Eugene Shevarin
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Kana ユージェン=シェヴァーリン
Romaji Yūjen Shevārin
Personal Profile
Age 45
Gender Male Male
Birth Place Pardu, Zhcted
Status Deceased
Occupation Lord of Pardu (Former)
Current Successor of King of Zhcted (Former
Army Pardu Army
Position & Rank Earl
Vanadis Mentor (Unofficial)
Territory Pardu

Eugene Shevarin is one of Zhcted's aristocrat as the Earl of Pardu. He is also Viktor's nephew-in-law due to his marriage with his niece, who is also Ilda Kurtis's sister. Eugene was also Eleonora Viltaria and Limlisha's mentor in etiquette.

Character InformationEdit


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Deadly MisunderstandingEdit

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Sun FestivalEdit

Months after Elen's victory over Ilda in Bydgauche, Eugene attended the Sun Festival where he was officially elected by Viktor as his successor of the throne. On the second day of the Sun Festival, Eugene met an awaken Tigre who entered his room under Viktor's recommendation. As the two began their conversation, Tigre congratulated him for being Viktor's successor but Eugene could only smile in reluctance. After hearing Tigre's stories about Viktor's recommendations for him being Brune king, Eugene instead advised Tigre to take the old king advice well since the Brune hero would be facing Brune's strife situation eventually, much to Tigre's reluctance.

Meeting Figneria Alshavin the New VanadisEdit

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Zhcted Civil War: Framed as TraitorEdit

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Near Escape and DeathEdit

Main article: Eugene Rescue Mission

Since his imprisonment, Eugene has been declared and condemned as the "traitor" by Miron and most of Ruslan supporting aristocrats, not knowing that the entire plot was orchestrated by Tina.



  • From all of King Viktor's family relatives, only Eugene is chosen as the later successor as Zhcted's King despite him not participating in any wars involving Zhcted.
  • During his life as an Earl of Pardu, he is the only person who become a mentor of Vanadis such as Elen and Figneria to adjust their life as a new Vanadis and governing a territory.