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Part 1 Assassination upon ReginEdit

One night in Nice Imperial Palace of Brune, three assassins are infiltrating into the palace to assassinate Regin, who slept inside her bedroom. Using their disguise as palace staff while kill the patrol guards, the assassins reach into the bedroom and try to make their kill. However, just as all three of them jump and kill the queen, they fell into a trap when one of the Calvados Knights used the crossbow and kills one of the assassins. The remaining two are trying to escape while holding their dead comrade, the are surrounded by Auguste and the Calvados Knights. Even seeing his two colleague killed by the knight, the assassin reluctantly engage his battle against Auguste and the knight.

It is revealed that ten days ago, 30 knights of the Calvados Knights were summoned by Badouin to be the queens guard. Auguste instead confused as he asked the Prime Minister why summoning them instead of the palace guards to defend the queen. Badouin instead answers that the queen needs more people (only from a few people whom Regin can be trusted) to defend her from possible threats. Whilst understood over the prime Minister's intention, Auguste accepted Badouin's request and called his men to stay in the palace's room.

Part 2: Auguste vs the AssassinsEdit


Part 3: Durandal in Greast's HandEdit

However, just as the soldiers split in group and searching for Durandal's thieves the other four intruders have already fled by going down from Luberon Mountain's slope with Durandal in their hands and arrive to the house, where Greast is waiting for them. After the thieves deliver the Durandal to Greast, who uncovers the cloth and astonished the blade's appearance, they are given some clothes and reward from an another room. Remarking over the lost of Durandal-which jeopardizing Regin's reign-, as well as Mesilande's uprising and , the Marquis comments the event could be "interesting" while also wondering about Ganelon's current whereabouts.

Part 4 Desperation Before the Halo FestivalEdit

Even searching for the entire day, the real Durandal is yet to be found because everyone is focusing over Regin's welfare over the magic sword. Despite the futile search, Regin orders her men to keep searching while trying to keep the incident from leaking to the public. In order to do so, Regin and Badouin decide to forge a fake Durandal as a replacement to the real ones before the Halo Festival.




Unanswered QuestionEdit

  • Even Regin would try to stabilize her reign by proposing the fake Durandal to replace the original ones, it is unknown if Regin's idea could prevent Brune from descending into chaos again.


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