One of Asvarre's Royal Princes and Eliot's elder brother who was "supposed" to be the late King Zacharias's successor. After narrowly escaping from Germaine's execution with Guinevere, Eliot began his feud with his brother for the throne along with his legions of pirates.


Eliot's sister and a fellow Asvarre Royal Family Member who also survived Germaine's execution order. Despite this however, Guinevere chose to be stay neutral during the Civil War in Asvarre as she didn't support either brother's factions. When Tallard declared that he and his army fought against him under Guinevere's name, Eliot became distraught over the news as he vowed to kill both his sister and Tallard altogether before his imminent defeat.





Sofya ObertasEdit

Vanadis of Polesia and also Zhcted's minister who was supposedly helping him to defeat Germaine. Even her position as a Vanadis, Eliot disrespected Sofy as he not only harassing her by taunting her in a lewd manner, he also threaten her that he would kill the hostages from Colchester if she didn't do as he says; furthermore, he even attempted to sell her off to Muozinel for the food and water supplies, something that even disgusted by Muozinel slave merchant. His mistreatment upon the Light Vanadis eventually came back and bit him as she was freed by Tigre and thwarting his escape.

Rivals and EnemiesEdit

Tallard GrahamEdit


Tigrevurmud VornEdit

Brune's renowned war hero and Zhcted's supposed secret messenger who aided Germaine (later Tallard) during the Civil War. Because Tigre's marksmanship almost as excel as Tallard, Eliot almost mistaken him as his nemesis until Hamish told him otherwise. Tigre's success in capturing Fort Lux to even taking away the supplies away from Fort Lux has antagonizing Eliot numerous times, as he vowed to destroy Tallard and his allies. However, that very performances have led to Eliot's downfall as he witnessed the archer's Black Bow's power in sinking two pirate ships effortlessly just to stopping him from escaping.



Eliot allied himself with the Pirates to defeat Germaine (later Tallard) during Asvarre's civil war. Despite being the leader of the pirates, Eliot didn't trust them due to their greed and notoriety for even turned against their leader if their demands did not reached. To him, the pirates were merely a fool who only request bigger reward and served only his tool for his goals. When his army's morale worsen during the a battle in Salentes Plains, Eliot betrayed the pirates by ordering Hamish and his archery squad to obliterate those who are approaching towards his camp.

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