow was irrelevant to the lore despite his interest. Elen then asked Tigre if he ever wishes to be a king, but Tigre replied that he just like a simple life with Alsace, prompting Elen to become more interested towards Tigre and Alsace. The party then continued until dawn.