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Chapter 3
Goddess's Descent
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Part 1: The Dream of GanelonEdit

Ganelon was having a dream about his past whee he met Charles. According to that dream, the two met in a woods.

Part 2: Revelation At Saint GroelEdit

Meanwhile at Brune, Regin-alongside with Claude, Serena, Mashas and Badouin-returns to Saint-Groel after reading a report from Lutetia's governor in regards of hidden stairs beneath the Holy Grotto during their clean up.

Part 3: Deadly ConfrontationEdit

Part 4: Vanadis's ReinforcementEdit

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Part 5: Tir Na Fal's DescentEdit

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Part 6:Fall and Demise of GanelonEdit

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Part 7: Fossilization of ViraltsEdit

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Part 9: Sofya's Ambush by ValentinaEdit

Outside Leitmeritz Army's camp, Sofy is taking a stroll in a nearby field. During her stroll, though she hears whispers from Tina somewhere in regards to her not using Zaht; opting her immediately rush back to Leitmeritz Army's camp. But, before she could even rush for the camp though, she is ambushed by Tina and is slashed from the front causing her to be knocked out by her injury instead. Tina then looked emotionlessly at the bleeding Sofy.

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Highlighted NotesEdit

  • Ganelon's backstory is revealed where he was once a philosopher whose dedication was to help people. However, his victorious battle against Koschei (real ones) has costed his humanity when the soul he absorbed ended up corrupting him.


Unanswered QuestionEdit

  • Considering Tina still had her Viralt for the ambush, Sofy's fate is still unclear.