Hughes AugreEdit

Viscount of Territoire and Gerard's father.


Tigrevurmud VornEdit

Earl of Alsace and the second leader of the Silver Meteor Army. Due to his father's long time acquaintance to House Vorn (both Urs and Tigre respectively), Gerard would do anything to assist Tigre. Because of his talents of calculations in great precision, Tigre greatly valued Gerard despite his sarcasm. During Muozinel Invasion upon Brune, Gerard was responsible for giving critical advice to Tigre about every tactics and calculations of the army. Unlike his father, Gerard often testing Tigre's leadership by questioning his next move and even sarcastically remarks about his good-nature personality. Nonetheless, Gerard remain supportive towards Tigre until the end of the Civil War.

Regin Ester Loire Bastien do CharlesEdit

Faron's only kin and the heiress of the throne. In the Silver Meteor Army's battle against the invasive Muozinel Army, Regin was found and rescued by Tigre and others. Due to her hostility towards anyone except Tigre, Gerard was one of few people who could tolerate her until her confession to her main allies (including Elen), leading to his assistance to help both Tigre and Regin in defeating Thenardier. Since Regin's reign as Brune Queen, Gerard was appointed as the Royal Secretary to handle Brune's internal and external affairs. During Melisande's quiet uprising and her fierce feud with Regin, Gerard was one of Regin's few supporters who sided with Regin.


Eleonora ViltariaEdit

Vanadis of Leitmeritz and also Brune's former enemy before she allied herself with Tigre in order to topple Thenardier and Ganelon. In the victory over Ganelon Army in orange Plains, Gerard praised Tigre for allying himself to the beautiful War-Maiden, only to be advised by the Wind Vanadis to keep his flattery in check when she suspects his compliment as "dangerous".


Rurick Vs Gerard

Gerard and Rurick.

Elen's prominent general and his fellow Silver Meteor Army general. Unlike Gerard, Rurick is a loyal general who served both Elen and Tigre who was famous for his valor and hot-headed personality. Due to the hostility between Brune and Zhcted, Gerard had an uneasy friendship with Rurick as he found his "brutish" behavior unrefined. For this reason, Gerard often dubbed Rurick as "Bald man of Zhcted". Despite the dissolution of the Silver Meteor Army after the civil war, they continued their sour friendship until Sachstein Invasion towards Brune and rumors about Tigre's "treason" spread within Nice, forcing them to put their differences once again for Tigre's and Elen's sake.

Rival and EnemiesEdit

Melisande ThenardierEdit

The widow of the late Duke Thenardier and also Regin's cousin. Because of Melisande's hostility against Regin, Gerard also view her as an enemy since he and his father sided with Regin.


One of Brune's viscount and also a longtime supporter of House Thenardier, making him as the enemy of Gerard since he is



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