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Part 1: Sofy's Encouragement to MilaEdit

Part 2: Damad the Prisoner-Of WarEdit

Part 3: Valentina and (Former) Prince RuslanEdit




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Highlighted NotesEdit


Unanswered QuestionEdit

  • While the tale of an unknown legend was widely known in Brune, Zhcted and Asvarre for his renowned reputation, it is remained unclear how many people actually encountered him since they barely see his face.
  • Damad's fate under Brune Army's hand is still despite being captured by Tigre as a prisoner-of-war. That would also put Tigre in a difficult position as well, considering Damad once helped him to return to Lebus during his amnesia as Urs.
  • Assuming she did obtained information about Ruslan's whereabouts via Greast, and she gave the former prince a medicine that (briefly) regain his sanity, it is remains unclear if Ruslan himself played a vital role in Tina's ambitions.

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