Kureys' BrotherEdit

Kureys is the younger brother of the current King of Muozinel.


One of Kureys's trusted aide within his army. He was assigned a mission to search for Tigrevurmud and confirm whether he is "Dead or Alive" in Zhcted. In case, Tigre was alive, Damad was supposed to kill him, and in case, he was dead, he was to spread this information among the public create a rift between Zhcted and Brune and to dampen the moral within the two kingdoms as well. Later, Kureys appointed Damad as one of his Scouts General to scout Moonlight Knights.

Muozinel ArmyEdit

Kureys is a generous man towards the soldiers under his command. He rewards them appropriately for doing any important work. He also shows consideration towards the messengers, by allowing them to rest and recuperate after their work is done. This characteristics are surprising for someone from Muozinel where Slavery is very prominent.

Kureys is a charismatic commander and even when commanding a huge army, the soldiers rarely have any complaints or dissatisfaction regarding his leadership.

Rivals and EnemiesEdit

Tigrevurmud VornEdit

Tigrevurmud Vorn, Earl of Alsace, who was once scorned by Brune's nobles for his skills as only an archer and for being a noble of a small and insignificant area. When Muozinel Army invaded and subjugated Agnes, Tigre led the Silver Meteor Army to liberate Agnes. He killed Kashim and Advance Army lost almost half of their troops before they retreated to join the Muozinel's main army. Tigre stood up to defend Agnes and Brune from Kureys's invasion. Tigre with support from Ludmila and later from other various Knights' Orders from Brune managed to make Kureys suffer a great loss in the number of his troops even though Tigre himself had only an insignificant amount of troops to fight against in the beginning.

This bravery and courage shown by Tigre to fight an enemy with much larger army than his own and also his charisma to turn the situation and gather the supports from others made Kureys admire Tigre. Kureys became intrigued with Tigre and began to look forward to their future confrontations. When he left he bestowed Tigre with the title of "Silvrash".

Ludmila LourieEdit

Kureys during his first invasion attempt against Brune tried to make the Vanadis of Olmutz, Ludmila Lourie as his ally. She instead warned him and cleared her position of supporting Earl Vorn (Tigrevurmud) and the Brune-Leitmeritz Coalition Army against any invasion attempt from Muozinel either Zhcted or Brune.

She during their battle used her famed defensive tactics and strategies against the Muozinel Army commanded by Kureys. Kureys was impressed by her beauty, her fighting and her strategies as well.