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Bertrand anime pre

Kana バートラン
Romaji Bātoran
Casual Name Bertrand
Personal Profile
Age ???
Gender Male Male
Birth Place Alsace, Brune
Status Deceased
Occupation Vorn Family Aide (Former)
General of Silver Meteor Army (Former)
Position & Rank Tigre's right hand man (Former)
Silver Meteor Army Supreme Commander adjutant (Former)
Voice Actors
Japanese Seiyū Takayuki Sugō
English Voice Mark Stoddard[1]

Bertrand was Tigre's loyal attendant and caretaker. Serving under House Vorn for two generations, under both Urs and Tigre respectively, Bertrand's loyalty and tenacity was parallel to none. Prior to Brune's Civil War, Bertrand often gave his full support to Tigre in almost every campaign he participated in until he sacrificed himself to save Tigre from Steid's attack.

Character InformationEdit


Bertrand is an old yet strong man in his golden age. He appeared to be half-bald and also have a beard around his chin.


As a loyal aide of the House of Vorn, Bertrand would do anything to protect its legacy. Like his fellow Alsace residents, Bertrand's devotion to both Urs and Tigre were so high that he was willing to give his life away for their safety. Because of his loyalty to the Vorn Family, Bertrand became one of the most prominent allies to any of Tigre's friends and allies.

Bertrand is also a sociable person, whose words were both sweet and friendly, and he loved to hang out with his peers by playing games during leisure times.


Tigre and Bertrand Vol Vol9-MN-6-137jpg

Bertrand with the young Tigre.

Bertrand was a loyal attendant under Urs of Alsace for decades. When Urs passed away and Tigre has became the newest Earl of Alsace, Bertrand vowed to his late master that he will watch and protect Tigre by any means necessary. Since that day, Bertrand acted as the new Earl of Alsace's mentor figure along with Mashas.


Bertrand and peers

Bertrand and his peers before leaving Alsace

Bertrand joined Brune's 25,000-strong army to repel the invading Zhcted Army led by Eleonora Viltaria at Dinant Plains. At the camp, Bertrand and Tigre were mocked heavily by Zion Thenardier until Mashas came to intervene. Like Mashas and others, Bertrand narrowly survived the onslaught and he reported to Titta about Tigre's capture and a hefty ransom for his release.

Battle For Alsace Edit

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When a news about Zion Thenardier leading a 3000-strong army to Alsace, Mashas proposed his plan to save Alsace: While he would try and halt the advance of Ganelon's army, Bertrand would travel for Zhcted in order to find and tell Tigre on his behalf, while Titta stayed to assist Alsace's resident in their evacuation. Bertrand managed to reach Leitmeritz, but he was caught by Rurick and Leitmeritz soldiers, in order to convince that he's on Leitmeritz to meet Tigre, he asked them to bring Tigre over for evidence. To his relief, Bertrand saw Tigre was alive and so are Tigre to see Bertrand is also alive. However, their reunion was short-lived when Bertrand told the bad news to Tigre and gave Mashas's letter as proof, much to Tigre's shock and anger. While witnessing Elen's attempt to prevent him from leaving, Bertrand and everyone else present were shocked to see Tigre requesting the aid of Elen's troops to defend Alsace, which Elen agreed with Alsace as her compensation. Together with Tigre and his new ally, Bertrand rode his stead for Alsace.

Bertrand armored

Bertrand carrying Tigre's quiver full of arrow

Bertrand and Rurick made to Alsace just in time to avoid the Thenardier Army from destroying Alsace. Bertrand also took part in Tigre and Elen's battle at Molsheim Plains, where he was heavily geared with quivers, causing him to slightly complain about the burden of the equipment and of course making Elen also feel bad about Bertrand to keep Tigre supplied with arrows while unable to fight because of his gear full with quiver. Nevertheless, he was relieved when Tigre and Elen would be his cover during the battle. In the course of the battle, Bertrand also witnessed Tigre's victorious duel over Zion Thenardier.

Tigre's Insurgency Against Thenardier & GanelonEdit

The news about Zion's invasion upon Brune has spread throughout the land. Regardless, Bertrand remained loyal and joined Tigre's new army and his search for allies. Bertrand then followed Tigre and his new army for Belfort.

Tigre As Brune's Public EnemyEdit

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Despite Tigre was declared as "traitor" of Brune, Bertrand remained loyal to Tigre and followed him and the Silver Meteor Army. During his service in the Silver Meteor army, he joined almost every campaign and wars.[2]

When the Silver Meteor Army was forced to retreat, Bertrand was among the retreating soldiers who was worried over Tigre's severe injuries. Unbeknownst to Bertrand however, Tigre already left to the battlefield and help Elen and the Silver Meteor Army despite his injuries. Nevertheless, he was in relief to see his master safe and sound.

Role in Muozinel InvasionEdit

When the news about Muozinel Invasion towards Brune has came to the Silver Meteor Army's camp, Bertrand was tasked to bring Titta to Territoire with along with Mashas and Hughes. While lamenting over his aged body, Bertrand continued to accompany Titta until Tigre's victory over Muozinel Army and rendezvoused at Perche Fortress.

Incident in Saint-Groel and DeathEdit

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After battle of Vincennes, Tigre and Regin are planning to go on Saint-Groel which Bertrand also want to follow Tigre anywhere he go. Despite Tigre's worries, he knew Bertrand always want to follow him whenever Young Lord go including when Tigre will return to Zhcted as Prisoner of War, thus Tigre was unable to object Bertrand's decision.

Tigre's sorrow-MN-Ch46

Bertrand's death saddens Tigre.

During trip inside the Saint Groel however, Tigre and company confronted Thenardier and his twenty men (who outraced them by using the second route) and during the skirmish, Bertrand was tasked to defend Regin until the Holy Grotto was shaken by a tremor. Of all people who escaped the falling cavern however, only Bertrand rushed back to Tigre and save him from Steid prior to the cavern's collapse. In the aftershock, Bertrand was heavily injured and had to lie on the other side until Tigre attended beside him. In his dying state, Bertrand told Tigre about his past service under House Vorn and, as his last words to his lord, he was proud to see his growth and grateful to serve two benevolent lords (Urs and Tigre), before eventually succumbed to his injuries and passed away. Consequently, Bertrand's passing saddens Tigre and prompt the Black Bow to unleash a tremendous power that break through the Holy Grotto's ceiling, creating a larger hole that garnered both Artishem survivors and the incoming Sliver Meteor Army (barring Mashas and others).


Bertrand's death in the war has instantly angered Tigre as he sought revenge against Thenardier. His death also making Tigre able to shoot a full-powered Black Bow from Saint-Groel. His death also brings impact to Generals and Officers of Silver Meteor Army who knows about relationship between Tigre and Bertrand.

Power and AbilitiesEdit


  • Bertrand is the only character to not refer to Tigre with his name, instead he always calls him Young Lord.
  • When participating on the battlefield, Bertrand always brings many quivers to keep Tigre supplied with arrows.
  • Bertrand is the first person to knew every side of Tigre include his sleeping behavior that often make Alsace peers to become a laughingstock when he mentioned about it aside of Titta.
  • Before the banquet on Nice that will held ten days after battle of Mereville, Silver Meteor Army returned to Alsace only to attend Bertrand's burial as Tigre lead the funeral personally.
  • Bertrand currently is the only character that was able to surpass the border between Life and Death ever since Tigre's imprisonment on Leitmeritz until his death at Saint-Groel. His action later gains respect from Vanadis and other peers that knows Bertrand well.