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Chapter 3
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Celpet Failed AssassinationEdit

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Highlighted NotesEdit

  • The Uprising in Nice Royal Palace is fully shown in this chapter where both factions from Regin and Melisande clash to settle the Royal Cousins' rivalry once and for all. However, the skirmish ends as soon as it started after Melisande's succumbs her severe injury from her fall.
    • Melisande's animosity against Regin also come to light where she refused to recognize her cousin as a noble despite Regin herself as her uncle's only child. Her disturbance during the Halo Festival that resulted to her arrest further steepen her hatred against Regin.
  • Auguste's death is showcased where he sacrificed himself for Regin's safety from the rebels. In his dying wish, it further reveals that he also yearned to serve Tigre as his promise to the late Urs which unfortunately unable to fulfill. His death alone angered Tigre once again since Bertrand's death has becoming his stronger motivation not just killing Armand and Melisande, but his decision in staying Brune after the supposed dissolution of the Moonlight Knights as well.
  • Ezendeis's two Veda are featured and described in this chapter during her brief duel against Ganelon. It's power potential extension power also displayed where Tigre's new Elemental Charged Arrow, the Void Arrow, resulted from the Black Bow absorption of Ezendeis's energy surges.
  • Ganelon and Tigre met each other for their first time during the chaos in Nice as both battling against each other until Tina's surprising rescue. The Black Bow's power Tigre displayed further increasing the former Duke's desire in obtaining both Tigre and the Black Bow, even after narrowly escaped from the Void Arrow.
  • The aftermath of Melisande's death and failed uprising in Nice has affecting almost everyone.


Unanswered QuestionEdit

  • It was yet to be known regarding the true relationship between Valentina and Ganelon despite they dueled during Melisande's uprising in Nice Royal Palace.
    • In addition, it was still ambiguous if Tigre was still plays a major role for Ganelon and Valentina to fulfill their respective ambitions, even after they witness the Black Bow's powers with their own eyes.

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