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Gaspar Rodant
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Kana ガスパール.ローダント
Romaji Gasuparu Rodanto
Casual Name Gaspar
Personal Profile
Age ???
Gender Male Male
Birth Place Aude, Brune
Status Alive
Occupation Moonlight Knights Supporter
Position & Rank ???

Gaspar Rodant is the second son of Mashas and one of Tigre's allies. He is also one of Moonlight Knights's primary supporter. He is older than Tigre.

Character InformationEdit


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Before and during the Brune Civil War, both Gaspar and Urbain (Mashas's oldest son) were told by Mashas to stay in Aude and appointed Urbain as his heir. [1]


Tigre's ReturnEdit

After Tigre's return to Brune after the 3 years, Tigre reunited with Gaspar in Territoire, where he was introduced to Tigre's other allies Eleonora Viltaria and the Leitmeritz Army officers (such as Limalisha and Rurick).

Role in Repelling Sachstein Army in Plainville HillsEdit

Under the leadership Tigre and his allies, Gaspar was one of Moonlight Knights general. In the army's first battle in Bauval Plains, Gaspar was in charge of a detached unit of Brune soldiers that used crossbows. Prior the third round against Sachstein Army. Gaspar and his unit were retaliating against Sachstein Army's remnant soldiers until Tigre finally killed Hans via an arrow shot, resulting the Silver Meteor Army's victory.

Melisande's UprisingEdit

After the victory against Hans, Gaspar was one of 50 Moonlight Knights heroes to travel for Nice and lauded as heroes by its resident. In one night after the banquet, Gaspar and others were given a room for a night where they went to sleep. However, a commotion in Tigre's room opting Gaspar and Rurick to rush for Tigre and aiding him in killing his would be assassins.

Extended RolesEdit

Visit to SilesiaEdit

Tir Na Fal's DescentEdit

Main article: Tir Na Fal's Descent

Like Titta, Gaspar along with Gerard and Damad, has escapes from Silesia in order to find Tigre. In their search however the four are ambushed by a local bandits until Mila's and Sofya's rescue. With Titta's hunch that something ominous is happening at Zagan of the northwest, Gaspar and Damad join Titta's and the Vanadises' quest to find and rendezvous with Tigre.

During Tigre's and the Vanadises' battle against Ganelon, Gaspar and Damad are witnessing Tir Na Fal's descent. As soon as Ganelon is finally beaten and Tir Na Fal's disappearance, Gaspar and Damad also witnessing the fossilization of all Viralts as well.

Tigre's War Against TinaEdit


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