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Chapter 3
North, South, North
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Part 1: Mila's Encouragement to TigreEdit

Part 2: Tigre's Request in Rescuing ElenEdit

Part 3: Fall of Brune Southern TerritoriesEdit

Part 4: Damad's Yearn to Meet Greast ArmyEdit

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Characters (By Appearance Order)Edit


Mention OnlyEdit


  • Ekrem

Highlighted NotesEdit

  • The entire conversation between Mila and Tigre itself highlighting the Ice Vanadis's effort in stopping Tigre from self-blaming and his recklessness in saving Elen alone. Considering her negotiation condition in saving Elen together however, the only reason why Mila "willingly" aiding Tigre's rescue is because
  • In spite Mila's information regarding the impending Muozinel Army's invasion, Tigre chooses to save Elen as his priority since he need her to recuperate the Moonlight Knights and its ranks.
  • The entire sequence of Fall of Nemetacum is shown where the Muozinel Army finally subjugating Nemetacum, which was originally failed from their previous invasion. With the success of subjugation of Nemetacum, Muozinel Army is now aiming Nice as their next target next.
    • Muozinel war slaves are introduced as slaves who are "recruited" into Muozinel Army's front lines and also human shields. Unlike Muozinel Army's soldiers and generals however, most of them are treated badly as their wages are lesser than that from ordinary soldiers, and those who are trying to escape shall be executed by death.
    • Three mayors from the Brune's captured territories (namely Lamer, Agde and Massilia), one of the few remnants of Melisande's allies who also invited Sachstein Army invasion, now seeking the Muozinel Army in their plot in toppling Regin again. Instead, they were captured and enslaved along with other war slaves, along with their family members. As much as Kureys yearns for having more allies for the Muozinel Army's conquest over Brune, while not minding betrayal, even he find the mayors' greedy agenda to be repulsive.


Unanswered QuestionEdit

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