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Homecoming Arc
Part of Arc Three

Location Southern Brune Territories
Side Brune; Sachstein
Result Tigre returns to Brune
Formation of the Moonlight Knights
Sachstein Army's Southern Invasion Fails
Rumors about Tigre's "treachery" spreads to Nice
Media Duration
Light Novel Volumes LN Volume 11
Light Novel Chronology
Baba Yaga Arc ←Homecoming Arc→ Melisande's Uprising Arc

Homecoming Arc is the first story arc of Arc Three from the Madan no Ou to Vanadis series. This arc primarily features Tigre's return to Brune in order to prevent the Sachstein Army's latest invasion towards Brune via Nemetacum. Months after Asvarre Civil War and events surrounding Tigre's amnesia, and two years after the Brune Civil War, this arc is also the opening story of the Third Saga of the series.


The Stolen DurandalEdit

One night, several intruders infiltrate the Royal Palace and split in two small group, with one group of three assassins attempts to assassinate Regin while she sleep.[Notes 1] [Notes 2] Just as they jump onto Regin however, they are ambushed by Auguste and the Calvados Knights where one knight kills an assassin with a crossbow. [Notes 3] [1] [Notes 4] In a short yet fierce battle, Auguste and the Calvados Knights manage to slay the two remaining assassins despite the later losing two soldiers by the last assassins's poison darts. Just as Auguste investigates the assassination, Regin wakes up due to the commotion sympathizes for Auguste's fallen knights. While explaining the incident to her, Auguste urges Regin to move into another room but the Princess tells the knight that she will be staying in her room. After clearing the pool of blood, one of his knight begins to question over the sudden assassination attempts at nighttime.

Meanwhile, the remaining four intruders escape from Nice Royal Palace via Luberon Mountain's slope and rendezvous with Greast in an old house. After receiving the Durandal and rewarding the intruders with bags of gold and a room, Greast looks forward to the chaos yet to start with interest, as the situation is a dangerous combination of Melisande's secret rebellion and Sachstein's invasion. At the same time, he also wonders the whereabouts of Ganelon who he claims should have returned from Zhcted 6 days back.

Regin is later informed about the theft of Durandal and a search is conducted within the Royal Palace. Even after a throughout search of the entire palace until dawn, neither Durandal nor its thieves are found. Nonetheless, Regin orders her men to keep searching for the Royal Weapon (Treasure). To prevent the incident from leaking, Regin and Badouin resort to replace it with a replica of Durandal before the Halo Festival. [Notes 5]

Halo Festival: A Bitter Rivalry Between Royal CousinsEdit

Immediately after Durandal's disappearance, Nice Royal Palace is celebrate Halo Festival where aristocrats and noble[Notes 6] across the continent are attending a lavish banquet in the Palace. During the banquet, Regin confronts her cousin Melisande[Notes 7] who accuses her for presenting a fake Durandal, instantly raises all guests' suspicions. Even Regin tries to deny her cousin's allegations, Melisande proceeds to insult Regin publicly as she challenges her to prove Durandal's authenticity by swinging the sword onto the ground despite Mashas's and Hughes's interference and Regin's retort.

Armand ions in and support Melisande [Notes 8]by telling Regin that her first cousin has a "right" to know Durandal's status due to her regal lineage, all the while claiming that presenting a fake sword is considered as an insult to the Halo Festival. Even being defended by Gerard's sarcastic retaliation, Regin stops her Royal Secretary from disrespecting the Viscount. Still, Armand ignores Regin's and Hughes's warning as he walks to the Durandal, picks it up and swings it with full force on the ground which he "deliberately" shatters the sword into pieces. The broken sword surprises everyone as they gasp in disbelief while staring at Regin with a suspicious glare, prompting Armand and Melisande to smirk as if they successfully humiliate Regin in public.

Surprisingly, Regin remains calm [Notes 9]and tells everyone regards the failed assassination attempt and revise the palace's security without breaking her confidence, confuses Melisande and Armand. Just as Regin pauses her speech, Badouin and the appear and show the guest the "real" Durandal [Notes 10] and Regin then finishes her speech by reminds everyone that Durandal will always protect Brune and its citizens. Later, the prime minister and the guards return the "Durandal" to a room. Regin's speech immediately silences everyone including Melisande and Armand, who, due to their disturbance, are then being arrested by the palace guards and being escorted away from the banquet Halls.

Sachstein's Resumed InvasionEdit

Meanwhile at Sachstein, King Augusto[Notes 11] learns about Brune's three great heroes (Faron, Roland and Thenardier) death two years after Brune's Civil War while (slightly) smirks and recalls how troublesome they were to halt his army's failed invasion attempts towards Brune.[Notes 12] After making a detailed investigation about Regin and Tigre, Augsto decides to deploy his best subordinates to lead his 70,000 troops for Sachstein's latest invasion: Hans will lead the Southern Invasion Division to invade Nemetacum and Brune's southern ports while Leonhardt will lead the Western Invasion Division towards Nice.

As a respond to Sachstein Army's latest invasion, Brune Army is split into two main units: Bouroullec would lead the Southern Defense along with Scheie and Lutece Knight in repelling Hans's Southern Invasion Division, while the Navarre Knights would fight alongside with Brune Army's Western Defense in fending off Leonhardt's Western Invasion Division. For a week, due to Hill Fort's solidified defenses[Notes 13], Brune Army's soldiers had to refrain themselves from attacking Sachstein's Nemetacum Invasion Unit while observing their enemy's[Notes 14] movements. On the campaign's eighth day, both armies fight in a violent battle [Notes 15][Notes 16] until Sachstein soldiers suddenly retreat from battle, seemly favoring the Brune Army as they pursuing their retreating enemies despite Scheie's initial worries.[Notes 17] Just as Brune Army charges towards Hill Fort however, Sachstein Army corner them by launching a counterattack where Sachstein archers firing volleys of arrows to their enemies. Scheie and his 500 cavalrymen try to escape while routing their enemy as much as they could, only to be under attacked by Sachstein soldier's bolts. Consequently, Sachstein Army's relentless retaliation forces Scheie and Bouroullec to command a full retreat from Hill Fort. With merely 7,000 (only 5,000 remains operational) soldiers barely survive the onslaught, Brune Army suffers its another disastrous defeat since their battle in Dinant Plains two years ago.


Sun FestivalEdit

Tigre's Reunion with the Vanadises Edit

Elsewhere, Zhcted is celebrating its annual Sun Festival where festivities and events are held in Silesia. From Silesia Imperial Palace, Tigre remains uncomfortable over his new attire while thinking his remaining time in Zhcted, especially after a recommendation by King Viktor in joining the banquet before returning to Brune. [Notes 18] Within the crowd, Tigre meets Elen who asks him about her dress that including the silver bracelet she wears at her left arm. Elen also asserts that since its his first Sun Festival [Notes 19], she invites Tigre to meet everyone in the Banquet Hall Room which Tigre obliges. Whilst the two meets Lim and Titta in one room, Tigre praises the girls [Notes 20]over their formal attire before Lim informs Elen and Tigre about Mila's and Sofy's arrival in Silesia Imperial Palace's guest rooms. Hoping to reunite the Vanadises he befriends, Tigre decides to pay them a visit.

Tigre and three girls firstly visits Mila at her guest room. Initially looked sour as she staring at Tigre who views her like a snow fairy and greets her with smile and courtesy, Mila is relief to see Tigre despite her denial her worries for him, prompts Elen sarcastically teases her feelings towards Tigre[Notes 21]. After telling Tigre that she appreciates his gift and will invite him to Olmutz for her self-brewed tea[Notes 22] some day, Mila praises Titta for finding Tigre in Lebus but Titta replies that she was able to reunite with Tigre because of Mashas's and Lim's help. Next, the group proceed to find Sofy in her guest room where the latter walks towards Tigre and hugs him, much to the girls dumbfounded reaction. When asked by Mila to release Tigre, Sofy requests to giver her more time since she has waited for her reunion with Tigre after learned his survival from a letter. While in Sofy's clutches and seeing Vanadises' (Mila and Sofy) gazes, Tigre apologizes to Sofy for making her worry and thanks her for a rescue attempt. Sofy later releases Tigre and invites him for a dance but Tigre decline as he claims that he is poor at it.[Notes 23]. Anyways, Tigre asks Sofy about Olga's whereabouts, to which Sofy replies that the Earth Vanadis has just arrived to the imperial palace while suggests to find her together. Initially worries Olga's unfriendliness with Sofy, Tigre invites the Light Vanadis to join his group to find Olga.

Later, Tigre and his company encounters Liza at the palace's corridor. After their greeting, Tigre asks Liza about her right arm and touches her right hand which he feels as a child,[Notes 24]which Liza explains that her recovery at least allows her to hold small objects and writing and drawing. Regardless, Tigre is happy to hear her arm's recovery and gently grasps her right hands much to Liza's delight. Mila and Sofy are surprised to see their unexpected relationship and learn his amnesia and his life in Lebus for a year ago. Initially confused and annoyed by Tigre's friendly interaction[Notes 25] with her fellow Vanadises, Liza requests Tigre to call her casual name and vice versa which Tigre obliges, prompts Liza's face blushes red. With Liza joins the group under Tigre's invitation despite her displeasure[Notes 26], the group proceed to find Olga. With four Vanadises in Tigre's group, Elen tells Tigre that they could beat 100,000 enemies[Notes 27] effortlessly which garners Tigre's interest despite his skepticism.

Eventually, the group arrive to Olga's guest room where Olga is delighted to see Tigre and jumps onto him, prompts Elen and Mila to separate the two.[Notes 28] After her introduction to everyone, Olga explains her reason to leave Brest was in order to understand a definition of being king, to which nearly antagonizing anyone but Tigre who heard it from Asvarre. To Tigre and the girls (Vanadises, Lim and Titta) shock[Notes 29] however, Olga reveals that the King she has been seeking for is Tigre and boldly proposes a marriage proposal to Tigre in front of everyone. When Tigre urges Olga to explain the details regarding the marriage, Olga explains its importance for the Horse Tribes[Notes 30][Notes 31][Notes 32] and even she acknowledge that she cannot to be together, she insists the marriage due to their Houses' prestige. Nevertheless, Tigre informs Olga that he is not ready to accept her marriage proposal yet, much to Olga's dismay as she asks if the marriage is impossible. The Brune Hero instead asks Olga to wait four more years[Notes 33]for his answers, which Olga complies. After their conversation, Tigre and his group proceed to the Imperial Palace's Banquet Hall.

Royal Banquet and Eugene's Ascension as Viktor's SuccessorEdit

Tigre and his group eventually arrive to the Imperial Palace's Banquet Hall, where guest aristocrats and nobility are seen during the feast. Whilst reluctantly greets with various aristocrats under Elen's encouragement, Tigre also sees eight flags (One is the Zhcted's Black Dragon Flag while the remaining seven represent Vanadises's territories) hanging at the back of the Banquet Hall, in which the Legnica Flag-one of Zhcted's territorial flags- gives Elen a painful memory of her late friend's passing. At the same time, Ilda approaches in front of the trio (Tigre, Elen and Liza) and meets Tigre for the first time [Notes 34] while asking him to teach him archery skills sometime, much to Tigre's surprise.

Valentina is next to meet the Tigre and his company while greeting them (though Sofy had to raise her wariness towards her) with courtesy before turning her attention towards the Brune Hero himself, further claims that she has yearned to meet him due to his reputation in quelling Brune's Civil War and saving Regin. Whilst holding Tigre's hands, Valentina also whsipering to Tigre's ear by revealing that this meeting is their second encounter, much to Tigre's surprise.

In the midst of the banquet, Eugene [Notes 35] appears at the Banquet Hall and announcing King Viktor's arrival and orders a silent welcome. Whilst thanking guest for joining the banquet, Viktor also declares Eugene as his successor of Zhcted's next king, much to everyone's mixed reaction [Notes 36] but applaud the king decision anyways. As Viktor and Eugene leave the Imperial Palace Banquet Hall, the banquet proceeds where everyone indulging the delicacies.

Alsace Earl and Zhcted KingEdit

During the banquet, Tigre visits Viktor in his room under a servent calling, where both men discuss anything regarding his (Tigre's) involvement in Asvarre's civil affair and his naval incident in Asvarre Seas, which Viktor's deems it as a voluntary work.[Notes 37] Nevertheless, Viktor apologizes to Tigre again while thanking him for rescuing Sofy during the Civil War whilst creating a diplomatic relationship between Asvarre and Zhcted. As his gratitude, Viktor intends to give Tigre any reward[Notes 38] he wishes but the archer becomes hesitant when he didn't reply to the king's question.

In a surprising twist, Viktor suggests Tigre to become Brune's King[Notes 39] due of his close relationships with almost all Vanadises in Zhcted[Notes 40]; additionally, Viktor would invite him to work under his administration in Zhcted should Tigre doesn't wishes to be king. Staggeringly, due to his hesitation and suspicions towards Viktor's scheme, in which prompts the old king to question his ambitions despite his illustrious reputations, Tigre declines Viktor's the lucrative offers because he feels satisfied as Alsace's Earl and as his fidelity towards Regin and Brune, much to Viktor's disappointment.[Notes 41][Notes 42][Notes 43]

Nevertheless, Viktor warns Tigre that his lack of ambitions and desire are his weaknesses as it will raise some peers' (especially retainers and aristocrats) suspicions over his hidden agenda; moreover, he also adds that since most people dislike a selfless hero like Tigre out of sheer jealousy or animosity. When Viktor asks Tigre about the reward again, Tigre only requests several gold coins before Viktor himself includes 20 carriages and 40 horses as his additional reward. Just as Tigre is about to leave the room, Viktor urges Tigre to talk with Eugene before his departure from Zhcted. After leaving the room, Tigre is still bothered by Viktor's words about ambitions which reminds him about Tallard (who has insatiable ambitions), someone whom Tigre doesn't wishes to be.

Discussion of The DemonsEdit


Tigre and the Vanadises were discussing the demons.

One night after the banquet, Tigre and the Vanadises are holding a meeting in a nearby mansion. From Vodyanoy and Torbalan to Baba Yaga, the Vanadises (barring Valentina) share their experiences regards their encounters and battles against the demons, including Tigre's Black Bow's power that rescued them from numerous dangers. As Tigre explains anything about the Black Bow that garners the Vanadises's mixed reactions Tir Na Fal[Notes 44], Mila asks Tigre anything about his House and his mother who she suspect in practicing sorcery, to which Tigre denies[Notes 45] as he attributes her as a daughter of Nice's former Royal Gardener [Notes 46] [Notes 47] and passed away when he was nine-years old, garnering everyone's sympathy. Nevertheless, Tigre tells everyone that he will investigate his mother once he returns to Brune, with Sofy urges him not to overwork himself.

The meeting proceeds where the Vanadises conclude that the demons view Tigre and his Black bow as their objective for their unknown motivations.[Notes 48] Among all six Vanadises however, only Valentina expresses her "doubts" as she reminds everyone that Tigre will be leaving after the Sun Festival[Notes 49] and asks him about his next move. In response, Tigre requests everyone's cooperation to deal the demons which everyone relent[Notes 50] before Valentina herself leaves the meeting. Tiger's thought about Valentina opts Elen to pinch his ear as her warning for not to trust the Void Vanadis so easily[Notes 51], though it also lead to Sofy's teasing[Notes 52] that causes Elen's face blushes read. Olga speaks up by claiming that while Valentina didn't have bad intentions, she also anxious because she assumes that the Void Vanadis didn't believe their stories. Tiger on the other hand assumes Valentina hasn't seen any demons before. Regardless, Elen tells everyone to be satisfied over the issue while indulging the temporary peace, where everyone agree[Notes 53]before the Mila discussing how to keep contact with Tigre before his departure from Brune.

Viktor's Announcement of Sachstein Invasion Edit

The next day, Tigre visits Eugene and congratulates him for his ascension but the Earl is too embarrassed to receive his compliment. As Eugene tells Tigre about his acquaintance with his father and sending his condolences to his late parents, Tigre thank Eugene regard to Elen and Lim whom Eugene hold dear as he not only talks about them [Notes 54], he also urges Tigre to get along with the girls as well. Eugene then asks Tigre about his plan after his return to Brune, to which the latter brings up his yesterday's conversation with Viktor. After hearing Tigre's story, Eugene persuades Tigre to consider Viktor's words as an encouragement instead, further explains that he (Tigre) will going to face Brune's political strife since Regin herself is facing her rising oppositions against her. Despite his suspicions and unsatisfactory even after listening to Eugene's explanation[Notes 55], Tigre reluctantly accepts Eugene's words[Notes 56] before thanking him and leaves his office.

As the Sun Festival's feast continues, Viktor appears and informs everyone a shocking news about Sachstein's recent invasion towards Brune, much to Tigre's shock. As Zhcted's support in aiding Brune to repel their western enemy, Viktor decides to dispatch Elen to help Tigre with her 2,000 troops. Mila volunteers herself to assist Tigre but Viktor rejects her proposal and tasks her to keep an eye on Muozinel instead[Notes 55], before the later tasks Liza to watch Asvarre's movement and, lastly, he surprises everyone by dispatching Valentina to assist Tigre and Elen to repel the invading Sachstein Army. Of all Vanadises however, Sofy finds Valentina's participation to be dubious as she explains to Viktor that Osterode is far away from Brune and asks the old king if he had a plan, to which Viktor replies that he doesn't need it because Osterode didn't poses any threats. Valentina then calmly replies to the old king that she will obliges his offer to save Brune under the alliance between the two kingdom. Even having two Vanadises and 5,000 soldiers as his reinforcements, Tigre senses uneasiness as he gazes at Valentina while wondering about Viktor's sudden decision. Regardless, he pardon himself to Viktor and leaves the banquet hall with Lim, Titta and the Vanadises.

At the hallway, Tigre thanking Valentina for her participation [Notes 57]and they decide to go separated ways for Brune: Tigre will return to Leitmeritz with Elen while Valentina will depart for Northern Brune via a sea-route from Osterode's harbor. [Notes 58] After the Void Vanadis excuses herself and leaves the Imperial Palace, Tigre asks Sofy anything about Sachstein which Sofy and Elen describe it as brutal yet renowned for their war mechanism and mercenaries. Nevertheless, Lim urges Tigre to make haste before Sachstein Army's towards Brune. Having bidding farewell to the rest of the Vanadises[Notes 59], Tigre and the three girls are leaving Silesia for Leitmeritz at dawn .

The Three-Faced GoddessEdit

At an unknown place, Drekavac and Vodyanoy are walking down into an in-depth cavern. When Vodyanoy asks Drekavac why didn't he rescued Baba Yaga before, Drekavac simply replies that it was due to his encounter with Koschei much to the silence of the frog demon. The demons eventually arrive to a gray wall while looking at an image of the Three-Faced Goddess[Notes 60], who subdued a dragon. Whilst mentioning Tigre's "growth" that went according to their plan, Drekavac remarks his imagination of a chaotic human world [Notes 43] before leaving the unnamed cavern.

Tigre's Homecoming in BruneEdit

Five days later, Tigre and his allies return to Leitmeritz where they are greeted by Rurick, Aram and other Leitmeritz soldiers. After confirms her troops formations via Rurick's infomation (except the news from Brune[Notes 61]), Elen delivers her speech to her soldiers before their departure: she informs everyone about Sachstein's latest invasion on Brune's western provinces and warns them that Leitmeritz's peace would be in jeopardy should Sachstein successfully invade Brune. [Notes 62]After listening to Elen's speech, all Leitmeritz soldiers decide to follow their commander's order much to Elen's delight as she tells everyone that they will be leaving for Brune in a moment.

Return of Alsace's EarlEdit

Upon their arrival to Alsace[Notes 63][Notes 64] in a few days, Tigre and the Leitmeritz Army are greeted warmly by his people, including Elvin who governs Alsace under Regin's decree. While informs TIgre about Alsace's condition, Elvin initially stares at Elen and the Leitmeritz Army[Notes 65]but eventually escorts them to a local inn after he hears Tigre's explanation. Tigre also meets one of Alsace's representative  [Notes 66]and asks him if he can provide some soldiers, to whichhe replies that he has has sixty men (archer and spear-men) under him and they are readily to fight for Tigre's name. Instead, Tigre tells his men to defend Alsace so he and his allies will able to fight his enemies without worrying his territory. At the same day, Alsace holds a feast to celebrate Tigre's homecoming until nightfall. Somewhere in Alsace's field where Tigre and Elen are watching a starry night while picnicking, Elen mutters Alsace's warm welcome and her wish to have a hometown. Tigre notices Elen's muttering and asks her about her origins but Elen replies that she doesn't know and reveals her adoption under the Silver Gale Mercenaries since her babyhood[Notes 67]; furthermore, due to her longtime experience as a mercenary than a Vanadis, she adds that she hardly considers Leitemritz as her hometown despite her love for her territory and people. Before Tigre could even ask Elen more questions, Elen asks Tigre about his next move where Tigre replies that they will leave Alsace for Territore and meet Mashas and his allies. [Notes 67] Elen also asks Tigre about his plans to marry anyone or placing an heir[Notes 68], something Tigre tries to dodge but under Elen's pressure, who is eagerly to hear his answer, [Notes 69] Tigre replies that he has yet to decide [Notes 70] his future wife or concubines, especially Titta [Notes 71] and Lim [Notes 72]. While Elen laments her ties and obligations[Notes 73], Tigre asks Elen about her own future but Elen tells him not to worry since Arifar will seek someone as its new owner once she retires.

Reuniting House Rodant in TerritoreEdit

Three days later, Tigre and his allies leave Alsace for Territore and rendezvous with Mashas and 3,000 strong Rodant Army, though not House Augre because they were busy to handle Nice's affairs. [Notes 74] In the same time, Tigre also happily to see Gaspard who apologizes for unable to participate the Brunish Civil War.

Meeting with Brune Army Southern DefenseEdit

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Muozinel's Reaction Upon Sachstein's InvasionEdit

At Muozinel, Kureys also learn Sachstein's latest invasion from Damad and finds it worrying as if it could jeopardizing his another invasion attempt onto Brune and even concerns about Sachstein's unknown motive for its invasion[Notes 75]. Kureys then asks Damad if Tigre-whom he believes to be alive-witnesses Brune's impending troubles from Zhcted, which Damad denies as he explains that Tigre will rush back to his home kingdom and fight his enemies for his people's sake, like his battle in Agnes two years ago.[Notes 76] Kureys then asks Damad if taking his people as hostages would force Tigre's surrender, but Damad counters as he warns that doing so could only strengthen his resolve instead. Nevertheless, Kureys decides to dispatch a messenger for Sachstein to seek an alliance for a joint-invasion upon Brune while preparing his own 20,000 troops to "attack" Olmutz. When Damad manage to guess the plan, where the army will be act as a diversion[Notes 77], Kureys also plots an unknown plan to enforce his invasion attempt. Without moving even one soldier, Muozinel Army begins its invasion again.

Formation of The Moonlight KnightsEdit

After a collision army is forged by both Leitmeritz Army and Brune Army, Elen asks Tigre about a new name for the new army but Tigre is still unable to think of a good name.[Notes 78][Notes 79] In evening, Tigre continues to discuss the army's new name by consulting with other generals (Lim, Rurick, Mashas, Gaspard) until Titta suggests to name the army the Moonlight Knights, which based on Tigre's tittle that given by the late Faron. As everyone is surprised over the name, Titta timidly explains that it is due to a moonlight's beauty which is favored by Regin herself. After ensuring Titta that they will meet Regin soon, Tigre and everyone decide to name their army as the Moonlight Knights.

Second Battle of Plainville: Moonlight Knights vs Klugel ArmyEdit

First Round: The Siege of Hill FortEdit

The next morning, Moonlights Knight arrives to Plainville Hills and watching the fortress from afar. After seeing a massive fort, Mashas stating that Shaie's and Bouroullec's stories aren't exaggerating and believes the battle they participate could be a siege battle, which worries Tigre due to their army's extreme disadvantages. Nevertheless, Tigre suggests that they (Moonlight Knight) will have to surround the Hill Fort's southern side which Mashas agrees. Meanwhile, whilst drawing the fort's blueprint, Hans also learns Moonlight Knights's arrival via his general message while assuming that Zhcted has responded to Brune's crisis a bit too quick. Even being protected by the durable fortress, Hans worries that fighting against the likes of Tigre and Elen are "too early" so he decided to have 5,000 men to defend the fortress whilst he leds his 5,000 troops on the left flank by himself.

The battle begins where Sachstein Army's archers fire bolts at the Moonlight Knights' Right Wing units, only to be surprised to see Elen's wind barrier that deflecting their bolts. As retaliation, Elen commands her archers to fire their five volleys (two waves) of arrows at their enemies, seemly dropping their enemy's momentum despite their best equipments. Regardless, Elen and Lim remains vigilant over the Sachstein Army  [Notes 80] as they see defense mechanism that surrounds the fort as Elen leads her unit for its charge. Meanwhile, Tigre commences a full assault and the battle quickly turns violent as Brune Army seek vengeance and retribution for their previous defeat. To Tigre and Mashas surprise, Sachstein Army suddenly retreats and Hill Fort's size becomes even bigger than its original-self, forces Tigre to command a full withdraw from battle. However, fueled by desire of revenge, the Left Wing Unit soldiers refuses to comply and pursue the retreating Sachtstein Army due to the enemy's provocation, only to realizes that they are being lured into a trap before Tigre himself kills four Sachstein soldiers (three captains), allowing their chance of retreat. After reunites with Mashas and other units, Tigre also learns that 5,000 troops under Hans are marching towards the Right Wing Unit, prompt Tigre to send a messenger for Elen. Back in a battle Elen also see more 5,000 troops from afar as she slays forty enemies, prompts her to charge towards the main force alone but later changes her mind after watching the battle's flow and listens to Lim's advice[Notes 81].

The battle results the Moonlight Knights's lost of 600 soldiers, which Mashas could only laments over Sachstein Army's fortitude. Scheie and Bouroullec apologize to Tigre for letting more soldiers died but Tigre forgives them and reassures the generals that there will be another chance for redemption. [Notes 82] In evening, six generals (Tigre, Elen, Lim, Mashas, Shaie and Bouroullec) are holding the war council where they, including Lim and Elen [Notes 83] [Notes 84]are concern their formidable enemy and when Tigre asks Elen about Sachstein's next move, much to everyone's frustration, Elen replies that they (Sachstein soldiers) would likely to repeat their tactics until the Moonlight Knights takes their bait and fall into their ambush, meaning the Moonlight Knights cannot proceed until their fin ways to lure Sachstein Army out from the fort. Before the generals could discuss their next retaliation, Rurick interrupts the meeting and tells everyone that he need to inform Elen something important. Elen leaves the tent with Rurick while the remaining five generals begins to rearrange their tactics to defeat Sachstein Army in a different approach.

In Hill Fort, Hans is upset over his army's 1,000 men casualties while thinking about his battles against Elen[Notes 84] and Tigre[Notes 85] whom he claims to be more formidable that the suggested rumor. Just as he think about his army's possible victory[Notes 86], something bothers Hans as he begins to worry that even his impregnable fortress [Notes 87]cannot help him to outlast Moonlight Knight's attack, though he noticed that defeating or capturing Tigre and Elen might bring extraordinary achievement. Nevertheless, he decides to observe the battle for a little longer.

Second Round: Valentina's Tactics of DeceitEdit

At the Moonlight Knights' camp, a meeting between Tigre-along with Elen and Lim-and Tina is held in her horse carriage. There, Tina tells them that she arrived Brune alone and her visit in Plainville Hills was a "coincidence". Just as Tina offering her strategy to Tigre, Elen interrupts by sarcastically asks her fellow Vanadis[Notes 88] to bring Hans's head via Ezendeis's power, though the latter turn silent after hearing Tina's retaliation[Notes 89]. Tina continues by explaining her first plan: they will arrange a mock negotiation between two commanders under several "conditions", then they will assassinate the enemy commander and escape via teleportation and put the blame to those who did not comply; additionally, once the enemy becomes disoriented they would utilizes an opportunity to annihilate all enemies with ease. Initially sensing antagonism towards her plan, Tigre rejects [Notes 90][Notes 91]the first plan but approves Tina's alternative plan[Notes 92]. After the meeting, Elen asks Tigre why not choose Tina's first plan in spite its effectiveness, to which Tigre replies that it didn't match his style, much to Elen's relief due to her distrust towards Tina. Lim also voices her anger as she fears that Tigre's and Elen's reputation could be tainted had he accept Valentina's plan.

In evening, Tigre is bathing at a nearby river and sees an artificial rose floating towards him. Just as he picks and examines the "flower", Valentina, in her naked body, rushes out from the shrubs and stumbles upon Tigre, prompts Tigre to turn around and apologizes for the commotion. However, Tigre is hold by Tina when she summons Ezendeis and points its blade to his chest and even as he admits his mistakes, she threaten Tigre that she would cut him down as her "punishment" [Notes 93] but later revealed to be a joke . Upon learning Viralt's functions while returning the artificial roses to Tina, Tigre asks if she truly let the incident slide, to which Tina replies (via teasing) that she only did so because of his honesty and innocence, much to Tigre's embarrassment before seeing Tina bids her farewell and leaves the riverbank.

Hans and ValentinaEdit

At Hill Fort, Hans orders his men to observe the enemies while having his dinner before being told by a messenger that he receiving a visit from a Vanadis, who is revealed to be Tina instead of Elen[Notes 94]. Despite his initial suspicions[Notes 95], Hans reluctantly let her in and a negotiation begins where Tina initially proposing Sachstein Army's surrender. Rather than berating her over a proposal he views insolent, Hans instead smiles and urges Tina to leave only to be surprised when he hearing her "defection" to Sachstein and aiding its invasion onto Brune. To seek confirmation despite his confusion, Hans asks Tina about this odd request to which she replies that because Zhcted's involvement in foreign affairs [Notes 96] [Notes 96], while even lying by claiming Tigre as Zhcted's "citizen" instead of Brune's war hero. As the Void Vanadis suggests to slowly destroying Brune while ceding some borders territory to Sachstein if the invasion is a success, Hans finds the plot to be interesting but reminds her that he is still distrust her, though Valentina reassures that she would going to cause "confusion" within the Moonlight Knights's ranks before leaving. On the next day, Valentina arrives to Hill Fort again and she is given a "hospitality" by Hans, though in reality is a plot to imprison the Void Vanadis with his 100 men.

Decisive Turning PointEdit

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Burning FortEdit

Meanwhile, Hill Fort is attacked by the Moonlight Knights where Tigre sniping down all of its defenders while Lutece Knights cutting down the enemies. During the skirmish, Tigre is searching for Tina only to be shocked[Notes 97] to learn that she is safe and she already set Hill Fort on fire[Notes 98] with her artificial roses, which revealed to be flammable. Nevertheless, Tina requests Tigre to carry her which the latter complies in spite his worries and suspicions[Notes 99]. During their escape, Tina asks Tigre why did he accepted her second suggestion, of which he claims that the thought this plan is going well but warns her that he probably rejected that plan if he didn't knew Ezendeis's Veda and this would be his last time in accepting her plot. Deeming his remark to be "rude", Tina pinches Tigre's ear that prompting him to shout in pain.

Third Round: Hans's Last Stand and DemiseEdit

Despite losing 30% of his army and Fort Hill, the invasion proceeds when Hans orders his remaining 13,000 troops to camp at a nearby hill in Bauval Plains[Notes 100]. Whilst waiting for food and water supplies from Nemetacum, Hans then orders his two subordinates to report two separated messages: One would return to Sachstein and inform Zhcted's participation in the war, while the other will spread a false rumor about Tigre's "treachery" as Zhcted's "puppet general" to Nice.[Notes 101] Initially hopping their limited sullies would hold the army for a day, Hans is glad to hear a news over their incoming supplies and tells his men to seek victory and redemption for their previous humiliation, seemly revitalize the Sachstein Army's confidence.

Meanwhile, the Moonlight Knights are replenishing their supplies and taking a rest[Notes 102] before their march for Bauval Plains while leaving 1,000 men to secure their latest stronghold. As Elen viewing Sachstein Army's morale remains high even with their previous defeat, Tigre tells her that they still have to fight much, much to Mashas and Scheie's impression as they remark over the capture of Fort Hill. [Notes 103]. Prior the preparations, Elen informs Tigre that Tina is staying inside her carriage due to her "sickness" while acting as a reserved unit, which confuses Tigre as he begin to suspect his new ally's health but decides to let it pass. Still, Elen's suspicions doesn't stop there as she heard rumors about Tigre carrying Tina and asks him if he is tricked by the Void Vanadis, to which Tigre quickly denies and his answers instead amazes and admires Elen simultaneously before their departure for battle.

In their final standoff, both armies fight gallantly but Sachstein Southern Army's tenacity and persistence are proven formidable for the Moonlight Knights, forcing the army's both Wings Unit (Leitmeritz Army, Gaspar Unit and Bouroullec Unit) to retaliate against their foe. Tigre apologizes to Mashas for the miscalculations[Notes 104] but the old Earl urges Tigre to return alive even in defeat or using his men as shield. When Tigre leads his 300 men from Central Unit to help Bouroullec Unit and slay some soldiers, Elen appears and offers Arifal's help to change the tide but Tigre declines as he is thinking a newer plan. Meanwhile, Hans is preparing the upcoming ambush against the upcoming Moonlight Knights with his 500 archers 's struggle while preparing his 500 archers, which he initially believes that it will halt the enemy's advance.  Rather than advancing for the hill, the Moonlight Knights halt their march as Tigre fires three fire arrows to the foothill within 300 Alsins, much to Hans's astonishment. To worsen the situation for Sachstein Army, Tigre's men also throw oil bags to the foothill in order to create a huge smoke to surround the entire hill, which leads to Hans's frustration and instantly demoralizes the Sachstein Army.

The smokescreen gives the Moonlight Knights an advantage against the already disoriented enemy, forces Hans to escape with his bodyguards. Tigre sees this and fires his arrow to an escaping Sachstein Army's leader, where the latter is hit by an arrow that pierces through his throat and fell from his horse and sees his dices rolling out from his sleeves. In his effort to reach his prized possession, Hans silently lamenting for unable to bid his farewell to his soldiers and his dying dreams for building a formidable castle, before eventually perishes. Therefore, the battle between the Sachstein Army and Moonlight Knights is over where the Moonlight Knights are victorious.

With their commander's death, many surviving Sachstein soldiers reluctantly surrender to the Moonlight Knight. Staggeringly, instead of accepting them as prisoners[Notes 105], Tigre frees the soldiers and asks them to bury their fallen comrades in their home kingdom. One surviving Sachstein adjutant however takes Tigre's mercy as an insult as he tells Tigre to either kill them or allow them to join their ranks, only to be swayed by Tigre's kindness as he asks him if he wishes to bring Hans's body back to Sachstein. When Elen asks Tigre about his next move,[Notes 106]Tigre replies that the army will be heading for Nice to report their victory to Regin and take a rest for another upcoming battle, without knowing that rumors about his "treason" has already spreading in Nice. Meanwhile, Tina is awaken from her nap inside and remarking the outcome of the Plainville Plains which she finds it satisfying. Whilst muttering about Viktor's "motives" towards Osterode during her absence, she highly anticipates her expectations towards Tiger before she suddenly recalling Elen's and Lim's addressing Tigre's casual name, prompting the Void Vanadis to plot another scheme to meet Tigre again.

Legnica's New Vanadis and Olmutz's New ThreatEdit

Somewhere at a wasteland between Silesia and Legnica, a woman named Figneria is holding and staring at the Bargren with a surprised look as it announces her as a new Vanadis. Whilst being astonished to see the Fire Viralt for the first time, Fine also recalls her past acquaintance with the Silver Gale Mercenaries's Vissarion and his adopted "daughter" Elen, whom she knows before the mercenary group's dissolution while disbelieves that herself became a Vanadis[Notes 107]like Elen. Nevertheless, Fine decides to keep the weapon and continues her journey for Silesia.

At Olmutz, ten days after the Sun Festival, Mila receiving a report regarding the presence of Muozinel Army's 5,000 soldiers at Molave Riverside. Initially dubious over Muozinel Army's lesser soldiers[Notes 108], Mila further prepares her trip for Fort Forney with her 2,000 troops despite her ministers and generals urge her not to go by herself[Notes 109][Notes 110].

Mila in Fort Forney.

After dispatching messengers to Polesia for Sofy and some aristocrats, Mila leads her troops for Fort Forney while leaving her generals and 1,000 men to secure the imperial palace. After consuming four days trip, Mila and her troops arrive to Fort Forney and greeted by a local commander Rezanov. When Mila asks him regarding Muozinel Army's movements, Rezanov informs that Muozinel soldiers were crossing the Molave River back and forth, of which the soldiers claimed to be "march training". Just as Mila going to the the Fort's top while watching the Muozinel Army from afar, Rezanov expresses his suspicions towards their enemy, to which Mila agrees [Notes 108] as the Ice Vanadis holds her Lavias and watches the enemy soldiers from afar.

Notable EventEdit

Story ImpactEdit

  • Sachstein is introduced as Brune's western rival kingdom which has been attempted invading the kingdom in numerous times, in spite most of these attempts were thwarted by Roland and the Navarre Knights[2][3].
  • Besides Sachstein, Melisande, the widow and only survivor of the House Thenardier, as well as Faron's niece and Regin's first cousin, also introduced as a main antagonist in this and next arc. As Regin's biggest opposition, she finally makes her move by using House Thenardier's remaining influence and power in order to overthrow Regin and place herself as Brune's next ruler instead. Contrasted with her late husband however, Melisande broke Thenardier's patriotic code by inviting Sachstein to Brune through surrendering half of Nemetacum to Sachstein.
  • Durandal's disappearance will jeopardize Regin's reign as the Queen of Brune[4],which means the kingdom will be facing an inevitable instability again since its previous civil war. In fact, Melisande's secret uprising and Sachstein Army's invasion further fueling Brune's already chaotic state.
    • Even Regin did manage to deceive her cousin by preparing another fake "Durandal"[Notes 10], it didn't stop Melisande from trying to dethrone Regin by any means necessary, opts Mashas to believe that Melisande as a threat against Regin's reign.
  • Tigre's participation in Zhcted's Sun Festival leads to his reunion with all five Vanadises (except Sasha who passed away) and his first encounter with Valentina. Unbeknownst to him however, aside from Olga's bold marriage proposal, the Vanadises except Valentina are now harboring their affections towards Tigre,
    • Elen's jealousy becomes even more apparent as she sees Tigre's interaction with other Vanadises (Mila, Sofy, Olga and recently, Valentina) than the previous arcs.
    • Mila and Liza view themselves as love rivals for Tigre's affection, especially after Mila learned Tigre's amnesia.
    • Sofy's affection towards Tigre is shown when she almost cried over Tigre's good condition.
    • Valentina meets Tigre for the second time since her first encounter in Perche Fortress (via espionage). Unlike other Vanadises whom Tigre befriended from the previous story arcs however, Valentina's actual motive in obtaining Tigre remains an enigma, something which Elen deems folly even after her "aid" in repelling the Sachstein Army from Plainville Hills.[5]
    • Olga's bold marriage proposal for Tigre has igniting fierce rivalries from all of Tigre's female friends (from Titta and Lim to the Vanadises) as they see the Earth Vanadis as their love rival for Tigre's affection.
    • Four years from Homecoming Arc will foreshadow the rivalries between The Vanadises and other girls that harbor romantic affections towards Tigre. Even Tigre manage to postpone the marriage proposal from Olga for another four years, it will be enough to fuel more rivalries between the girls for their affections towards Tigre.
      • Additionally, with Fine as the new Vanadis it would later foreshadowing her interest towards Tigre in the later story arc.
      • Tigre make love with Elen to ease her trauma and profess their love after they retrieve Greast's head from Donny but later discovered by Mila and Sofy. It will foreshadow their movements to obtain Tigre's affection on future arcs.
  • Viktor and Tigre meets in private for the first time away from the public.[6]. Throughout the conversation between Zhcted King and Alsace Earl, it implies that Viktor is among of few [Notes 111][7][8][9] who see through Tigre's caliber as the "King" and even suggest him to be one despite the young Earl's hesitation.
    • Viktor's upbringing is explained as a once passionate hunter before his ascension as the king.
    • Viktor's warning about humility and selflessness would foretell Tigre's future struggles in winning other people's acceptance, even from Brune citizen. Eugene advise for Tigre might enforcing Viktor's statement as an "encouragement" to achieve his goal to be Brune's new king.
    • Later, Regin will also add the pressure of Tigre decision for the future when Tigre was on Brune.
  • Tir Na Fal's origins is briefly explained through the Vanadises's shocking expression.
  • Tigre's mother is briefly mentioned by Tigre and her mysterious background might hints her connection to the Black Bow's Power.
  • Drekavac's grim impression towards the Three-Faced Goddess reveals the demons's vile goals and further increasing Tigre's value for their wicked ambitions.
  • Tigre, Elen and Leitmeritz Army return to Alsace for the first time since the post events of Brune's Civil War despite their stay there for only three days. This story arc also reveals that Elvin, one of Nice magistrate-was sent by Regin to keep Alsace's peace and tranquility under Tigre's absence to Leitmeritz.
  • The Moonlight Knights, a revived incarnation of the Silver Meteor Army, is established by all former Silver Meteor Army generals (Tigre, Elen, Lim and Mashas) and supporters (except House Augre members) under Tigre's official tittle Lumiere.
    • Coincidentally, Titta was the one who gave the name of the Moonlight Knights.
  • Since Elen and Gaspard have been asked Tigre regarding his marriage due to his age, this has several impacts mentally on Tigre about deciding who will be Tigre's legal wife or if possible concubines, even though Olga already proposed him boldly to be her husband during Sun Festival.
    • This also questioned Tigre's own future further after many pressure that comes to him about establishing his own future.
  • On Muozinel's side, Kureys has yet to make his move since he want to make a showdown with Tigre either he will ally with Sachstein and work together or initiate an assault to Southern Brune when Sachstein is also advancing, triggering pincer attack from three sides (West and South West by Sachstein and South by Muozinel).
    • Eventually, after hearing of Sachstein defeat he march the soldiers and keeping Ludmila on Fort Forney through skirmishes, Kureys use the same tactics that was used by Leonhardt The Lightning to slip past through Navarre Knights which in this case slipping past through Ludmila's Defenses at Agnes.
  • Since its Western provinces are yet to be cleared from Sachstein Army's attack, Brune's condition worsen as the kingdom suffers pincer attacks by both Muozinel and Sachstein, although both kingdoms launched separated invasions towards their vulnerable target. Therefore, Brune Army's morale was well-dropped considerably due to Sachstein Army's decisive tactics that exhausted them despite the enemy was defeated by Tigre's led Moonlight Knights and Brune Knight's morale has yet to be recovered.
  • Han is briefly introduced as a main antagonist in this story-arc. Whilst possessing talents in building formidable fortress despite his humble upbringing[Notes 112], Hans proven to be a tough opponent for Brune Army's Southern defense and even the Moonlight Knights for not only because of his unbreakable fortress, but his plan to deteriorate a relationship between Brune and Zhcted by framing Tigre as Zhcted's "puppet" general [Notes 113]. It requires Moonlight Army's three rounds and even utilizing Valentina's scheme to defeat his army, but his demise did not halt Sachstein Army's invasion as Western Invasion Unit proceed their advance under the leadership from Leonhardt the Blitz himself.
  • Valentina's deceitful scheme plays a pivotal role in this story arc. Not only she assists the Moonlight Knights' victory via deception in tricking Hans Army to leave Hill Fort, it also allows her to create more chaos in Brune by influencing Han's decision to spread a false rumor about Tigre's "treason" (which was supposedly making Sachstein Army's invasion much easier) against Brune. This motive later revealed in Melisande's Uprising Arc as Valentina is actually yearns to see Tigre's Black Bow's power and "test" his worth [10]. At the end however, neither sides are the wiser to realize that they were played under Valentina's scheme for Zhcted's crown.
    • Her later suggestion become increasingly sinister in the later arcs, especially river poisoning plot that nearly risen Mashas's suspicions over her twisted agenda. Surprisingly, of all people who detest Valentina's suggestions, only Tigre doesn't judges her as a villain despite his initial antagonistic view against her methods.
  • The aftermath of this battle gives a significant events in this story arc, especially for the Moonlight Knights. Even they successfully (momentarily) repels the invading Sachstein Army, Brune's upheavals still exists.
    • Tigre will be accused as "traitor" again but this time through a false rumor by Hans before his demise under Valentina's plot. Even worse, the rumor itself spreads within Nice that deteriorating the already hostile view from Nice ministers and aristocrats, foretelling Tigre's second struggle to clear his name.
      • Not realizing the deceit behind this rumor, some Nice aristocrats-who strongly despise Tigre despite his contributions in defeating Hans Army-switch their allegiance for Melisande to help her unsuccessful uprising to eliminate both Tigre and Regin.
    • With Hans's death, Sachstein Army's Southern Invasion Division is entirely disintegrated but his demise did not halt Sachstein Army's invasion as Leonhardt vows to avenge his fallen comrade by plotting to defeat the Moonlight Knights in Prowirl Plains.
    • While helping the Moonlight Knights gain their first victory over the invasive enemy, Valentina's interest towards Tigre grows after playing her role in Hans Invasion Unit's downfall while witnessing Elen's and Lim's relationship for Tigre. That interest alone foretells Valentina's devious plot to obtain Tigre by all means necessary, even if it would led her future rivalry against Elen or even ruining Tigre's reputation.


  • Both Melisande and Tigre have their own reasons to invite foreign Armies to Brune: Tigre invites Elen and Zhcted during Brune Civil War to protect Alsace while Melisande invites Sachstein in order to take the crown of Brune from Regin (which is ironically opposed Thenardier's principles for not inviting foriegn army into Brune's soil).
  • Despite Navarre Knights are not mentioned in this arc, the fact is either they are rallied to the capital under command of Regin or they are continuing to holding the battle lines at Western Border in order to delay Schmidt Invasion Unit's advance for Nice.


  1. 20 days ago, in order to make a successful assassination upon Regin, the intruders disguised themselves as the palace staff while navigating the palace's layout of the castle.
  2. One of the intruder used poison darts to kill the patrolling soldiers who were guarding Regin's bedroom.
  3. It is revealed that ten days ago, Auguste and 30 Calvados Knights were summoned by Badouin as Regin's special bodyguard despite his army suffering 20% casualties during their involvement in Agnes and Tigre's last war against Thenardier.
  4. Unlike archers, who require skills to master a bow, most crossbow users didn't need complicated technique to use the weapon due to its easy mechanism. Additionally, because of their newfound respect for Tigre in ending the Civil War, most of Calvados Knights used crossbows on Auguste's orders to get used to the ranged weapons.
  5. Halo Festival is one of Brune's important festivals where people around the continent come to Nice to celebrate New Year. The festival also reflects Brune's image where Brune's head monarch plays a vital role in the festival.
  6. Aside from some Brune's nobility and aristocrats (Regin's opposition), even some foreign nobility and aristocrats belittled Regin with scornful and dubious remarks against her. The only reason they hold back was the fact that Regin is the new ruler of Brune, in which they had to accept despite their animosity against her.
  7. Melisande is personally invited by Regin herself for two reasons: Firstly it was because of her being her cousin who also shared her blue-blood status; the other reasons is to confirm Melisande's involvement in Durandal's disappearance and an attempted assassination onto her.
  8. Aside from Armand, there were other Brune aristocrats also support Melisande out of her blue-blooded status despite her lower influences since Thenardier's demise.
  9. Regin's actual reactions were both anxious and shock over the broken sword but she had to keep herself calm in order to avoid other people's suspicions, especially Melisande and Armand who would use her feelings as their advantages for personal gain.
  10. 10.0 10.1 The "second" Durandal was actually a fake in order to buy some time for Regin's men in their search for the actual Durandal, which was still in Greast's hands for an unknown goal. This led to Melisande and Armand believed that House Augre already "retake" the Durandal, but the fierce feud between both cousins was far from over as Melisande welcomed Sachstein Army's invasion, which stir more trouble towards the already crippled Brune.
  11. Augusto rarely smiles despite receiving his firstborn child from his queen, making him as an intimidating figure in his kingdom. However, rumors implied that the Sachstein King was smirking after hearing the deaths of Roland, Thenardier and even Faron.
  12. To Augusto's perspective, the presence of Brune's three prominent heroes-including Thenardier and Faron- were considered unbearable nuisances to Sachstein's invasion towards Brune, especially Roland and the Navarre Knights who repelled Sachstein Army numerous times. In one time, Augusto even tried to strain Roland's and Faron's relationship by attempting to ignite Roland's rebellion against his king, only to be backfired due to Roland's undying loyalty to the late king. After hearing three Brune heroes's death two years later however, Augusto began to see it as his golden opportunity to make another invasion attempt towards the newly reformed Brune. However, he would not immediately gather his troops and attack Brune before he could even make detailed investigation upon his enemy, especially Regin and Tigre.
  13. Sachstein's Hill Forts defense was enforced by solidified by trenches and fences and even holes to pre.
  14. In most battles, Sachstein Army's infamous strategy was to have the soldiers to assault their enemies while enforced by its archer units's ambush.
  15. According to Scheie, their knights should be capable in defeating Sachstein's infantry soldiers easily in open plains since most infantry soldiers were ineffective against cavalry troops despite possessing formidable stronghold such as Hill Fort. Sachstein Army's unexpected strategy however proven Scheie's miscalculations.
  16. The other reason for Brune Army's reluctant endurance was the fact they tried not to be provoked by their enemies's trap despite their strong insults upon Regin and Roland. The angry Brune Army would finally unleashed their rage upon Sachstein soldiers on the eighth day but they eventually defeated under Sachstein Army's trap and ambushes. They almost made a same mistake during their second battle where they put vengeance above reasons via Sachstein soldiers's another provocations, which could only be stopped by Tigre whose intimidating arrow shot saved them from Brune Army's annihilation.
  17. Scheie once attempted to retreat from the trap, only to be surrounded by Sachstein Army. The only way for them to escape from these very traps was to run through them .
  18. It is revealed that days after Kazakov's death in Birche Lake, Tigre and Mashas met King Viktor in Silesia Imperial Palace regarding an incident in Asvarre Seas, which caused Tigre's disappearance. As his apology, Viktor permitted Tigre to return Brune without waiting for three years-which based on a treaty between Zhcted and Brune- and suggested Tigre to participate the Sun Festival before his departure for Brune, to which Tigre agreed. After Mashas left Zhcted for Brune to report his finding to Regin, Tigre went off to the capital and celebrate the festival along side with Lim and Titta It has been revealed that Tigre did not participate the annual festival due to his departure for Asvarre.
  19. Tigre did not participate the annual festival due to his departure for Asvarre.
  20. The girls's response for Tigre's praise upon their dress were different: Titta, as Tigre's loyal maid, she accept the praise while blushing red; Lim however "teaches" Tigre to choose his words wisely in order not to embarrass his subjects. It took Elen's teasing to finally moved Lim to accept Tigre's praise.
  21. In one of Elen's sarcastic remark towards Mila's feeling towards Tigre, she teases the Ice Vanadis to hug Tigre if she missed him so much, something which Mila considered as "indecent".
  22. Even she was felt happy over Tigre's gift, Mila wishes Tigre to bring the gift for herself in person.
  23. Because he rarely anticipated any ball due to his position as a low rank aristocrat, Tigre rarely dances. Regardless, Sofy told Tigre that she would be teaching Tigre by becoming his dancing partner.
  24. By far, this is Liza's only hardest grip to hold something since Baba Yaga impaled her arms with her needles that nearly robbed her powers before her eventual demise by Ganelon. Although the recovery is seemly improving, it would take more than a year or more for Liza's arm to be fully recovered.
  25. The reason why Tigre was allowed to call the Vanadis's causal names was due to one Vanadis's friendliness or after Tigre rescue one of them in danger, such as Elen and Sofy. For Mila's case, who yield a strong pride of a Vanadis's prestige, she allowed Tigre to call her causal name because of her impression about him during the battle against Muozinel Army in Ormea Hills.
  26. In the terms of the Vanadis, anyone who leave their territories without any reason are considered as abandoning their duty as Zhcted's War-Maidens. For that reason, Liza belittled Olga despite she didn't know the Earth Vanadis's reasons for her departure.
  27. The main drawback for having more Vanadises in one army however was it required one person who could lead all of them; moreover, Vanadis also not the only ones to participate the battle and they also need should they didn't allow noble feudal lords to join their battle, they would be facing dissatisfaction .
  28. During their meeting with Olga, one of the Vanadises was muttering her envy towards the young Vanadis's reunion with Tigre, though it wasn't sure who since all of them were Tigre's acquaintances.
  29. Olga's bold marriage provided the girls mixed reaction: Titta almost fainted whilst falling onto Lim's arms; Elen almost angrily mocks Olga, whilst Mila, Liza and Sofy became silent in shock (refrained from anger), though Sofy seemly intrigued about her proposal.
  30. According to Olga, marriage played an important part since it representing a connection between two respective House. Rumors indicated that the bonds between the Houses worth exceeds 10,000 sheep. On the other hand, those who harvesting talented spouse are promoted into other occupations regardless the person's status from the tribe's party, such as passing traveler or a mercenary.
  31. For the Horse Tribes, a fatherless child is not to be scorned by anyone and they often under care by other family members.
  32. According to Olga, Brest's Horse tribe's marriage also emphasizing the connection between Houses in order to preserve one family's legacy, especially the blood of the nobility. Traditionally, the marriage would be commence by the couple despite it wasn't motivated by the couple's love or affection. However, for a Zhcted's Vanadis, an unmarried mother could be a shame for Zhcted and even ruining their reputation.
  33. Tigre was original proposed a five years of waiting for him to decide Olga's wedding proposal, though the later realizes that Olga's mindset would change once she would be Vanadis of Brest's officially. Olga also once answered that she would wait for three years instead, which Tigre find it too short.
  34. Due to Tigre's amnesia from Urs Arc, Ilda felt both Tigre and Urs were different person despite (ironically) the Alsace Earl himself was his first opponent in the previous battle. Little did the Duke realized however was the fact that Urs was actually an amnesic Tigre before his final battle against Baba Yaga.
  35. Eugene's reappearance has bring mixed feeling between the anyone Eugene knew: Elen and Lim were silently delighted to see the mentor, Tigre was surprised to see him via information from Elen whilst Ilda's carefree expression suddenly changed. Prior to one conflict that occurred in Zhcted two years ago, only Ilda, Tigre, Elen, Liza, Lim and Valentina involved in the misunderstanding about Eugene's "murder" upon Ilda.
  36. The Pardu Earl's position as the successor brought mixed reaction to most of the aristocrats: some deemed Eugene's ascension was moot due to his inactivity in Zhcted's politics, whilst others support Eugene due to his benevolence and generosity. However, the real reason for their earlier skepticism was due to the late Ruslan, Viktor's elder son who suffered a heart attack before he even became the candidate to be Zhcted's King.
  37. To Tigre's perspective, even if the king was correct about one fact, the speech itself was served as a provocation to anyone who was furious to hear it, especially people of Brune such as Mashas and Regin. Still, since this incidents also involving his other peers outside Brune, especially Matvey and the Vanadises (Sofy and Olga), it would not anger Brune citizen yet because of the inaccuracy of a rumor.
  38. In Tigre's assumption, in which based on Elen's and Lim's information, he assumes that the King would reward him an honorable tittle or a mansion, if not a single territory. The lucrative offer however didn't ease Tigre's hesitation.
  39. Additionally, Viktor also told Tigre that he would provide funding and soldiers to show his support towards Tigre's ascension to be king.
  40. According to Viktor, even as Zhcted's Kings, there were only a handful of few who have close relationships with many Vanadises. For Tigre's case, he is only non-Zhcted citizen to befriend with almost half of seven Vanadises (six including the late Sasha). Unlike Viktor and Zhcted King however, who viewed them as merely subordinates, he viewed them as friends and important people in his life.
  41. To Viktor's perspective, Tigre's satisfaction for being merely Alsace Earl even with his ongoing achievements was merely a pipe dream as he believed Tigre could achieve even bigger beyond his already established reputation.
  42. If Tigre agrees Viktor's offer to serve under his rule, Alsace will be Zhcted's new territory and its feudal lord would certainly going to change for the better.
  43. 43.0 43.1 Additionally, even if Tigre achieved these achievements through his hard work and perseverance, it might takes some time for Brune to acknowledge him as its champion because the citizens prejudice and narrow-mindedness towards the archer would not change in overnight.
  44. Even after listened to Tigre's description about the Black Bow, most Vanadises have mixed feelings about it: Mila deemed the bow's hierarchy was rare in Brune and even initially disbelieved Tigre as a Brune noblemen; Sofy, who was theorizing the Black Bow's relevance with the King of the Magic Bullet lore she discovered in her Imperial Library, tried to confirm its power by asking Tigre about the bow.
  45. According to Tigre himself, his House only practice archery and its founder earned Alsace by rescuing Brune's former King
  46. Even with her birth in Nice while raised by her father, little is known about her because of her and her House's mysterious past. The only clues that truly linked to her were Urs's diary or stories from Mashas or Hughes.
  47. Strangely enough, of all the stories she told to young Tigre, the Black Bow's lore was not one of them.
  48. According to Sofy, Vanadises were considered as hindrance to the demons as they became a subject of extermination. For Tigre's case however, the demons seemly put their interest upon him and the Black Bow as high priority.
  49. The main reason of Tigre's early departure for Brune was because of an incident involved his disappearance in Asvarre Seas and even if Tigre entreated, Regin would unlikely let Tigre to visit Zhcted again; moreover, the Vanadises's movement outside Zhcted were limited due to their position as Zhcted's important ministers, so unless they involved in a war or negotiation outside their kingdom they were not allowed to leave their territories.
  50. It is because of the demon's motives and numbers remained unknown, which Sofy once assumed that the demons may not as monolithic, it would be wise for anyone to report his/her encounter with the demons to each other immediately.
  51. Elen once criticizing Tigre for his poor judgement over a woman by viewing her "sweet" demeanor, which she finds deceptive because of her ulterior motive, especially her interest towards Tigre. She is among of few who suspects Valentina's hidden agenda aside from Sofy and Sasha despite rarely see her in Silesia .
  52. Hadn't Sofy interrupted Elen's argument with Tigre, the other Vanadises would give their sarcastic remarks to Elen.
  53. The reasons for their agreement were due to their challenge to find the demons even as a Vanadises: Liza claims that the even if one finds the demon, many people would not believe their exsistence.
  54. According to Eugene, because of Elen's position as a Vanadis she rarely make any friends and Lim took her duty as her trusted general extremely seriously, even as Elen's first friend. It was through his former students Eugene was able to know Tigre and seemly relieved to see him in person during the Sun Festival
  55. 55.0 55.1 Viktor's words about ambitions still bothered Tigre as he assumed that by doing so would bring more harm than good to Brune and its people, such as Tallard's coup against Germaine for his ambition to be Asvarre's new king
  56. As much he didn't wished to admit, Tigre understood well that the Civil War's aftermath did not entirely eliminate those who opposed Regin's reign, specifically from the former loyal supporters of Thenardier or Ganelon. This factor alone poised enough threat to Tigre if the opposition also planning to get rid of him as well.
  57. The sole reason for Tigre to asks Valentina more questions was to confirm her motivation for her and her soldiers in Brune. One wrong move would lead to Brune's hostility against possible "invaders".
  58. There were three routes that lead to Brune from Zhcted: First route is taking a sea route from the north while taking a circle across to Brune's southern port; the other two routes were using Vosyes Moutains path for Brune where the explorers could either select a detour around the the mountains that lying down on the border of two kingdoms, or passing directly through the mountains road itself where it eventually to Tigre's hometown Alsace.
  59. Before his departure for Leitmeritz, the Vanadises gave Tigre their different blessings: Mila would anticipating Tigre's future adventures whilst Sofy urges Tigre not to overdoing himself; Liza advises Tigre to be wary in battles while Olga wishes him for the victory
  60. The main feature of the Three-Faced Goddess was her light clothing and possessing three faces, with each has different emotions: gentle (center), anger (right) and emotionless (left). Whichever their emotions however, all three faces were looking to a dragon which she subdued. However, even with her unique features, only a few knew her existence. The latter Light Novel chapters confirmed this as Tir Na Fal
  61. Despite being a neighbor territory to Brune via Voyes Mountains, specifically Alsace since it took only several Alsins away, Leitmeritz learned little about Brune's western invasion because of its far distance between Alsace and Brune's western provinces.
  62. In order to convince her men to battle under her cause again, Elen need to remind the Leitmeritz soldiers about their involvement in Brune's infamous Civil War two years ago despite the statement seemed to be exaggerated; moreover, participating skirmishes against both Brune and Sachstein were the last things Elen wished to have in her mind
  63. The sole reason for Tigre manages to return for Alsace out of Elen's and Lim's consideration, even for just one day.
  64. Even if Tigre wondering if he ever return to Alsace, Titta still going to follow him wherever he goes.
  65. Even after Leitemritz Army did helped Tigre in rescuing Alsace and quelling the Civil War, Elvin distrusted the Leitmeritz Army due to his anxiety over the foreign army; moreover, Elvin was one of many people who did not realized that Zion's atrocious invasion towards Alsace brought Leitemritz Army's into Brune in the first place. It took Tigre's persuasion to change his mind.
  66. To Tigre's observation, the minister's age look similar to the late Bertrand.
  67. 67.0 67.1 According to Elen's memory, she tried to asks the Silver Gale Mercenaries anything about her origins, which only to met different answers.
  68. Had Tigre really perished in Asvarre Seas, House Vorn would met its extinction and Alsace would be ruled by chief administrators, who would become a harm to his people if one abused his power. Even if there were some benevolent administrators like Elvin, it would be hardly keep Alsace's tranquility due to the taxing policies on each territory.
  69. Prior Tigre's departure for Asvarre to halt its Civil War, Elen and Lim have received a large quantities of love letters from Gerard, with one of them even requested Tigre to marry one of the aristocrats's unknown relatives (either daughter or sibling). These letters alone had give Tigre some degree of frustrations and even if it's main motivation was to preserve his family's legacy, Tigre had numerous suspicions over the marriage proposal, which some were attempting to take advantages for their ulterior motives.
  70. Before his fateful battle in Dinant Plains, Tigre has little plans about future marriages until Urs's passing. Despite gossips spread across Alsace about Titta's romantic feeling towards Tigre, Alsace resident did not rushed their Earl to create a family under the reassurance from Mashas, who told everyone that he will someday choose a suitable girl for Tigre.
  71. Even if Tigre cared for Titta and assumed that by marrying her would save House Vorn's legacy, it would not guarantee that the maid will be his legal wife due to some competition.
  72. For Lim's case, she needed to leave Leitmeritz for Alsace in order to be his legal wife; moreover, Tigre even (jokingly) claimed that Elen's life would be boring without Lim due to her position as the Wind Vanadis's knight, and taking a woman from a foreign kingdom as a bride would be considered as "rude". Nonetheless, Elen thanks Tigre for considering Lim's future.
  73. According to Elen herself, Vanadis could only held her position in one generation despite she could even bare one child; additionally, despite Vanadises's marriage plans were freer than anyone, the main condition for the Vanadis's marriage is that the bridegroom must possesses the noble blood. Due to this, the Vanadises were rarely becoming a subject for political marriages.
  74. According to Mashas, Hughes was originally retired and plan to put Gerard as the new heir of House Augre to rule Territorie. However, it was later cancelled under Badouin's pressure as the Prime Minister viewed Gerard as an important figure in Nice.
  75. Given a circumstances where fighting has been Sachstein's way of life, the kingdom's ambiguous goal for dominance could poise a bigger threat to all should the invasion succeed; moreover, Sachstein Army's well-equipped mechanism and soldier's blood lust for battle makes the army a force to be reckon with despite didn't have any proper strategies in most battles.
  76. According to his full analysis onto Tigre, Damad came to a conclusion that Tigre has been fighting for his people despite he had a choice not to be involved a war against Muozinel Army in Agnes at all.
  77. Since the battle in Agnes, Kureys had to change his plans in order to fool Zhcted an attacking Brune without Zhcted's notice. According to the plan, his army would split in two units: One would navigate Olmutz's terrain in order to attack the Zhcted territory, while the other would seek another route for Brune.
  78. The main reason for Tigre not to reuse the name "Silver Meteor Army" was because this former name was a painful reminder of Brune's previous Civil War and his fellow Brune citizen's bad impression towards Zhcted Army.
  79. Other (suggested) names for the new army were "Wind Princess of the Silver Slash Army" (Elen's Vanadis nickname), "Black Meteor Army" (Tigre's charged arrow shot from the Black Bow) and the Bayard-Zirnitra Army (clouds that led to Brune and Zhcted soldiers arguments). All of these names were references from the events of Arc One.
  80. According to Elen and Lim assumptions, the reasons for their awareness was because they suspected that Sachstein has strong generals at the Fort aside from the commander himself; moreover, they also needed to be vigilant about the demon's possible appearances that (would be) blended within the Sachstein Army, such as Vodyanoy. Therefore, Elen had to refrain herself from using Veda from Arifar.
  81. According to Lim, having Elen to charge towards the 5,000 strong army was suicidal, even for a Vanadis; additionally, she also further advises the Wind Vanadis that the enemy would not attack them when they see their Left Wing's incapability in retaliation, much to Elen's understanding as she commands her army's retreat as well.
  82. The reason Tigre gave this "assurance" was due to his sympathy over the Lutece Knights's lost over 300 men due to their exhaustion against Hans Army before his return to Brune. He also used his quote as a self-encouragement for the upcoming battles.
  83. To Lim's perspective, battling against the Sachstein was troublesome due to their cunning tactics and overwhelming numbers.
  84. 84.0 84.1 When Elen said that she will slay every soldiers until they retreat, Scheie and Bouroullec worried as Shaie asks Elen and Lim if that tactic has been Zhcted's style in warfare, in which Elen replied that it has been effective. Elen's answer has garnered Shaie's respectful impression.
  85. One thing Hans interested about Tigre was his superior archery skills that almost obliterated his army in mere seconds, as well his "outward" appearance and attributes that matched his subordinate's description.
  86. The main reason for his confidence was because of Hill Fort's supply that lasted for 10 days;moreover, if Schmidt Army manage to reach Nice he and his army would leave Hill Fort and rendezvous with Schmidt's unit for Sachstein Army's invasion upon Brune.
  87. During his rise as one of Sachstein's prominent generals, Hans once had a vision to build his ideal fortress and an unknown ambitions to help his kingdom's conquest.
  88. Even as a Vanadis, Elen distrusted Valentina as she suspected that she (Valentina) shouldn't be in Brune and she has various excuses to do so, even if it involved Tigre; moreover, she also curious towards Valentina's fighting style in battle and even yearn to see Ezendeis's true Veda.
  89. As her defense, Tina claimed that using too much Ezendeis's power will drain her stamina and energy; moreover, since she also seemly knew that Elen's impatience as her main weakness, the Void Vanadis used this retaliate where Elen had to restrain herself for Tigre's sake.
  90. One reason why Tigre reject Valentina's first idea was he had to consider his people who fought alongside with him, from Alsace citizens to Elen and his allies in Zhcted; additionally,
  91. In most of the battle plans and tactics, Tigre would consult his closest allies to discuss their battle against the enemy. For Vanadis's case, because of her plans's deceptive plot, he rather keep it as a secret from anyone to keep them away from his troubles, even Mashas or Titta.
  92. While he was disapproval to the alternative plan, the reason why Tigre chose that alternative was that he thought , though he did acknowledged its drawback: There was no guarantee that a Vanadis will return to the allies in one piece even if she successfully tricked the enemy, and hadn't he know Tina's Veda this idea would be also rejected as he worried about her safety.
  93. Given the tighten situation like this, especially being almost struck by Valentina's Viralt, Tigre's only fear was that Ezendeis's blade would kill him if he made any wrong moves.
  94. Due to his first battle against a Vanadis in Plainville, Hans and his soldiers initially assuming over was one Vanadis in Zhcted until Valentina came to Hill Fort
  95. It was an idea where messengers were secretly killed and being buried somewhere in order to prevent leaking any information to the enemy camp, though it would consequently raise other army's suspicions as well. Since the "messenger" is not Elen as Hans's expected to be his "guest", it would led to Hans's indecision as he had to rely on his dices for his next move.
  96. 96.0 96.1 There main reason for Tina's "defection" to enemy is due to Zhcted's involvement in foreign affairs in numerous occasions, especially since the Civil Wars in both Brune and Asvarre; additionally, of all the kingdoms that Zhcted ever confronted, only Sachstein have little-to-no diplomatic relationship with Zhcted even with its strong hostility against Brune, something she used to gain Hans's trust without being detected. Little did Hans even realized that her "defection" was actually one of her deceitful ruse which could be Tina's second proposal in defeating the Sachstein Army.
  97. Despite his suspicions towards Tina's ambiguous scheme, Tigre would considered her as her comrade to the point even promised her that he will rescue her should she befell into danger. His reason for his shock reaction was because he did not anticipating the Void Vanadis was safe even without aid.
  98. It was revealed that during her fake defection to Sachstein Army while being "imprisoned" inside a small tent, Tina used the chairs and pillows in order to make a smoke that created a diversion from the guards so she able to slip away without detection. She also summoned Ezendeis and cut her enemies along the way.
  99. Even with the fall of Hill Fort, Tigre cannot afford to celebrate too early as Elen and others were still fighting against Sachstein Southern Invasion units; the other thing bothered Tigre was he found her feat of survival questionable despite being "sick".
  100. The main reason for his decision for continuing to the south was to supposedly rendezvous with Schmidt Army and continuing their invasion towards Nice without confronting the Moonlight Knights; additionally, they also needed to replenish their depleting supplies because even if they did attack and pillaging nearby towns and cities, they were not enough to feed the survivors.
  101. The reason for this false rumor was under the influence from Valentina, which could make the invasion much easier if it was meant to strain the relationships between Brune and Tigre. The plan was nearly succeeded but Hans did not lived to see Brune's "distrust" was eventually resolved by Tigre and the Moonlight Knights after the death of Melisande, nor did he realized that Valentina's scheme was just for her personal gain.
  102. Their break however was short as most of the soldiers didn't have time to change or take baths.
  103. The structure was built to increase the security, from the stairs to fortified walls which blocked the enemy attacks. Scheie however deem the structure would be useless as they did not needed in their next battle.
  104. Even as Tigre's friend and ally, the Moonlight Knights's trouble did prompts Mashas view Tigre's experience as a Supreme Commander still green compared to Regin.
  105. Coping 6,000 prisoners were a challenge for the Moonlight Knights as they not only give them their already restricted food notions, they also had to worry their possible escape. Even if selling them to Muozinel was a better solution (where they could have disposed them and earned gold altogether), Tigre didn't like the idea due to his personal experience as Zhcted's one-time prisoner.
  106. Among these plans were either going for Nemetacum's ports or repelling the remaining Sachstein Army's Invasion Unit ore reuniting with Regin and others in Nice. Tigre chose to return for Nice in order to recuperate his army.
  107. Several years ago, Fine was once initially didn't believed Elen became a Vanadis until the news of her ascension eventually reached her ears.
  108. 108.0 108.1 The reasons for Mila's suspicions was because Muozinel Army once launched a massive invasion with 50,000 troops during the Brune Civil War. For Mila, seeing 5,000 troops at the riverside could only confirmed her suspicions of the over Muozinel's impending invasion.
  109. Mila's main reason for going to Forney Fort was to observe the real situation as she feared that her army would stand little chance against Muozinel Army.
  110. The reason why Olmutz generals's and minister's attempts to stop Mila from going to Fort Forney was due to their worries about any potential harms towards their Vanadis despite her presence alone would rise Fort Forney's soldier's morale. However, Muozinel's 5,000 troops that outnumbered Fort Forney's 2,000 troops and their suspicious move by crossing the river was enough for her to participate the lookout personally.
  111. Viktor is the second person to see Tigre's caliber as the king, with Olga was the first. For Gerard's and Badouin's case, their impression upon Tigre's attributes could only found be in anime series.
  112. In Sachstein Kingdom, surnames were only possessed by nobility or aristocrats from the kingdom's powerful clans, especially the name entitled "Von". For Hans case, who was a commoner and a son of his town's carpenter, he had to work diligently in order to earn this title through his lord's recognition towards his talents after he successfully subjugate the bandits.
  113. In Hans's perspective, because of Thenardier's demise in Mereville Field and his prominent role in a friendship between Brune and Zhcted, Tigre inadvertently became Sachstein's enemy they must eliminate in order to proceed its invasion towards Brune.


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