Eleonora's Mourning Letter is a letter that is written by Elen of Leitmeritz as her personal condolences to Legnica's resident after their late Vanadis, Alexandra Alshavin, passed away due to her deteriorating health after the Battle of Olsina Sea.[1]


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In having reached such a day, I cannot help but feel sad and angry. I express my condolences to the people of Legnica. Please, let me share your deep sadness. Despite the fact that my relationship with her is an age of only a little less than three years, she was a friend whose trust exceeded the social status, and she was also a comrade in arms. She was also the way how a Vanadis should be. She taught it to me, and she herself had not done anything which ran counter to it. I was saved on countless occasions by her nature, and I prayed from the bottom of my heart that she could recover from her illness. The day when I met her for the last time, she was bright, calm and brave as usual. Even the time when she gave her last breath, I believe that it should have been so. She did not succumb to the illness, but ran through a colorful life exactly like a flame which pierces the heaven and intensely blazes as the Hidden Princess of the Luminous Flame. Though I cannot deny it was a short time, I do not think that she left regrets. Now, I once again pray to the gods. Give what true peace to the soul of Alexandra. Bring peace and tranquility to the land which she loved and the people living there.

—Elen's morning letter to Legnica after Sasha's Passing.


  • Elen wrote this letter once she returned to Leitmeritz despite she witness Sasha's passing directly on her final encounter with her.


  1. Light Novel Volume 8 Chapter Chapter 3

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