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Chapter 5: Leonhardt of the Blitz
Leonhardt of the Blitz
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Highlighted NotesEdit

  • Leonhardt's history is shown as one of House Schmidt's noble who owns Sachstein's largest horse ranch, as well as his rise as Sachstein Army's champion under Agusto's reign.
  • The Battle of Prowirl highlights a battle where both Moonlight Knights and Sachstein Army executed their own plans and counterattacks against each other before Asvarre Army's arrival. This is also one of Tigre's tougher challenges since his battles against Hans in Plainville Hills.
  • For a year since its civil war, Asvarre Army began its campaign outside its kingdom as a supposed ally to Sachstein Army for the invasion attempt, which was also one of Sachstein Army's unexpected tactic despite both kingdoms' hostility. Unlike Brune however, Asvarre recovered more quicker and Tallard himself was elected as one of Asvarre Dukes under Queen Guinevere's decree.
  • Asvarre Army's betrayal resulted Sachstein Army's failed invasion attempt upon Brune as Leonhardt had to order a full withdraw from Prowirl Plains, even if doing so would makes him as a coward in the kingdom.


Unanswered QuestionEdit

  • It is yet to be known whatever happened to Simon and his mercenaries since the aftermath of Asvarre Civil War.
  • While Lavias confirmed the demonic presence lurking somewhere, it is yet to be known which demon will hunt down Tigre.
  • How Mila was able to slip through Muozinel Army unnoticed, it is yet to be known since the shortest path to Brune is through Agnes which was full with Muozinel Army that was marching to Brune.

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