Emir Anime
Kana エミール
Romaji Emiru
Casual Name Emil
Personal Profile
Age 20's
Gender Male Male
Birth Place Brune
Status Alive
Occupation Elite Knight
Position & Rank Leader of Perche Knights
Voice Actors
Japanese Seiyū Hideo Ishigawa
English Voice Brad Hawkins

Emil is the leader of the Perche Knights Squadron and one of Silver Meteor Army's prominent allies.

Character InformationEdit


Emil appears to be a handsome man in his 20's and possessing a mustache and a small beard on his chin. Being a knight, he is often seen wearing a heavy full-plate armor.


As one of Brune's renowned knights, Emil appears to be one of Brune's brave general who vows to protect Brune from harm. He is also willing to accept change and didn't seem to mind Tigre and his use of bow in battle, so long as the Earl leads them to victory despite the kingdom's discrimination against archers.


Muozinel's Invasion and Vorn-Thenardier CampaignEdit

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Under the reinforcement letter by Mashas and Hughes, Emil, Scheie and Auguste came to aid the worn-out Silver Meteor Army in repelling the Muozinel Army from Agnes. With the help from the upcoming Mashas Army and Hughes Army, the Silver Meteor Army narrowly repelled Muozinel Army from Agnes.[1][2][3] After the narrow victory, Emile suggested Tigre to move the Silver Meteor Army and Agnes refugees to Perche Castle for their recuperation despite its uncomfortable attributes, to which Tigre readily accepted.[4]

Brune Civil War Heroes

Auguste was among of Brune Civil War heroes.

In the civil war's twilight moments, Emil also participated Tigre's intense battle against Thenardier in Vincennes Plains and Mereville Fields, where Tigre eventually slew Thenardier with his arrow shot and ended Brune's brutal civil war. Like most Silver Meteor Army's generals and supporters, Emile was lauded as one of the war heroes by Nice residents.[5]



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