House VornEdit

Urs VornEdit

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Tigrevurmud VornEdit

Tigre and Bertrand Vol Vol9-MN-6-137jpg

Bertrand with young Tigre.

The second Earl of Alsace who and Urs's only son who Bertrand swore to protect and support. Due to his bond, Bertrand was viewed by Tigre as a mentor-figured friend. Throughout the events of Brune's brutal civil war, Bertrand often seen participating most Tigre's battles (except the second battle against Navarre Knights and Repelling Muozinel Army's invasion) alongside with the Silver Meteor Army, In their quest in Saint-Groel, Bertrand joined Tigre in his expedition team to find Regin's regal heritage and when an unknown earthquake struck the Holy Grotto, which forced everyone but Tigre and Steid to escape, only Bertrand rushed back to Tigre and sacrificed himself by receiving Steid's slash, leaving him to be heavily injured. In his dying state, Bertrand spoke his last words to Tigre how he was proud to serve both him and Urs. His death not only prompted Tigre to unleash the Black Arrow's inner power, but also vowing to avenge his fallen adjutant by slaying Thenardier.


A young housemaid of House Vorn who respected Bertrand. Like Tigre, Titta was sad to hear his death in Saint-Groel.


Mashas RodantEdit

Earl of Aude and also act as a fatherly figure after Urs passing to look after Tigre. Both Mashas and Bertrand shares their job together in raising Tigre and often visits Alsace to watch the youth progressed since he become Earl of Alsace. Bertrand's death also bring impact to Mashas who knew Bertrand more aside of Tigre and Titta.

Hughes AugreEdit

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Gerard AugreEdit

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Eleonora ViltariaEdit

Vanadis of Leitmeritz who was once an enemy of Tigre before his capture in the aftermath of Dinant Plains's battle. Later become allies during Alsace Rescue Mission. Elen hold a great respect for Bertrand ever since he's one of the most important figures to look after Tigre at any circumstances. His sacrifice for Tigre also brings impact to Elen that she even mentioned if he doesn't crossed the line to save Tigre from Steid, Tigre could be killed. She realize how huge Bertrand's sacrifice is considering he has far surpassed the border of life only for Tigre's sake and remained by his side until the end of his life while Elen was unable to do it.


One of Leitmeritz elite general and also Elen's trusted archer. Despite the ill relationship with Brune such as Gerard, Rurick was one of Zhcted that tolerate and respects Bertrand greatly because of what Bertrand did that always taking care of Tigre even when he learned about Tigre's death he feel devasatated over his best friend caretaker's death.

Rival and EnemiesEdit

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Notes Edit

  • During Brune Civil War, no one has ever try to object Bertrand's decision even the Vanadis (Mila and Elen) are unable to object Bertrand's decision to follow Tigre wherever he go.

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