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Silver Gale MercenariesEdit

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Elen and Lim during their time as mercenaries.

Elen was born in a village that was later burned and ravaged by a group of bandits, although she was later rescued and later adopted by Vissarion and the Silver Gale Mercenaries. Throughout her upbringing, Elen learned sword fighting skills at her age of six[1]. She also once asked other mercenaries about her true origins, only to give in after received different answers instead. Together with her fellow mercenary and friend Limlisha, they traveled around the land for years without having an home to return to. However, she was also the the only person who admired Vissarion's vision to build a kingdom where people could live without worries. At her age of ten, Elen and Lim met and befriended with a lone female mercenary named Figneria who visited the camp under Vissarion's invitation. Curious over her appearance, Elen once asked Fine about her mercenary life before she was stopped by Vissarion himself. Regardless, Elen also trained further swordsmanship and fighting skill under Fine's coaching. Unfortunately, at her age thirteen, Fine became the Silver Gale Mercenaries's enemy in one battle and defeated Vissarion in a duel, resulting a dissolution of a once renowned mercenary group.[2] However despite the former passing, Elen preserved Vissarion's legacy as she vowed to build an ideal kingdom in his place.

Rise as the Vanadis of LeitmeritzEdit

In an unknown time since the Silver Gale Mercenary's downfall, Elen was known to be chosen as the Vanadis of Leitmeritz when she received Arifar from a previous War-Maiden at her age of fourteen. Afterwards, she and Lim were trained by Eugene Shevarin in military tactics and sword training, as well as politics and mannerism. Prior her days as a Vanadis, Elen also met and acquainted with Sasha, who was the Vanadis Mediator at that time and taught her the values and responsibility as Zhcted's War-Maidens. To protect her crippled friend who was diagnosed with a fatal disease, Elen vowed to take care of Sasha and each other whenever one of them were in trouble. Under Lim's and others guidance, Elen managed to overcome her anxiety and became an effective warrior. [3]

Prior her duty as a Vanadis, Elen had a fierce rivalry against Ludmila Lourie of Olmutz, whose regal attributes were heavily opposed to Elen's easy-going counterpart. While she was chosen as a Vanadis at the age of fourteen, Mila congratulated Elen and told her that she can teach her various things, particularly mannerism and etiquette. Rather than accepting Mila's "good will", Elen instead sarcastically rejected Mila's offer by mocking her lifestyle and even refused to apologize, further aggravated Mila. Additionally, due to a traditional feud between Leitmeritz and Olmutz, neither Vanadis compromised towards each other and their quarrels could be stopped only by Vanadis mediators (Sasha and Sofy). Still, the feud between both Vanadises remained unsettled and the girls often quarreled whenever they met, even trivial matters such as bust size and height.

Elen Liza Past

Young Elen befriended with eye-patched Liza.

Elen also had a unsettling feud against her another Vanadis Elizaveta Fomina of Lebus. Prior to her days as a mercenary, Elen once rescued Liza from her bullies in a Lebus village and originally befriended the Rainbow-Eyed girl by training her fighting skills within four days. As Liza's fighting skills were slightly improved, Elen encouraged her to focus on winning and build her self-confidence before leaving her village. [4]. In their second encounter however, Elen had completely forgotten about Liza due to her changed appearance and status much to Liza's dismay. Their rocky relationship strained further through various circumstances, from burning plagued-infected villages (which Elen cherished) by Liza to Rodant Abt's (Liza's father) death by Elen's blade for escaping trial;to make matters worse, Liza lost her first duel against Elen and the result only fueled their bitter rivalry and shattered any remaining fragments of their friendship.

Tigre as Leitmeritz's Prisoner-of-WarEdit

Victory over Brune and a Fateful EncounterEdit

Elen led the Zhcted Army to Dinant Plains with her 5,000 troops against 25,000 strong Brune Army, which was five times larger than her own. Despite being outnumbered, Elen's tactical ambush managed to disorient the Brune Army by "killing" the prince and easily decimating them in just one night. However, despite being victorious over her more powerful enemy, the Silver Flash Vanadis was disappointed as she deemed the battle boring, mostly because the Brune Army was weaker than she had anticipated.[5]

Archer and vanadis

Elen's fateful encounter with Tigre.

While the Zhcted Army pursued the fleeing Brune soldiers, Elen and her escorts were examining the remains in Dinant Plains when a Brune archer emerged from hiding and despite the distance of over 300 Alsin, he effortlessly sniped two of her guards before aiming at her. This however intrigued the Silver Wind Vanadis further as she smiled at the archer before drawing Arifar and hastening her steed towards him. The archer fired his last two arrows against her, but Elen deflected both with ease and cornered the surviving archer. She ordered him to throw down his bow and demanding his name, with the archer identifying himself as Earl Tigrevurmud Vorn of Alsace. Intrigued by Tigre's rare archery skills and courage, Elen spared his life while claiming that he now belonged to her and took him as her prisoner. Accepting his defeat, Tigre followed the Zhcted Army back to Leitmeritz.

Tigre as a "Prisoner in War" in LeitmeritzEdit

In Leitmeritz, Elen ordered Lim to escort Tigre to her office. Whilst meeting Tigre, she inform her prisoner that she was impressed by his arrow shot from the previous battle in Dinant Plains. She further told the young Earl that Alsace that she demanded from Brune a 700,000 worth Denier as a ransom for his release, and if the kingdom failed to comply he would be sold in Muozinel. Tigre asked her to reduce the ransom price but Elen denied his request due to his position as her prisoner. She then guided Tigre around Leitmeritz and eventually led him to the Archery Training ground. Even at the Silver Wind Vanadis's side, Tigre still received unpleasant glances from her soldiers. She then asked Tigre to demonstrate his skill by by hitting a target that was positioned 300 Alsins away in four shots. However, due to being handed a poorly constructed bow his first two arrows were completely missed. While watching Tigre being insulted by the archers as he readied his third arrow, Elen was suddenly ambushed by an assassin, and as he fired his crossbow Tigre shouted a warning alerting her. She then foiled the shot with Arifar's wind barrier. Tigre then managed to subdue the assassin (who later committed suicide by biting his tongue off) and asked for his fourth shot, Elen told Tigre that was enough as she immediately recognized Tigre's talent.

Elen other custome

Elen in her official dress.

On the next day, Elen summoned Tigre to her office again and she apologized regarding Rurick's and his archers' misbehavior while attempting to execute them as her punishment. Through Tigre's persuasion however, Elen decided to spare Rurick and others while cancelling their, and Elen then decided to cancel their execution. Elen then explained to Tigre by claiming her victory over Brune was too easy after seeing her enemy was much weaker than expected, although she was still impressed over his resistance despite the dire situation. After Tigre learned Prince Regnas's "death", Elen asked Tigre if he held any resentment towards her. Tigre instead replied that since it was war, it couldn't be helped, especially since he had also killed Zhcted soldiers in the battle. She further invited Tigre to join her while promise him that she would share a same privilege to him, but Tigre declined for Alsace's sake. However, Elen reminded Tigre of his ransom that forced Tigre to stay in Leitmeritz. Despite this Elen still knighted Tigre as a Count and before Tigre could leave her office, she permitted him to explore Leitmeritz except the gates (which would be considered as an escape attempt).

As days flew by, Tigre began to grow accustomed to his new life but he still missed Alsace. To test his other talents, Elen invited Tigre to spar with her. Unfortunately for Tigre, due to his poor display, Elen still toppled above Tigre as he accidentally grope her bust, triggered Lim's urge to kill Tigre as her punishment. However, Elen calmed Lim that it was her miscalculation to underestimated Tigre's strength.[6][7] After the sparing, Elen has confirmed Tigre's handicap but nonchalantly told Tigre that she still amazed over his bow.

When Tigre learned from Bertrand about the Thenardier Army's advance towards Alsace and decided to leave, Elen was informed of the situation by Lim and (after making a bet that Tigre would either challenge her in archery for his freedom or recall her earlier proposal and accept it obligating her to defend Alsace as her territory) was waiting at the main gate to halt Tigre from exiting Leitmeritz.
Elen pointing sword

Elen pointing her Arifar to Tigre.

Despite Tigre's plea and promise that he would return to Leitmeritz. Elen refused to let him pass while telling him that he cannot save Alsace while confronting the Thenardier Army alone, no matter how skilled he was. While Tigre insisted on leaving, the Silver Wind Vanadis threatened that she would kill him in Leitmeritz and instead asked Tigre to use wisdom like he did at Dinant Plains. After Tigre asked to hire her troops to save Alsace, Surprised Elen laughed at Tigre's request before nonchalantly accepting it, with Alsace as her compensation. As Tigre told her that he agreed her terms only if she treat Alsace like Leitmeritz, Elen agreed and ordered her 1000 troop to march to Alsace.

Battle for AlsaceEdit

Main Articles: Alsace Invasion Incident and Battle of Molsheim

Elen wind

Elen using her wind to cushion Tigre's fall.

Just as Tigre managed to rescue Titta from Zion and tried to grab his maid as she fell, Elen sent a blast of wind towards Tigre and Titta to soften their landing. After Tigre's hand injured and warped by Titta, the Silver Wind Vanadis asked Tigre if he was able to move it, with Tigre answering that he could. Her army's appearance demoralizing Thenarider Army by killing its 300 soldiers, forcing Thenardier Army to hastily retreat from Alsace, including Zion and his 2,700 remaining soldiers. Through Elen's and the Leitmeritz Army's rescue, Alsace was spared from Zion's atrocities.

During her meeting with Tigre in Vorn Manor, Elen expressed her concern about Thenardier Army dominance (in numbers) despite its fewer casualties. She asked Tigre about Thenadier Army hideout, where he stated that Molsheim Plains would be their place to recuperate themselves. Elen would used this chance to crush the enemy troops and put herself and Tigre leading her 400 army to confront Zion's main army, while Lim would lead a ambush unit by using Alsace rope supplies. When Tigre thought an idea to use the horses as his plan, Elen and Lim were amazed by his idea and decided to put it in use.

Both armies finally collided in Molsheim Plains, where Elen asked Tigre if he is afraid of the battle but Tigre responded that which he was afraid even it was his first battle, his dedication to defend Alsace would lead them for victory . While smiled over Tigre's dedication conviction, Elen roared for battle. In the initial battle, Elen and Tigre managed to crush Thenardier Army's first and second line platoon of soldiers until they stumbled upon an Earth Dragon. Even with her army began to demoralized after confronting the seemly unstoppable creature, Elen commanded the army not to retreat while confronting the dragon.
Elen vs Dragon

Elen is confronting an Earth Dragon.

With Lim and her unit distraction, Elen charged her stead for the dragon while confronting it with her Arifar. To everyone's (including Tigre) stunning surprise, Elen used her Veda, Ley Adimos to slay the dragon with ease by slicing it apart. With the dragon's death, Elen commenced her counter attack by leading her troops for Zion. With Tigre's shadow army tactics and Lim's traps that critically demoralized Thenardier Army, Zhcted Army cornered finally Zion and his remain 600 soldiers.

During Zion and Tigre's argument, Elen was disgusted about Zion's claims regarding people lives as merely "plants that regrew itself". When Zion issued a duel against Tigre, the Wind Vanadis ridiculed Zion's challenge until Tigre immediately accept the duel. Despite her early worries about Tigre, Elen decided not to interfere as she claimed the duel was Tigre's personal battle. She witnessed the battle which Tigre won (his arrows successfully penetrated Zion's shield that injured his arm) while suffered only his scar from Zion's spear.

Zion managed to fly away via the flying dragon, where Elen's winds were unable to reach both them. Tigre, unable to forgive the man who harmed his people, hears a female voice telling him to shoot the dragon, after doubting, he then aims for it, which command's Arifal to cover his arrow with wind to reach it which only disorients the Wyvern. Elen shocked at what happened, asks Tigre on how did he manage to do it, which he replies he doesn't know about it. Despite Tigre 's confusion of his family treasure, Elen stands by him as Tigre prepares his second shot, giving him the assistance to slay Zion. With her winds of Arifal, Tigre fired a more powerful arrow that drives itself into midair and finally slew Zion for good.

With Zion's death, Elen roared over Tigre's victory and the remnant Thenardier Army were either routed or escaped. Thus, Alsace was safe under Tigre and his friends. After the war, Elen asked Tigre if he is satisfied over the the results, which Tigre found himself as weak and begin his alliance with her troops; much to her delight and declared that an alliance between Alsace and Leitmeritz.

Brune Civil WarEdit

Audience with King Viktor in SilesiaEdit

Elen's wakey wakey

Elen is waking Tigre.

Under Leitmeritz's Banner, Alsace was slowly recovering itself from the war aftermath and everything went back to normal three days later. Elen visited Tigre and decided used Lim's method to wake Tigre up. Luckily, Titta came into his bedroom and managed to stop her and scolded her for almost putting Tigre's life in danger. When Tigre asked her reason to come to his manor earlier, Elen told Tigre than she need to return for Zhcted to report King Viktor regarding her actions in Brune.

Before her departure, Elen was asked by Lim (who still skeptical about Tigre) why she put so much faith upon Tigre. Elen simply told her that she was amazed about Tigre's performance during the last battle, especially his arrow that instantly slay the dragon. Despite her compliments about Tigre, Lim told Elen that she did not fully trust him even she evaluated him as good as he seemed. Nonetheless, Elen entrusted Tigre to Lim before she finally departing from Alsace.

In front of the king

Eleonora standing before the King

Days later, Elen arrived to Silesta for her meeting with King Victor. During the meeting, Victor demanded her explanation for her departure to Brune without his consent. Elen replied that while she was hired by Tigre and claimed that his archery skill could be Zhcted's helpful asset to the kingdom, though became frustrated as the the king was displeased the news and deemed her as a "disgrace" for nearly involving Zhcted into Brune's civil affairs. Luckily, she was saved by her fellow Vanadis, Sofy defended her and explained the details on her behalf. When the king asked Elen the reason for her alliance with Tigre, she answered that all Tigre ever wanted was Alsace's peace, but she also continued that when Tigre gaining more land as his victories, these conquered lands were for the name of King of Zhcted. To her relief, King Victor finally approve her alliance with Tigre.


Elen and Mila was stopped by Sofy.

After the meeting, Elen encountered her another fellow Vanadis, Ludmila Lourie who she didn't get each other, and they traded insults towards each other. Their argument however was short-lived as Sofy intervened and stooped their argument. While thanked Sofy for her rescue, Elen demanded Mila to leave as she wished to discussed with Sofy in private. Just as Mila asked about Tigre, Elen digressed the Frost Mind Vanadis's topic by telling her that it wasn't her concern, further Mila's "sympathetic" about her. Elen was shocked as she learned from Sofy that Mila was Thenardier's allies due to their mutual relationship and both affluent in power and wealth, even though Mila herself dislike Thenardier. This makes her an enemy not just Thenardier, but also her fellow Vanadis. As Gentle Light Vanadis curiously about Tigre, Elen answered that Tigre's cute sleeping face is one of her reasons to help Tigre, much to her dismay that she is teased by Sophie about her progressed relationship. She further asserts that even with some flaws, his benevolence to his people and his astonishing archery are another reasons for her to assists the Earl of Vorn. As she is asked further about Tigre, Elen would tell Sophie to see him in person if interested and request some help before Sofy. The later she would see the sky as her fight with Tigre was just the beginning.

Tigre's Encounter with Ludmila and Sherash AmbushEdit

Some time later, Elen invited Tigre and Lim to Kikimora Mansion in Vosyes Mountains. While she informed Tigre the bad news that King Victor's distrust upon him since he was a Brune citizen (which she indicated that Victor actually feared that the Vanadis will topple his throne should they given too much power), Elen remained optimistic about the King's decision while ask Tigre if he was ready to become her vassal, even with him as Zhcted's enemies. With Tigre's profound courage that he will be staying at her side, Elen was much proud at him until Lim brought an Olmutz made armor, instantly swung her mood while mocking the Ice Vanadis. Mila's entrance further infuriated Elen as she viewed Mila as uninvited stray cat in the mansion, and demanded her to leave. They continued to argue like children until Tigre intervened with his introduction to Mila, much to Elen chagrin in anger as she attempt to persuade Tigre to stay away from Mila. To her shock, Mila tended to have Tigre comes with her since her have some "business" with him and to ensure Mila didn't do anything funny to Tigre, Elen invited both Mila and Tigre to Rodrick for the Hot Spring trip.

Upon their arrival in Rodrick, the group visited the local marketplace and saw the porridge in the marketplace. When Mila's stomach was growling in hunger, Elen teased Mila while having her porridge for herself, only to be infuriated to see Tigre shares his porridge to Mila instead. [8] . During the bath, Elen planned a prank where Tigre accidentally crashed into Mila's bathroom and see her naked.

On their journey back from Rodrick, Elen and her group where ambushed by the unknown assassin group known as the Sherash. Whilst repelling most of the assassins, Elen was shock to see Lim being bitten and poisoned by a snake before she killed it.[9] When Tigre sucking the venom out from Lim's breast, Elen dismounted her hose to check on Lim and just they were about to be attacked by more assassins, the trio narrowly saved by Mila who then mocked Elen as "unqualified" as a Vanadis for letting emotion got the better of her. Elen was speechless before she was told by Mila to find a doctor in Rodnick. Elen and Tigre followed Mila back to Rodnick to rescue Lim.

Prior Lim's recovery, Elen stayed beside Lim and Tigre. When Lim was finally recovered, Elen was in her relieved.

War Against LudmilaEdit

Main article: Leitmeritz-Olmutz Campaign

The rivalry between both Vanadis has reached to its boiling point when Mila, under request from Thenardier, began to attack Leitmeritz with her army. Elen found it troublesome for confronting both Thenardier Army and Olmutz Army simultaneously, so she left the decision for Tigre since it would be his battle too. Tigre suggested to send the messengers to Mila for her retreat, or they would forced to o retaliate should Mila refused. Eventually Mila rejected both letters and both armies collided in Burkina Plains. Even with their fierce battles, the battle was inconclusive with hundreds casualties at both sides, forcing both army retreated. In the camp, Elen explained to Tigre regarding her rivalry against Mila was due to a traditional feud between Leitmeritz and Olmutz, which she confidently told him that she would be victorious.

Elen angry

Angry Elen.

The next day, Elen was furious to learn that Mila and the Olmutz Army have left Vlkolin Plains and immediately rallied her troops to Tatra Fortress for a full siege. The first siege attempt however was failed as Leitmeritz Army were quickly repelled by Olmutz Army's catapults and barricades. Even with her army's low morale, due to Tatra Mountains's frigid weathers and fortress's formidable defense, Elen insisted her siege by destroying the gates by herself despite Lim's protest. When Tigre tried to reason with Elen to figure another strategy, Elen remained stubborn and asked Tigre to at least have faith with her. Tigre told Elen that he supporting her all the way, but when Elen asked he cherish the most, Tigre remained silent and prompted Elen's angry suspicions. Tigre instead told her that he has been thinking Alsace all the time, made Elen laugh in a clam manner since Alsace was her items too. She later dispatched Tigre into a scout mission to find alternative route to Tatra Fortress, where Lim gave Tigre a bear fur for warmth and disguise. Despite her initial worry, Tigre reassured her that since he has experience in mountain tracking, it would be fine.

With Tigre's information about Tatra Mountain's shortcut, Elen led her 100 men to follow Tigre's trail to Tatra Castle, while commanded Lim to command the rest of her troops. Upon their arrival however, the security defense was tighten than before. Despite Tigre told her to wait, Elen impatiently rushed down to the fortress and used her Veda to crush the Tatra Fortress defenses. The Veda did crushed the all barricades in pieces, but it did not break the gate. Even worse, Elen was exhausted after using her Veda's first shot.
Breaking through

Elen and Tigre.

The attack alerted the nearby soldiers and Olmutz archers shot a volley of arrows towards Elen, before she was narrowly rescued by Tigre. Both Tigre and Elen were arguing about their failed siege, where Elen told Tigre that she was so close to break the gates and there was little time left for retreat. When Tigre asked Arifar for its help and the air Viralt agreed his request, Elen found Arifar too flirtatious but she agreed to lend her powers again, just for Tigre. With their combined powers from a far distance, Tigre's bizarre arrow shot managed to break the gates with full speed and power; further dropping Olmutz Army's morale drastically.With the fortress gate finally broken, Elen rallying her troops and began their siege into Tatra's Fortress and the battle seemly favored her and her army.
Elen vs Mila

Elen and Mila crossed blades at each other.

During the siege, Elen confronted Mila, who was concerned about Lim and wondering if Elen came her to humiliate herself. Elen retorted that she actually thanked her for repelling the Serash and as her "gratitude", she would hand Mila's her first defeat. Both Vanadis then fought in a ferocious battle where neither Vanadis won the bout despite they were exhausted and inflicted injuries. However, she was saved by Mila (later Tigre) from the last Serash Assassin. During Tigre's conversation with Mila, Elen was irritated yet relived to hear that Tigre words persuaded Mila to declare her neutrality. Even after Tiger had finally got Mila's impression, Elen is jealous about their recent relationships and tell the Frost Mind Vanadis that Tigre will be hers alone and their argument continued until their departure.

Encounter and Conflict With Greast Edit

With Mila announced her neutrality, as well with additional 1,000 troops from Hughes Augre, Elen has what she need to move her army to face Thenardier's army with Tigre. While Tigre and Lim thought about the proper name for their new found troops, Elen found the name "Alsace-Leitmeritz Alliance Troop" was too long and decided to name her new army as Silver Meteor Army, much to Lim and Tigre's shock that Elen would actually named the army based on her being. Just as she think about the future of the newly named she see Titta came out from the camp for water and together the girls go to the river for water supply. While on their way, Elen asked Titta about Tigre since Titta has cared about the Earl of Vorn much than anyone else in the camp, which Titta. When Titta would ask the same question if Elen has begin to like Tigre, the Wind Vanadis blushed over a sudden question but told Titta that even she has the heart for Tigre, her differ positions and the differ kingdom rivalry is the reason why she haven't confessed her feeling towards Tigre. After hearing over Titta story about Tigre has been alone since his father passed away, Elen would ensure Titta that she will take good care of the Earl of Vorn to ease the maid worries.

When the Silver Meteor Army greeted Greast in formality, Elen was instead received a perverse impression from Greast, who touched and looked her hand despite Hughes urged him to stop. The bizarre behavior of their visitor prompted Elen found him obnoxious. During the meeting with Greast, Elen was given a chance for the corporation with Ganelon, to break down the Thenadier forces. To which of course, Elen declined.

Elen was surprised that Greast will be going against the Silver Meteor Army without giving them a chance to rethink about the negotiation; forced them going on for a war against the weasel beside the Ganelon. With the aid of Tigre who worked as the ambush unit, the Silver Meteor Army emerged victorious over the ambush which force some of the Greast Army retreat from the battle. After the victorious over Greast Army, Elen would join the banquet of victory as their celebration and became drunk in the progress. While sleeping in a drunken state, Elen is carried by Tigre with his piggy back while touching Tigre's face and sleep talking about something.

Feud with Roland and Navarre KnightsEdit

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Roland meet elen

Elen met Roland in the battle.

In a first battle against Roland and the Navarre Knights, Elen led the Silver Meteor Army in Orange Plains. When Roland outmatched the Silver Meteor Army, Elen fought against Roland by herself while commanded Lim to control the rear. However, Roland's amazing strength was proven too much for Elen. Still, Elen and Roland clashed in numerous rounds until Arifar resonating an ominous and intimidating atmosphere from Roland and his Durandal. When her cavalry soldiers stepped in for their rescue, Elen told them to stop but one moment too late as she helplessly watched Roland decapitating her cavalry soldiers without inflicting any injuries. Just as she was and about to be killed, Elen was rescued by Tigre's arrow shot and escaped via Tigre's horse. Before she could thank Tigre for the rescue, Elen was horrified to see Tigre bleeding from his severe injuries from the Durandal slash, as she tried to hold Tigre's body while riding the horse and escape. To make matter worse, the Navarre Knights were chasing behind them and threw their javelins at Tigre's horse, causing both Elen and Tigre fell onto the ground. Surrounded, both Elen and Tigre were in a sitting duck situation until Sofy's light barrier made it's narrow rescue. While thanked Sofy for her narrow rescue, both Elen and Tigre fled away with their horse while Sofy bought some time to stall the Navarre Knight's chase.

With Tigre's severe injuries, the Silver Meteor Army were demoralized with its soldiers either being routed by the Navarre Knights or escaped from the battle. Despite the army's position, Elen and Lim managed to recuperate the remnant soldiers and the Silver Meteor Army began their retreat. While dealing with the army's first defeat, while frustrating about her encounter with Roland, Elen was also worrying about Tigre who was now lying in the emergency ward. She was visited by Mashas Rodant and the returning Sofy and Hughes. As Lim suggested to take on Roland's and the Navarre Knights once again, Elen immediately forbid anyone to do something rash as she wouldn't let anyone suffered the same fate as her former soldiers who were decapitated by Roland. Seeing the skeleton crew of surviving Silver Meteor Army, Elen could only sigh in guilt as she made Tigre suffered the injuries for her. While visit to Tigre's ward, Elen received dissed from Bertrand. Thanks to Titta however, Elen was saved and allowed to visit Tigre. In her visit, Elen promised Tigre that she will be victorious against Roland while hoping Tigre that he will get up soon.

Roland vs Elen 2

Elen fought Roland again (manga).

Elen led a reformed Silver Meteor Army into another battle against Roland and the Navarre Knights. This time, she had Sofy joined her and well prepared with Hughes's mud trap. The mud trap may have immobilized the Navarre Knights and raise the Silver Meteor Army's morale, yet it still didn't stop Roland to kill more soldiers while confronting the Vanadis. Elen briefly fought against Roland and lured him to a place where secluded from the Orange Plains. When Roland asked for Tigre's whereabouts, the Vanadis instead challenged Roland in a duel on Tigre's behalf. Despite their teamwork however, both Vanadis still outmatched by Roland's immense power and while they were on a verge of defeat, the Vanadis were saved by now recovered Tigre in a nick a time. During Roland and Tigre's conversation, Elen told the Black Knight that they will return to Zhcted once the score was settle between. She also intended to invited their cause against their common foe, but Roland refused due to he,

While seeing Roland raised Durandal with both of his arms to face Tigre's archery, Elen saw Tigre still suffering his previous injury, urging him not to die alone. With the combination of Sofy, Tigre and her power, an immense arrow shot seemly put him down. While appeared to be unharmed from their combined powers, Roland instead surrendered when his arms were stunned over their powers. The battle was resulted Tigre victory and as he has collapsed, both Vanadis immediately retrieved him. In the aftermath of Roland's surrender, Elen would drag Tigre from his camp and have him sleep on her lap while seeing Tigre would see Tigre's sleeping face (while healing from the battle against Roland). During Tigre nap, Elen heard Sofy request to get her "share" upon Tigre, which Elen stubbornly refuse to share Tigre with her.

Rescuing Sasha and Bitter Reunion with LizaEdit

Elen hears news

Elen receiving a message from Sasha.

After the war with Roland, Elen received a emergency letter from Legnica and she wasn't happy about it. During her horse ride with Tigre, Elen told him that she needed to leave the Silver Meteor Army for Sasha, whose territory was under attack by Liza and Lebus Army, but she was also hesitant to leave the Silver Meteor Army due to Tigre's importance to her. Surprisingly, Tigre allowed her to go since she cared her friend so much, much to Elen's delight. Before they departure for Legnica, Elen told Tigre than she would be back after her business in Legnica. Unbeknownst to herself however,Roland was executed by Ganelon.

During their journey to Legnica, Elen and Leitmeritz Army were on their way to Legnica, and took a half-koku break Lim due to the strong wind. While worrying about Tigre, Elen remained optimistic and told her army to move in a fast pace while silently promises Tigre that she will be back for him.

War Against Liza In BoroszloEdit

Main article: Battle of Boroszlo

At Boroszlo Plains, Elen was commanding the Leitmeritz-Legnica Coalition Army to confront Liza and Lebus Army. Despite Lim's constant worries over Elen while wishing to help her in the battle, Elen informed her adjutant that only a Vanadis could defeat another Vanadis so she had to fight against Liza alone.

While both Vanadis trading insults and powers, Elen was initially overpowered by Liza's ungodly strength, prompting her to ask Liza where she got it. Liza however did not answered her question while taunting Elen's confidence.
Wind vs thunder

Elen and Liza fought with their powers

. Nevertheless, Elen stood up and both Vanadis used their Veda against themselves, which resulted Liza's second defeat as Arifar's powers pushed her off. Although Liza immediately admitted defeat, Elen told Liza that the battle was not over until Liza's reminded Elen about an important business she must attend, much to her confusion. Liza firstly informed Elen that Thenardier and Ganelon were already made their moves but Ganelon Army went on ahead and she wasn't sure who would be Ganelon's target.[10] To add Elen's suspense, she also learned that Muozinel has began their invasion towards Brune and even she was slain, her troops would not easily to be beaten. To rid Elen's suspicions, Liza informed Elen that she will perform a truce via a written pledge: she will withdraw her troops from Legnica while forming a renegotiation with Sasha in subjugating the pirates and a nonaggression reconciliation between two states for a year. Even though she was still dubious regarding Liza's Liza's claims, Elen reluctantly agreed the truce before adding one more condition: Liza must apologize to Sasha and return her land, further warned the Thunder Vanadis that she would never forgive her if she (Liza) doing anymore harm. Liza nonchalantly agreed and both Vanadis withdrew their troops.

In the battle aftermath, Elen told Legnica Army to send her regards to Sasha while hasten her army back to Brune for Tigre and the Silver Meteor Army. Unbeknownst to her however, Tigre was leading the Silver Meteor Army and narrowly repelling their massive foe with Mila's and Brune's reinforcement's assistance.

Encounter with Regin the Brunish Lost PrincessEdit

Prior her return to the Orange Plains, Elen was surprisingly saw Mila holding Tigre and both Vanadis argued each other. To add fuel to fire, Mila asked a confused Tigre to call her casual name, much to Elen's dismay and fought with Mila. When both Vanadis entered to find Tigre, she was even without realizing the girl she scorned was actually a surviving Regin Ester Loire Bastien do Charles.

Even after listening to her story, Elen still skeptical about helping Regin as she deemed that if either Thenardier or Ganelon ever knew about her survival, they would definitely going to kill her and also put the entire Silver Meteor Army in extreme jeopardy. Nevertheless, under TIgre's decision, Elen and the Silver Meteor Army's generals decided to help Regin to regain her family power.

TIgre Elen Lying down

Tigre and Elen in the Ormea's grassland.

The next day after her meeting, Elen was infuriated to see Mila asking a tired Tigre for a tea and pulled him away. When Mila stopped her from doing so, Elen argued with Mila about Tigre until a soldier came by and asked Mila to check the supplies. Just as Mila left, Elen took Tigre to a nearby grassland while having a small picnic together. When Tigre apologized to her about her fallen soldiers in the battle against Muozinel Army, Elen instead called him to lie down on the ground and watch the stary night.

The Unlikely Alliance Between Silver Flash and Frozen WaveEdit

Vorn-Thenardier CampaignEdit

Uneasy Alliance with LudmilaEdit

Main article: Vorn-Thenardier Campaign

The next day, Elen thanked Mila for helping Tigre to repel Muozinel Army with her absence. While she tell Mila to muster her troops and leave for Zhcted, Elen was displeased to heard from Mila that she was sent under Viktor's orders. Due to this, Elen reluctantly cooperated with Mila while helping Tigre and Regin to battle against Thenardier and finding Saint-Groel for clues about the princess's royal birthright.

Battle of VincennesEdit

Despite her shock after hearing the fire Artishem which led to Ganelon's escape, Elen, like others, decided to make haste to Lutetia as fast as possible.

Adventures in Saint-GroelEdit

Main article: Saint-Groel Incident
Elen vs Thenardier

Elen vs Thenardier in Saint-Groel.

Upon their arrival however, Elen was shocked to see Thenardier and his 20 men had outraced them by using another route for the Holly Grotto. As the battle ensues in both sides where Steid was ordered to kill both Tigre and Regin, Elen dispatched Rurick to protect the archer and the princess while she fighting against Thenardier alone. Even battled against the Duke with her might and Arifar's power, Thenardier remained unscratched due to his incredible strength and durability despite his inflexibility, prompting Elen to think he was a tough and skillful opponent.[11] Impressed over such skill from a girl before 20's, Thenardier praised over her skill but Elen replied sarcastically over his journey to the cavern in in his middle age. Nonetheless, Thenardier calmly told the Silver Flash Vanadis he would anticipating the princess's death.

As both forces fought on, a sudden earthquake shaken the entire Saint-Groel and both sides had to retreat form the falling cavern. During their escape, Elen tried to reach for Tigre but her path was blocked by the debris. Having escaped from the falling caverns with her fellow survivors (Regin, Rurick and an unnamed Zhcted soldier), Elen told Rurick to gather all Silver Meteor Army troops and begin their march for Artishem as fast as possible. When Regin asked what would they do if they reach Artishem, Elen told the princess that they would going for Saint-Groel again, with high hopes that Tigre will survive his ordeal.

Elen crying

Elen cried in relief over Tigre's survival

While on their way for the Holly-Grotto, both Elen and Regin saw a huge beam of black light appeared from afar, prompting the Silver Flash Vanadis's relief over Tigre's survival while hasten her horse for Artishem. Arriving to a ruined Artishem, where most buildings were burned and residents were sobbing over their former home, Elen saw a crater and immediately rushed for Tigre who was lying unconscious. Even with his weaken voice, Elen was relief over his miraculous survival as she cried with joy but unfortunately, she also saw a deceased Bertrand as she remarking his selfless sacrifice for Tigre's safety. With the help of the Silver Meteor Army soldiers, Elen manages to grab both Tigre and Bertrand's body from the crater.

On the evening, Elen attended the meeting in a tent and told everyone about what happened in Saint-Groel while worrying about Tigre's well being. At night, Elen visited Tigre's tent and consulting the archer, who was still saddened over his late father-figured adjutant. During the consultation, Elen asked Tigre about their next move but Tigre decided to think about it for a next day.

Final Battle Against ThenardierEdit

Main article: Battle of Mereville

On the next day, Badouin visited the Silver Meteor Army in order to find out Tigre's true intent since his declaration over Tigre's "treason". As Tigre told the Prime Minister that he would be leaving for Zhcted after the Civil War, Elen was delighted to hear it.

Post Brune Civil WarEdit

Within the civil war's aftermath, peace and tranquility returned to Brune after Princess Regin is now enthroned as the heir of the throne, the Silver Wind Vanadis would maintain her friendship towards as both Brune and Zhcted.

Six Months LaterEdit

Six month has passed since the truce between Zhcted and Brune, Elen visited Tigre again in Alsace under Viktor's orders. When Tigre left for Asvarre for his mission, Elen prayed for his safe journey.

Tigre's Disappearance And Aid To Assist SashaEdit

While she awaiting for Tigre's return, Elen was horrified to learn Tigre's disappearance that prompted her to blame herself for letting Tigre go to Asvarre in the first place. Still stunned over her lost to Tigre, Elen called for a drink to calm herself down but immediately stopped by Lim who reminded her as daytime. Unable to get the grip, Elen was devastated and distraught about the news about Tigre and she would have to think about Titta; much to her unease inside her heart as despite both Vanadis and her knight harbored some feelings towards Tigre, it was Titta who is concern the most out of all Tigre closest allies. Reluctantly, Elen would had to comply to observe the situation longer and keep the incident hidden between them. Days flew by and the incident has deeply sadden Elen for the first time that she didn't realized that the meal has turned cold, with her realization that her depression and unease become more apparent yet she couldn't herself as Tigre's disappearance had kept in her head all times.

As if the situation isn't worse enough, Elen received a request letter from Leginas and this time from Sasha's physician. While reading the context in confusion, Elen learned the pirates were sailing towards Zhcted for their invasion and, without her knowledge, Sasha recovered from her illness and participated a campaign to repel the invading enemies. Despite the "good news" however, Elen would found Sasha's "recovery" dubious as she thought that the Fire Vanadis was too ill to move, but she began to worry if the letter context was relevant to Tigre's disappearance. With dilemma still in her state-of-mind, Elen tells Lim that she will charge to Lippner despite Lim's concerns about her own breakdown. Even with Lim's rhetorical theory, Elen stubbornly tell her bodyguard that she is insist going to Lippner, yet she smiled in confidence to Lim that she will be fine. While riding her horse, Elen immediately make haste to north and hoping Sasha will hold much longer for her aid.

After her four days journey from Leitmeritz to Legnica, Elen finally arrived to Port Lipper.

Fire Vanadis DeathEdit


Elen cried after Sasha's passing.

After a long journey to Port Lipper, Elen was welcomed by Dmitry, the Mayor of the Port Lippner, and invited for a stay inside mansion. As she showed the reinforcement letter to Dmitry, Elen was shocked to see Dmitry forbids her to help Sasha. Moreover, the fact from Dmitry that Sasha's recent ally, Liza is joined into the battle has prompts Elen more dedicated to enter the battlefield in all cost. Despite her dedication to help her friend, Dmitry's rhetorical words calmed Elen down and she apologized to Dmitry for losing her composure. With Dmitry's composed yet sensible words to remind that it was Sasha's sole fight, Elen could only stay in the mansion and prayed Sasha's for her safety.

The news about Sasha's victory over Torbalan immediately prompted Elen make haste for Legnica. While Sasha was on her sick bed, Elen visited Sasha and both talked each other. During their conversation, Sasha advised Elen with two important advice: compromise to other Vanadis and find her partner in life before and her wish to bare a child before drew her last breath. With her weapons vanished in thin air, Sasha was pronounced dead and Elen could only remained silent. Saddened by the her best friend's passing, Elen decided to keep the late Vanadis's promise while return with to Leitmeritz. Prior her return from Leginas, Elen saw Sofy in the capital and relieved for the Light Vanadis safety from the previous war in Asvarre. Whilst receiving Tigre's gift from Asvarre by Sofy, she also see Sofy write her mourn letter as her own condolences for Sasha's passing.

Urs of ZhctedEdit

Uneasy Alliance and Tearful ReunionEdit


Elen decided to fight Liza for Tigre.

Elen was summoned by Victor to stop Ilda Kurtis (Eugene's brother in law or Viktor's nephew) from attacking Eugene. While suspected the entire affair to be dubious, Elen carried out her mission by mustering Rurick and a 1,000 strong army with her. Prior In her journey, Elen met Liza and her army in the woods. They trade hostile glare until Liza introduced her underling Urz to Elen. However, a familiar look has prompted Elen to take a deep gaze, while ignored Liza's discomfort, and realized Tigre survived the previous ambush. Unfortunately, Elen was shocked to see Tigre has forgotten about her and was pushed back by Liza for "confusing" him. Dubious over Liza's claims, Elen was integrating Liza about her relationship with Tigre yet find Liza denied any about Tigre's name. Elen then persuades Liza that Urs was actually Tigre's late father name, caused Liza into uncharacteristic shock. Her conversation was then interrupted by an agitated Rurick, who tried to convince Tigre to remember everyone he knew. Rurick voice finally gotten Tigre's attention but also causing the Rainbow-Eyed Vanadis snapped and glared at Rurick. Elen urged Rurick to step down whilst she demanded Liza to return Tigre but Liza refused to hand Tigre to her. With neither of both Vanadis back down due to Tigre's indispensable position, both Elen and Liza drew their weapons and engaging their battle for Tigre. Their battle however came short as Tigre intervened and apologized for unable to recognize her and stopped her from "bullying" Liza. Despite her heartbroken response, Elen laid down Arifar and reluctantly apologized to Liza for mistook him as a "wrong person".

Returning to LeitMeritz Army’s camp, Elen kept thinking about a previous incident and Tigre's apology as his protection for Liza. Nevertheless, she remained optimistic to focus her own mission. At the same time, she also told Rurick that she knew that Urs was in fact Tigre, but she had to swallow her own feeling by claiming there were no solid evidence about his identity. Despite Rurick's more questions about her actions, Elen's only answer was that Liza's stubbornness and odd attachment towards Tigre were her reasons to held back, and should they ever insisted on taking Tigre by force Liza would definitely retaliate which not only further straining their already broken relationship, it would also involving Legnica as well. When Rurick suddenly suggest to report this to the royal court since they should know the news about Tigre's survival, Elen angrily tell Rurick that such "reckless" move, sending a wrong person back to Brune, would definitely ignited a war between Zhcted and Brune. After finally calmed down, Elen would tell Rurick that now they have to focus on persuasion of both princes instead of Tigre due to her lack of persuasive power while have Rurick dismiss from her tent. While left alone, the Silver Wind Vanadis could only spaced out with emptiness.

After one-koku break, armies from respective side eventually have a war-council in preventing Ilda's attack onto Eugene with Liza and Tigre represented Lebus while Elen and Rurick represented Leitmeritz. As Liza began to state fact "truth" about Eugene attempted assassination to Ilda, Elen attempted to protect her mentor's innocence and the meeting almost turned violent. However, both Vanadises's argument were halt by both Tigre and Rurick as each told them that they had to focus their mission than fighting among themselves. Liza continued her discussion by visiting Ilda first since she has connection to each other, much to Elen's surprise. The meeting proceed with Liza's briefing about Ilda and she began to pity him, for an honest prince like him to wage war against Eugene. She is then suggested to find Ilda before he made their moves but remained silent since his plan for the attack remained vague; moreover, the difficult mountain terrain and weather was also making their attack difficult, so Liza was objected the idea. That was until Tigre voiced his suggestion which surprised both Vanadis. Listened to Tigre's idea seemly intrigued her as she further asks Tigre about the strategy, which he stated that the enemy troops would use sled to pass the thick snow, which was seemly easier for their ambush. Both Elen and Rurick were shocked to learned that Tigre had to worked as a stableman is Lebus, before they began speechless as Liza ask her about the shock. With the plan commenced, Elen would go to Pardu for Eugene while Liza going to Bydgauche, Elen's could only follow from behind.

Reunion and Consultation with Former MentorEdit

While Ilda case was settled, Elen and her 30 horsemen left for Litomyšl to visit Eugene. While felt nostalgic about the place she visited, Elen then went to Earl of Pardu's mansion. She is then warmly welcomed by Eugene's wife and daughter before meeting the Earl himself. When both Elen and Eugene went into his office and discussed about the conflict between him and Ilda, Elen was shocked to learned Eugene's ascension as Zhcted's next heir and congratulated him, before she is told to keep it as a secret from anyone, including his family. Elen then asked Eugene about the reason behind Ilda's hostility towards her former mentor, which Eugene claimed that he didn't know.

Unable to find answer, Elen instead requested to leave the sword fighting training to her, which Eugene agreed. In the same time, she also asked by Eugene about her recent troubles which she didn't openly admits, before she was given a golden advice from Eugene for not to overdone something personal since she was still young, which Elen took it in heart. On the next day, Elen bid farewell to Eugene and depart Litomyšl for Leitmeritz.

Visit Lebus and Rescuing TigreEdit

Returned to Leitmeritz, Elen was greeted and congratulated by Lim over her successfully prevented the war between two crown princes. Elen then explained that she found Tigre was still alive, much to Lim's shock. Elen explained everything during her latest encounter, but Lim remained unconvinced even with her excitement and fear about the news. Elen then told Lim that she would be dispatched to Lebus in order to that Urz as Tigre and decided to have her to see him, since she can't send Rurick due to his emotion got the better of his judgement. Their conversation was cut short when her maid informed them about Mashas's arrival in Leitmeritz. Elen and Lim would treat Marthus with full courtesy and they remained silent until Mashas asked any news about Tigre. Unable to bear the pressure, Elen bowed in apology about Tigre' missing and told Mashas that they will search for him. When the trio embarked their journey to Lebus in order to find Tigre, Elen would hope that their mission would be success and did not lost hope to ensure Tigre's return for her.

Role in Rescuing Tigre and Liza Edit

Several days later, Elen was delighted to received the news from Lim that she found Tigre in Lebus. Knowing that her hunch was right and happy to see Tigre was alive, Elen quickly rode her horse and departing Leitmeritz for Lebus.[12] Prior Lebus Army's (which also includes Mashas and Lim) struggles against Baba Yaga's Clod Army, Elen made a timely rescue by using Ley Adimos to decimate the entire Clod Army. Just as Elen made her briefing with the surviving Lebus Army, she also briefly fought against Vodyanoy where she cut his tongue and his right foot, only to be shocked when the frog demon non-nonchalantly reattached his severed body parts and healed quickly. Her battle against Vodyanoy eventually led to her discovery of Urs (Tigre) and Liza where they seen drooping from midair before landing on the caverns ground.

Battle Against Kazakov and Reconciliation with LizaEdit

Even after the battle against Baba Yaga, Elen remained infuriated as she saw Tigre talked with Liza with a friendlier manner. Whilst confronting Liza-whom she assumed "mistreated" Tigre prior two months, Elen instead listened to Liza's denial as she claimed that she treated Urs instead of Tigre; further she also claimed that "Urs" had gone for his "vacation". At the same time, she also witnessed Liza's right arm remained numbed despite the curse was lifted-which is resulted by the death of Baba Yaga, garnering her sympathy and even remark the price for requesting such power. While relieved that the battle was over, Elen also heard Lim's worries over Tigre being the demons target and Brune's demand for Tigre's return. Nevertheless, Elen reassured Tigre that she and her fellow Vanadises will investigate the demons and their intentions.

Elen also heard the news about Kazakov's arrival towards Lebus for both Tigre and Liza and since Tigre has volunteered to fight against Kazakov for Liza, Elen, along with Lim and Mashas, also followed Tigre to help Liza to fight against the Duke out of her sympathy over Liza's numbed right arm and her own gratitude for Liza's care for Tigre. Prior the peak of the battle, Elen confronted Kazakov in a fields of Birche Lakeside and challenged him into a duel where Elen emerged victorious via decapitation, resulting Lebus Army's victory. At the same time, Elen finally compromised and reconciled with Liza.

Sun FestivalEdit

Several months later, Elen participated the Sun Festival in Celesta Imperial Palace while calling Tigre to come along with her. Together with Lim, Titta and Tigre, Elen reunited with the first two Vanadises, Mila and Sofy in their respective guest rooms. While on their way to meet Olga in her room, Elen also reunited with Liza whose right arm was recovering but she too was annoyed over Liza's friendliness with Tigre. Just as Tigre and his group visited Olga in her guest room, Elen and the girls were shocked to hear Olga's wedding proposal to Tigre and began to view her as a love rival.

In banquet hall, Elen and the group also met Ilda and Eugene while witnessing Viktor's announcement of Eugene enthronement as Zhcted's next king. During the banquet, while seeing Tigre was discussing with Valentina and other nobles, Elen chatted with Sofy about her "gratitude" to Tigre.

File:TIgre and six Vanadis.png

At one night after the banquet, Elen and the Vanadises were discussing about their encounter with the demons and concluded that all demons wanted Tigre and the Black Bow. Still thinking about Sasha's passing, Elen was folding her arms while staring at the fireplace before she was called out by Tigre. During the discussion, Elen and the Vanadises also learned Tigre's mother, a daughter of Brune Royal Gardener whom Mila presumably connected to the Black Bow and its power. Among of all six Vanadises however, only Valentina remained skeptical upon their plan as she stated that Tigre would not return to Zhcted instantly, arousing Elen's early suspicions towards her [13]. Whilst seeing Valentina dismissed herself from the discussion, Elen, who still dubious to the Void Vanadis, warned Tigre not to trust Valentina easily but Tigre and Olga claimed that Valentina didn't looked threatening.

Tigre's Homecoming to BruneEdit

Moonlight Knights:Silver Meteor Army's Rebirth IncarnationEdit

After gathering her troops in Leitmeritz, Elen and Leitmeritz Army were following Tigre back to Brune where they firstly reached Alsace. At the same time, Elen and others participating a modest feast until nightfall.

Moonlight Knights vs Klugel ArmyEdit

Main article: Second Battle of Plainville

Along with Tigre and others, Elen was among of many former Silver Meteor Army generals to establish the Moonlight Knights, the revived incarnation of the the Silver Meteor Army, in repelling Sachstein Army from Brune. On the next day, the Moonlight Knights began their engagement against Sachstein Army where it was divided in three small group, with Elen and the Leitmeritz Army were functioned as the army's Right Wing. In the initial battle, Sachstein Army's archers fired bolts to the Right Wing but their bolts were deflected by Elen's wind barrier, prompting the Right Wing immediately retaliated by firing two volleys of arrows towards the Sachstein Army. Despite the earlier momentum favored the Right Wing, both Elen and Lim were still worried over the enemy's trap after seeing the defense mechanism from afar as well the demon's presence within the enemy ranks, which forced Elen to refrain herself from using Arifar's Vedas. At the peak of the first battle, Elen saw all Moonlight Knights units were retreating from the battlefield but she instead told Lim that she will going all out to defeat all 5,000 Hans's led soldiers, although the later changed her mind after seeing their disadvantages

In the camp, Elen was among of six generals to participating the War Council where she told Tigre that the Sachstein Army was so formidable that the army would not continue their battle if the Sachstein Army would not get out from Hill Fort. While the generals were planning their next tactics, Elen was called by Rurick for over something important where she excused herself to the other five generals.

After the battle, Elen and the rest of the Moonlight Knights's soldiers return to Nice for their next preparation to repel Sachstein Army's remaining invasion unit.

Melisande's Uprising in NiceEdit

In one night in Nice, Elen and Lim were awoken by the commotion and joined Tigre and his allies to save Regin from Melisande's coup. In a skirmishes between both Melisande Faction and Regin Faction, Elen fought against Melisande Faction by helping Tigre and Regin's bodyguards to defeat the Brunish rebels, gradually demoralized Melisande Faction's until Melisande's own death from her fall, which resulted a broken neck and a stab-wound to her chest. With Melisande's death and multiple arrest of her former associates, the uprising was finally quelled within one night.

In a wake of an aftermath, Elen and others were holding an emergency meeting to quell Sachstein Army's remaining invasion unit. During the meeting, everyone was shocked to hear that Sachstein Calvary Army, which was led by Leonhardt the Blitz, managed to slipped through the Navarre Knights and defeated Brune Army five times in a row, consequently resulting the collapse of Brune Army's Western Defense division;moreover, the village and town Sachstein Army were destroyed and their supplies were plundered to further demoralize and humiliate Brune Army, prompted Elen to assume that Sachstein Calvary Army were replenish their supplies from the war. Like others, Elen was displeased to Valentina's plot to poison a river just to demoralize Sachstein Calvary Army disregarding other peoples who resided the riverside.

After the meeting where only Tigre and herself stayed behind, Elen was sad to hear Tigre's decision to stay in Brune and work as one of Royal Palace's staff, prompts her to think their final campaign against Sachstein could be their last cooperation. To her surprise and relief however, Tigre promised Elen that he will rush for her aid whether he is in Brune or Zhcted alike. The two then discussed and recalled their rise as their kingdom's respective territory's leader as Elen revealed he past as one of Silver Gale Mercenaries and its late leader Vissarion, whose dream was to establish an ideal kingdom.

Moonlight Knights vs Schmidt ArmyEdit

Main article: Battle of Prowirl

Separation from Moonlight Knights Edit

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Vorn-Greast ConflictEdit

As Greast's PrisonerEdit


Elen as Greast's prisoner

Upon the Moonlight Knights' return to the Nice, Elen and her fellow comrades were under attacked by Greast and his army. Due to the dreadful combination of Brune's poisoned rivers and Greast Army's overwhelming force, the Moonlight Knights suffered its first defeat where most of its allies flee away and even Elen is overwhelmed by the enemy army despite her best efforts.

After being separated from the Moonlight Knights, Elen was taken to Greast Army's prison tent where she is imprisoned via a magical chain, the same chain that protected the dragons during her battle in Vincennes Plains. Inside her prison tent, Elen confronts Greast who perform a sexual harassment towards her via groping and licking despite her protest. When he discovers that Elen is a virgin however, Greast become even more morbidly excited as he anticipated to break her in further and rape her in front of Tigre if he is still alive.

Rescued by Tigre and MilaEdit

Having enduring Greast's torment for ten days, Elen is relief to see Tigre and Mila.

Revenge at Montour PlainsEdit

Romance With TigreEdit

(To be added....)

Muozinel Second InvasionEdit

In the following day, Elen follows the Moonlight Knights' return to Nice and under a critical request from Regin, she also participating the newly reformed Brune Army (under Tigre's leadership) in defending Nice from the invading Muozinel Army.

Return to ZhctedEdit

Zhcted Civil WarEdit

Showdown with Figneria at Boroszlo PlainsEdit

Vol.16-LN-Elen vs Fine

Elen battling against Fine.

As the civil war escalates, 5 Vanadises had to split into four direction and bring peace back to Zhcted. On Elen's side, she muster her army to fight against Fine who also leads her army. The two armies clash at Boroszlo Plains where Elen is constantly taunted by Fine throughout their entire duel. In spite her best effort, Elen is barely match against Fine but just as the latter could even deliver her final blow, Elen is rescued by Lim who sacrificing her horse to protect Elen from harm's way. Despite their teamwork, both Elen and Lim are unable to even scratch Fine and the Wind Vanadis is helplessly watches Lim is burned by one of the Bargren, though Lim miraculously survive her ordea. The harrowing duel however continues even when Legnica Army's morale is crippling due to reinforcements from Liza and Lebus Army, where Elen narrowly wins by fatally injuring Fine by cutting her shoulder to her torso.

Tir Na Fal's DescentEdit

The following day since the purple sky incident, situation doesn't bode well for both Leitmeritz Army and Lebus Army as not only the combat medics fails to find any symptoms of the soldiers, their sickness worsen as the first 100 Leitmeritz Army's soldiers to vomit, forcing Elen and Liza to command their army to camp elsewhere while postponing their trip to Silesia. During their break, Elen is visited by Liza and Olga over Lim's burning condition as well as her dream about a mysterious place named Zagan. While she and her fellow Vanadis are listening to Lim's description about the place via her dream of seeing the shadows of Sasha and Fine, the possible hunch Elen has is Tigre might be in danger.

Formation of Black Dragon ArmyEdit

First Battle Without ArifarEdit

Battle of ZamberkEdit

Tigrevurmud, the King of Zhcted and BruneEdit

3 years laterEdit


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