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Kana セルペット
Romaji Serupeto
Casual Name Celpet
Personal Profile
Age Unknown
Gender Male Male
Birth Place Brune
Status Alive
Position & Rank Baron

Celpet was a Baron who and also one of the nobles from the 'neutral faction' within Brune nobility during the Civil War. However, he allied with Melisande against Tigrevurmud Vorn and Regin. Celpet during Melisande's insurrection, tired to assassinate Tigre and while other members (supporters of Melisande) went on to assassinate Regin in order to assists Melisande's insurrection inside the Royal Capital.

Character InformationEdit


Celpet is seen as a man in his twenties.


Celpet, similar to many other nobles from Brune, had disliked Tigre since he was an archer.


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Role in Melisande's UprisingEdit

Main article: Melisande's Uprising

Like some Brune ministers and aristocrats, Celpet believed the rumor from Hans's former subordinate regarding Tigre's "treachery" against Brune as being Zhcted's "puppet general".[1] Upon Tigre's return to Nice along side with 50 other Moonlight Knights heroes, Celpet was one of many people to witness Tigre and Regin's meeting within the audience room Asvarre's Civil War and temporarily stops Sachstein's invasion in Plainville fields.

In the following night after the banquet, Celpet orchestrated Tigre's assassination by having 10 soldiers to kill Tigre in his sleep. The assassination plot however was foiled and Celpet was caught by Tigre, Gaspar and Rurick. When questioned by Tigre regarding his actions for trying to kill Tigre, Celpet accused Tigre for "betraying" Brune and proclaiming that his actions will "save" Brune, only to be criticized as coward by Gaspar and Rurick instead. Celpet rejected of having any other accomplices and also any knowledge regarding the plot of Princess Regin's assassination. He was tied up and left behind when Tigre and group went to meet with Mashas. Inevitably, like other Nice aristocrats who were involved in Melisande's uprising, Celpet was arrested and thrown into the underground prison.[2]



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