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Four days has passed since their victory over the fallen Polus Army at Birche Lake, Tigre and company returned to the nearby castle with Liza. Through Liza's explanation, Naum, Lazarl and other Lebus soldiers formally entrusting Liza to Tigre. Tigre hugged Titta who was relief to see her master again. Elsewhere, Damad muttered over Tigre's return while thinking his short-lived yet memorable experience with the Alsace Earl. Nonetheless, while anticipating Tigre's visit to Muozinel, Damad already left from Lebus to report Tigre's survival to Kureys.

Outside the balcony, Tigre was watching at a stary night while though about about Liza's invitation to stay in Lebus, which he declined since he is now no longer acted as Urz, it would be pointless to stay any longer in Lebus. Under Liza's arrangement, Lim, Mashas and Titta stayed in a provided inn with meals and bath were provided. During the dinner, Mashas tells Tigre that he needed to return for Brune by spring since Regin has been worried about his condition. As Tigre remained unsure, Mashas reassures him as he would going for Silesta for Viktor to explain the situation, much to Elen and Lim's silence. Naum and Lazarl also came by and visit the archer with an uneasy smile. Nonetheless, Tigre forgives them and he shakes their hands as good will before bidding both men farewell.

Tigre then staring at the starry night from the inn. While remarking about his long journey. Tigre also sympathized over Sasha's passing as he heard it from Elen. While remarking his involvement in a civil war in Asvarre, he also vows to know more about the Black Bow since his encounter with three demons, as well his short-lived yet memorable moments in Lebus as Urs.




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