Dragons are the mystical creatures in the Madan no Ou to Vanadis series. According to most folklore, it is one of the powerful mystical creatures who has powerful elemental powers. They also live in secluded areas in Brune and Zhcted and are greatly feared and respected by both kingdoms.


Dragons are one of the most powerful beings in the land, and also one of many rare mystical creatures. Depending on the types and elements, they have variety of shapes and sizes, including their powers. Most of the dragons inhabited in remote areas in Europe and it was rarely seen by anyone even in the wild. Dragons do not like the smell of human (even for a tamed one), thus they seldom appeared in front of human eyes, or approaching to populated areas such as cities.

As most of the parts, most dragon were durable and even it's vulnerable parts (such as eyes) are too tough to be injured. Anything that attack upon them would immediately break the weapon and not even a powerful weapon could even harm it. Because of it, the materials itself was too difficult to process, ranging from nails and fangs to even its scales. The nails, fangs, scales, no matter what, were difficult to work. Blades would shatter, hammers would break. Even if heated for tens of days, these parts were remained unscratched.

Dragons and the Viralt (Dragonic Tools)Edit

Because of their tough durability, dragons were considered as materials for the Vanadises' Viralts (Dragonic Tools), which are considered as sacred, and were given to the first Vanadises by the Black Dragon King. Each of these weapons has their unique personality as well as elemental powers. Only Vanadises' Viralt, Tigre's Black Bow and Durandal (The Sword of Invincibility, that can match against the Viralts) can defeat the Dragons.

However, Tigre did manage to kill a young dragon (Earth Dragon) with various techniques and resources from the forest, although the dragon wasn't fully grown.


Dragon Element Description
Wyvern (Vyfal)
The arch-typical dragons that are described in most lore and legends in Zhcted and Brune. Have wings and a horns on its head, this flying dragon is the most common of all dragons. It can can fly in the skies almost in any height it wishes.
Earth Dragon (Suro)
The earth type dragon. Slightly larger than the Wyvern (Vyfal) but wingless, this type of dragon has the most destructive and brutal power that crush even the sturdiness walls. While its sheer size and power can be intimidating, the Earth Dragon (Suro) often hides inside its to protect itself from harm. However, their slow movement and relatively soft stomach make them vulnerable to Vanadis' Dragon Art attacks.
Fire Drake (Prani)
The gigantic fire type dragon. Described to be wingless, flabby figure and even has a hair, Fire Drake (Prani) breathes fire as its main ranged attacks against all enemies regardless how far the range is. It's main weakness is its throat.
Double Headed Dragon ( Gara Dova) Unknown The two-headed beast is the largest, strongest and fiercest dragons of them all. Like the Earth Dragons and Fire Drake, the Double Headed Dragon is a wingless dragon. It has astonishing strength that can easily crush anything in contact. Even if its one head is destroyed, it can still use another head to think and keep on fighting. Because of its extremely durable scales even to its head, it take two Vanadis's powers to inflict damage.
Sea Dragon ( Badvasea ) Water The water type dragon, it's described to have the size similar to a large battleship. Unlike most dragons, this dragon is an aquatic creature which lives usually in the seas and it mostly hunts at night. Aside from its fish-like scales, this creature is known for its loud shriek that destroy anything in its path.

Notable DragonsEdit



  • Almost all of the dragons in the series are named in a Slavic language.
  • Out of all dragons in the series, only Lunie is known to have a name.
  • Currently, only Drekavac is able to control and tame dragons since he has extensive knowledge about the dragons.