Aristocrat ProvinceEdit

Territory Name Lords Capital Location and Notes
Urs Vorn 
Tigrevrumud Vorn
North East
Mashas Rodant
Urbain Rodant
Northern Brune, Near Alsace
**Hughes Augre
South West Brune
Felix Aaron Thenardier 
Southern Brune
*Maximilian Bennusa Ganelon 
Artishem North West Brune

  •  : the character is deceased.
  •  *: the character's status is unknown. Hovering the symbol may give further details.
  •  : the character is non-canon.
  •  : the character is no longer part of this group. Hovering the symbol may give further details.
  • Characters in bold are the current lord of their respective territories.
  • Characters in italic are the former lords of their respective territories, either they are deceased or resigned.
  • (*) Ganelon escaped from Brune prior the peak of the Civil War.
  • (**) After Brune Civil War, Hughes was originally wanted to retire and bestowing his tittle to Gerard, who is currently Regin's Royal Secretary. Under the pressure from Badouin however he had to continue his service as Viscount instead.

Former ProvinceEdit

Territory Name Current Location Reason
Agnes Zhcted Due to Civil War, Agnes was entirely abandoned when Muozinel invading Brune via Agnes. While liberated by the Silver Meteor Army, Agnes was given to Zhcted by Brune as a treaty between both kingdoms.

Other LocationsEdit

(To be added...)

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