Valentina Teleport
Kana エザンディス
Romaji Ezandezu
Nickname Illusory Princess of the Hollow Shadow (Shervid)
Weapon Profile
Type Scythe
Owner Vanadis of OsterodeValentina Glinka Estes
Kingdom Zhcted
Status Active

Ezendeis, Viralt of Darkness/Void element, is used by the Vanadis of Osterode.


Ezendeis is shaped like a large scythe having a long, curved blade with jet black and crimson color. It is also described as a inch longer than Valentina's height.


As a Viralt of darkness/void-element, Ezendeis is able to teleport the user to almost anywhere, anytime. Incredibly, this Viralt slices through air like a knife through butter while creating a portal, through which the user can travel. However, for this power to properly function, the user has to have the knowledge of the environment at the destination. As shown in the case of Perche Fortress, it took Valentina several days to locate Tigre's room before she could use the portal to directly teleport herself there.

Veda (Dragonic Arts)Edit

  • 虚空回廊 (ヴォルドール) (Void Corridor (Vol Dole)) - (Also called Space Corridor) Ezendeis slices through the air in order to create a vortex (void), a portal through which the user can to travel to anywhere she wishes.
  • 黒霞 (ティンカー) (Black Haze (Tinker)) - Ezendeis creates a black mist as a shield to protect its users and her allies from projectile attacks.



  • Valentina Glinka Estes - The current Vanadis of Osterode is currently the user of Ezendeis.
  • Titta - The Vanadis temporary replacement of Valentina during battle against Ganelon under influence of Tir Na Fal.