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Kana ダーマード
Romaji Damado
Personal Profile
Age 19 (Arc Two)[1]
20 (Arc Three)
Gender Male Male
Birth Place Muozinel
Occupation Muozinel Soldier
Position & Rank Assassin
Prisoner of War

Damad is a Muozinel soldier whose task was to assassinate (if he is still alive) Tigrevurmud Vorn under Kureys Shahim Balamir after hearing a rumor about the former's disappearance. He is also one of few people (aside from Liza and Mashas) who knows Urs's real identity.

Character InformationEdit




As a devoted soldier to Muozinel, Damad will do however he could to devote himself to both Kureys and his kingdom.


Damad was born into a poor family and he was the forth son of his family. He had a dream in serving Kureys Shahim Balamir as one of his aid.


Encounter with Urs Edit

Under Kureys's order, Damad sneaked into Lebus without anyone suspicions.

Departure for MuozinelEdit


Muozinel Second InvasionEdit

After Muozinel Army's successful subjugation on Nemetacum and its neighboring towns, Damad discussed with Kureys and other Muozinel Generals in following their advance where he plotting to navigate further west. Leading 2,000 cavalrymen under him, Damad and his Scout Army traveled in order to find more slaves while replenishing food rations along the way, only to see the trials of destroyed villages by Sachstein Army and Greast Army; additionally, rumors about the Moonlight Knights' defeat by Greast Army opted Damad to wonder if such rumor was a lie and decided to head north to see the army that defeated Tigre.

Upon his scout army's arrival in North however, he watched Greast Army's defeat from afar and ordered his men to capture the remnant defeated army as Muozinel Army's war slaves.

Siege of NiceEdit

Position as Prisoner of WarEdit

Tir Na Fal's DescentEdit

Main article: Tir Na Fal's Descent

Like Titta, Damad along with Gerard and Gaspar, has escapes from Silesia in order to find Tigre. In their search however the four are ambushed by a local bandits until Mila's and Sofya's rescue.

Involvement in Rescuing EugeneEdit

Main article: Eugene Rescue Mission

In Black Dragon Army's retaliation against Tina, Damad joins Tigre's quest in rescuing Eugene from his imprisonment.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Expert Assassination: Damad is skilled in assassination by killing four bandits with ease.

Expert Swordsmanship: Aside from his archery skill, Damad is expert in sword fighting against any foes he sees.




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