Kana クレスディル
Romaji Kuresudiru
Personal Profile
Age ???
Gender Male Male
Birth Place Asvarre
Status Alive
Occupation Tallard's Strategist
Civil Minister
Army Asvarre Army

Kresdrill is one of Tallard Graham's subordinates who participated a civil war in Asvarre.

Character InformationEdit

Appearance Edit

Kressdill is described to be much thinner body figure and older age than most people. He also possessing a long face and this sharp eyes that almost resembles a fox, as well having a long, grey colored pony tail that is tied at his back of his head. In most of the battle, he is often seen wearing a seemly heavy armor in most battles.

Personalty Edit





Meeting with Tigre, the Brune Hero and Zhcted's Secret EnvoyEdit

Battle of SalentesEdit

As Tallard's MinisterEdit

With the help of Valverde people and Tallard's soldiers, Kressdill helped Tallard's successful coup in overthrow Germaine, killing the prince in the progress. When the trio of Tigre Olga and Matvey arrived to the audience room and found the late prince's dead body, Kressdill is told by Tallard to escort them to the guest room. Tigre demanded Kressdill to explain the situation but Kressdill remained silent.


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