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Chapter 1
The Moonlight Knights' Defeat
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  • The chain that used to imprisoned Elen is the same magical chains that protected the dragons during Elen's battle against Thenardier Army in Vincennes Plains. While it did poised as the Vanadises' weakness, where and how did Greast ever obtain such chain is still unknown.
  • While his army was responsible to the Moonlight Knights' first defeat against Greast Army, it was remained unclear if Antiga Viscount himself lead the army.
    • Moreover, what was Antiga Army's motive behind aiding Greast Army by betraying the Moonlight Knights-where Tigre and Mashas were initially distrust them due to Viscount Antiga's isolation-is remained unclear.
  • As Mashas noticed that only two courtiers-unlike others those who were shocked to learn the Moonlight Knights' defeat-are seen to be least concern about Brune's current crisis, it is yet to be known if some were still plotting to overthrow Regin despite Melisande's death and her failed revolt.

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