Ilda Kurtis
Kana イルダー=クルーティス
Romaji Irūda Kurūtis
Personal Profile
Age 34
Gender Male Male
Birth Place Bydgauche, Zhcted
Status Alive
Occupation Lord of Bydgauche
Army Bydgauche Army
Position & Rank Duke
Territory Bydgauche

Ilda Kurtis is King Viktor's nephew and one of Zhcted's aristocrat as the Duke of Bydgauche. He is also a longtime acquaintance of two Vanadis: Elizaveta Fomina and Valentina Glinka Estes.

Character InformationEdit


Ilda Krutis appears to be a man in his 30's with a tall and medium build figure.


As one of Zhcted's noblemen and Viktor nephew, Ilda is prided for his regal heritage. Elizaveta describes Ilda personality as the very picture of honesty but doesn't try to settle everything by force if he can help it. He likewise cares greatly about his people and is respect greatly by them in turn. Just seeing one of his men being poisoned is enough for him to start a battle to avenge him.

However, Ilda is a very honourable man who can admit when he's beaten in battle and won't hold a grudge to whoever does. This is mostly out of concern for his men. While he normally doesn't praise many people on their military powers, he will if he deem them worthy of praise such as Urz's (Tigre) archery.


A Dreadful MisunderstandingEdit

While still agitated over Viktor selection over Eugene, Ilda also Valentina along the way who just came to the palace to see Viktor.

First Encounter to Urs (Tigre)Edit

As the revenge against Eugene for almost endangering his life, Ilda decided to launched a attack against Eugene with his 3,000 troops. However, his march was interrupted by Liza and her Lebus soldiers.

War with Two VanadisEdit

Main Article: Vanadis-Bydgauche War

Even after reconsidering Urs words o him, Ilda's mission for Pardu remained unchanged and to eliminate the roadblock, he had to attack Liza and the Lebus Army.

Sun FestivalEdit

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Ruslan's Return and Mysterious DeathEdit

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Abilities Edit

Ilda is very renowned for his military might and his warrior skills to the point even Liza claimed him as one of the unrivaled generals in Zhcted's north. His swordsmanship is great enough for him to trade blows with two Vanadis before his sword was broken by their Viralts. Due to this, Ilda proven to be a excellent leader and a clever strategist in most battles.