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Chapter 4
Battle of Montour
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Part 1: Greast's Plot for MontourEdit

On one afternoon, Greast was stunned after hearing Muozinel Army's arrival from a messenger, prompting him to take out a map while thinking about his three armies: Osterode Army from north east; Moonlight Knights from south east and Muozinel Army from the south. Despite the crisis however, Greast planned on marching for Montour as scheduled and use it as a base so he can diverse a plan on deteriorating the relationship between the Moonlight Knights and Osterode Army, given the latter's suspicions over Tina's relationship with Ganelon. At the same time, he also anticipated in breaking Elen further and ensured nobody-especially Tigre rescue her and leave the camp. So he fortified his camp with traps and strictly ordered his men not to get close to Elen's barrack.

Part 2: Eleonora's Rescue MissionEdit

On sunset, Greast Army halted their march halfway for a quarter of an hour and set up a camp at a nearby wilderness for their break. From the other side, Tigre and Mila have found Greast Army's camp while hiding inside the woods. As Tigre thanked her for accompanying him, Mila replied that he can thank her after they rescue Elen with tea as a treat. The two easily infiltrated into Greast Army's camp without being detected by enemy soldiers while avoiding traps beneath the moat. They then arrived to the barracks where Elen was imprisoned but they were heavily guarded by outlook soldiers. Mila not only urged Tigre to control his emotions, she also suggested to make a ruckus in the camp as soon as possible. After sprinkled some oil at the tents, the two then executing their plans accordingly: Tigre is preparing his fire arrow while Mila walked towards the enemy guards as distraction.

Part 3: Greast's Undying Determination for EleonoraEdit

Part 4: Muozinel Army's Scout MissionEdit

Part 5: Revenge in MontourEdit

The soliders of Leitmeritz were all filled with anger and wanted to revenge their Vanadis, Elen. As she was cruelly imprisoned and tortured by Greast. They were all filled with hate and were lust for revenge towards Greast's army. Even when the soldiers under Greast surrendered or flee, they mercilessly kill every single one of them.

Part 6: Fall and Death of GreastEdit

Part 7: Donny the former NobleEdit

(TO be added...)

Part 8: Eleonora's Personal UneasinessEdit

In afternoon, the Moonlight Knights are camping at the nearby wilderness while Valentina decides to leave the Moonlight Knights for Silesia to report her involvement in Brune. Tigre thanks her for her assistance in Brune and tells her to send his regards to King Viktor, though Valentina tells him to visit Osterode someday and bids him and allies farewell and wishes them luck, opt him to think that Valentina is an enigma. Just as he turns around, however, Tigre sees Elen lower her head without seeing Valentina leaving and calls her out, only to see Elen claims that she is fine and walks away to her tent, much to Tigre's and Mila's confusion.

Part 9: Romance of Archer and VanadisEdit

On the forth day journey to Nice, Lim caught up to Tigre and talked about Elen, who she claimed to be not herself even despite her questions about her condition. Believed that something did happen to Elen prior to his rescue, Tigre decided to investigate her condition. While Lim went off, Tigre visiting Elen, who is drinking wine all day long to forget about the trauma she experienced during her imprisonment from Grease. Tigre decided to confess his feelings to her and so does Elen to Tigre. They both kiss and make love on that night. The next morning, Elen wanted to make both of their relationship a secret because of their position and status. But Tigre rejected Elen's idea and told her that he will find a solution.

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Highlighted NotesEdit

  • This chapter highlights Greast's downfall and demise that is resulted by his morbid obsession towards Elen and also huge miscalculations against his enemy.
    • The reason for Greast Army march for Montour is because it is nearer to Lutetia. Unfortunately for Greast, Tigre and Mila
    • Greast's main motivation in harassing Elen is to bring despair to her by proving that Tigre is not her hero, while forcing her to be his woman. What Greast miscalculated was that Tigre not only manage to bypass almost half of the traps in the camp and avoid almost every enemy, courtesy to his experience as a hunter, he also brings Mila as his company for their stealth mission.
      • Additionally his attempt to bring Elen to despair was failed as Elen scornfully cut off his hands without any sign of mercy as a proof of her loathe towards the former Marquis.
    • Assuming Elen's traumatic experience is supposed to demoralize the Moonlight Knights, it instead fueling Leitmeritz Army's rage as they vow to crush the enemy in order to avenge their Vanadis. That miscalculation later leads to Greast Army's destruction by the vengeful Leitmeritz Army when none of its soldiers survives from its wrath.
      • Not even his severe defeat could stop Greast from devising his next plan in outwitting the Vanadises while neglecting his army by fleeing from battle alone. Ironically, his own selfishness eventually be his undoing as nobody is going to save him from his last threat, Denis.
      • In spite the orders where no enemy soldiers will be spared even with the aftermath of Battle of Montour, under Tigre's leadership and Mashas advice only very few that can be spared (Around a hundred or so) while both are managed to calm their rage after Tigre witnesses they are too much to kill until soldiers that are surrenders was executed without question immediately.
    • Little did even Greast realized that Denis has already killed Vernon before his arrival to the villa, meaning he (Greast) has already enter a trap. It later revealed that two years ago, Greast helped Vernon's scheme as the new Viscount of Montaur by falsely accusing Denis and his father to a "crime" they did not committed, which caused his father's death and Donny's exile. Ironically, Denis now using the Fire Armor to torture Greast just like his father two years ago.
    • It was revealed that Denis has already planning on executing Greast by placing some sedative to make Greast off guard when he sleeps thus enable him to execute Greast without resistances.
  • This is also where Tigre and Mila realize both strength and weakness of the newly reformed Greast Army that defeated the Moonlight Knights: Variety of soldiers and generals that were under Greast's command despite their insufficient training and disorganized formation.
  • After gaining information about Ruslan, Tina returns to Zhcted without joining the Moonlight Knights' next battle against the invading Muozinel Army. While what she learned about Ruslan is remain unclear, there some speculations indicating that Ruslan is actually alive (?!) somewhere in Silesia. Regardless, this information would prove to be useful for her scheme to be the Queen of Zhcted which also foreshadowing Zhcted's
    • Even with their short-lived alliance and friendship, Tigre and Valentina seemly in good terms as they bid farewell as the Void Vanadis decide to leave Brune. Their new relationship (Tigre's neutral remarks onto Valentina) however further irritates both Elen and Mila.
  • The bond between Tigre and Elen grows as they finally profess their feelings and spend a night together, making them as a couple.
  • Mila is the first person to notice Tigre's and Elen's romantic relationship but decides to keep it as a secret from public under Tigre's request, despite she herself become jealous about it. That alone indicates the changing relationship between both Tigre and Mila since Arc One.


Unanswered QuestionEdit

  • How much Greast knew about Ruslan's real fate is remained unclear, and it is remained unknown if Valentina ever realize the former Marquis's manipulation.
  • As both Valentina and Tigre bid their farewell where the Void Vanadis leave to Zhcted, it is unclear if they meet each other again as either ally or enemy.
  • Even Tigre's view onto Valentina remain ambiguous. While he did disapproved her plans in using deception in their major battles, which most were violating his principles, he doesn't think her as a villain for some reason .