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Chapter 4
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  • Delbord

Highlighted NotesEdit

  • The aftermath of the Uprising in Nice Royal Palace is shown where most of Melisande's former associates and allies are caught and imprisoned
  • Auguste's past with Tigre and Alsace residents (including Titta and Bertrand) is showcased his importance to the Earl of Alsace. The death of the late Calvados Knight Squadron leader somehow enforcing Tigre's decision in staying at Brune and protect it from harm.
  • Tina's suggestion become more dubiously sinister where she suggested to demoralize Sachstein Calvary Army by poisoning Brune's river while disregarding the villagers who depend these very rivers for their livelihood. Considering the incident during the revolt in Nice, everyone including Mashas find the plan to be disturbing and it later replaced with Tigre's Inferno Trap that defeated Hans's army in Plainville Hills.


Unanswered QuestionEdit

  • Even after Melisande's demise and her allies' arrest, it was unsure if Regin's opposition are truly quelled when Mashas's suspects that some people in Brune still skeptical towards Regin's reign as Brune's ruler and Tigre's heroism.
  • The Moonlight Knights' prompted dissolution was yet to be sure even after Tigre reveals to Elen that he will stay in Brune as one of Nice's minister after the war against Sachstein Army.

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