Quotes Edit

  • Elen: "Our country is maintaining peace and stability for now. We have had decades, even a century which we were unable to expand out lands. Though every King has been excellent in his own way, none were able to properly confirm to the presence of all seven Vanadis. Often, because they fear the Vanadis, they came to argue with us. Now, the Vanadis, while pretending to follow the King, scheme to appoint an appropriate person to lead."
~~ Elen's opinion for current Vanadis and King of Zhcted in Volume 1

  • Celpet:“ Precisely because I do not know that, I would like you to tell me. What did Earl Vorn, who is just a youth ruling a territory in the frontier, offer to you? Did he have anything which satisfied you? If he did not, what kind of words or sentiments did you two exchange?”
Elen: “If you want to hear it that much, then I’ll answer. I was touched by Earl Vorn’s sincere feelings, his desire to want to save the people of his territory. I too was given a dukedom by His Majesty King Victor, you see? So, I understand well the feelings of trying to protect one’s people.
~~Said to Celpet in Nice Royal Palace's Garden of Volume 12