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The Moonlight Knights returns and receives cheers for everyone in Nice for their glory despite everyone still worry about Muozinel Army's impending invasion. At the Royal Palace, Tigre, Elen, Mila and Mashas are having an audience with Regin-who is glad to see him in good condition- in the Audience Hall where the Princess urges Tigre to rest and recuperate his army for their preparation to recapture the subjugated Brune's southern provinces; additionally, she also tells him that she has summoned 50,000 troops from the Western Boarders to assist the Moonlight Knights. Despite Tigre's worries and suspicions over the Western Boarders' lax of defense, especially facing threats from Asvarre and Sachstein even both enemy armies are fighting each other on the other side, Regin replied that is because she trusted him. Despite his friends and allies' uneasiness, Tigre smiles and tell Regin that he will find a way.



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  • It is remain a question the fate of the Moonlight Knights if they did succeeded in repelling Muozinel's invasion.
  • One main question about Tigre's position remains, especially his position as the only Brune Top General or Supreme Commander after Muozinel Invasion (Because if Regin remain his position even after invasion ends, Tigre will be the only Brune's Top General that can command the entire Brune Army aside of Regin herself)