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Chapter 3
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Part 1:King Agusto's Rare SmirkEdit

Part 2: Hill FortEdit

Part 3: The Meeting Between Elen and Brune ArmyEdit

Part 4: Brune Army's Second DefeatEdit

Part 5: Moonlight Knights, the Revival of the Silver Meteor ArmyEdit

Part 6: The Siege of Fort HillEdit

Part 7: War Council of Six GeneralsEdit

Part 8: Klugel's Interest upon Elen and TigreEdit




Important NotesEdit

  • The death of three Brune's prominent figures (Faron, Roland and Thenardier) have heighten Sachstein's chances in their invasion towards its neighbor kingdom.
  • This is the debut of the Moonlight Knights-the revival incarnation of the Silver Meteor Army- in the warfare. However, unlike its previous incarnation, Moonlight Knights had to endure Klugel's tactics even with the help of Elen and Tigre, which later garners the Sachstein General's attention.


Unanswered QuestionEdit

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