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Battle of Montour
Part of Greast Arc

Alternate Title Revenge on Montour
Location Montour Plains, Brune
Side Moonlight Knights; Greast Army
Result Moonlight Knights Army's Decisive Victory
Greast's Death
Elen and Tigre profess their feelings towards each other
Media Duration
Light Novel Volumes LN Volume 13
Moonlight Knights Greast Army
Army Strength
Approximately around 16,000 10,000
Commanders and Leaders
Tigrevurmud Vorn (Supreme Commander)
Charon Anquetil Greast  Skull and crossbones.svg
Casualties and Losses
Minimum Heavy casualties.
  • Almost the entire army are massacred
  • Survivors are being sent to Nice for trial
Moonlight Knights' victory
Execution of Greast and Vernon
Moonlight Knights travel to Nice
Concurrent Event
Light Novel Chronology
Eleonora Rescue Mission ←Battle of Montour→ Tigre-Kureys Showdown

Battle of Montour is one of the many battles in Madan no Ou to Vanadis series, where Greast makes his final but failed attempt to defeat the Moonlight Knights and recapture Elen in Montour Plains. In the second battle, Greast's Army gets overwhelmed by the vindictive Leitmeritz Army who vow to avenge their Vanadis Eleonora against Greast's torture. Despite his escape, Greast eventually meets his demise when he is tormented by a fugitive noble named Denis. [1].


After their escape from Greast Army Camp, the trio of Tigre, Elen and Mila had to camp in the wilderness for a day in order to hide from their pursuers. Greast, whose left hand is being chopped off by Elen via Arifar, vowed to retake Elen by planning to defeat the Moonlight Knights at Montour. The next day, the trio then continue their way out from wilderness and, after seeing Muozinel Army's scout soldiers heading north, they are picked by Gaspar and 30 horsemen and return to the Moonlight Knights' camp.

Later that evening, nearly everyone (especially Lim, Titta and Mashas) are delighted to see Tigre and Elen safe return to the Moonlight Knights camp. During their dinner where Mashas and Lim explain their defeat to Mila, Tigre reveals he somewhat realized Greast Army's secret for "victory" and begin to talk about their strategy, which Mashas agrees despite his shock. As Mashas tells both Elen and Mila that they would need Valentina and Osterode Army (who stayed at Lutetia) for their assistance, the girls (Elen, Mila and Lim) are the first to disagree because their distrust towards Valentina due to her ambiguous motive. Either way, Mashas tells them to at least send a message to Lutetia about Elen's return to the Moonlight Knights, which the four (Tigre and the girls) reluctantly agrees.


Greast Army's AnnihilationEdit

Greast's Downfall, Defeat and DeathEdit

Even after witnessing his army's defeat, Greast still tries to capture Elen again until he receiving a report that his army's rear unit is attacked by the incoming Osterode Army. Believing his army will be exterminated even if they retaliate, Greast flees from Montour Plains alone, further escalating his army's downfall due to the disappearance of the commander where the Moonlight Knights Army mercilessly kills anyone in sight, even those who surrender.

After meeting Valentina and the Osterode Army who later lets him go as she receives the information about Ruslan in exchange, Greast eventually arrives at the Vernon's villa as his shelter to hide himself away from his enemy. As his escape attempt from Brune, he firstly tells Vernon that he will reward Earl Cotillard's former territory and Lutetia to him, though in reality he using the young Viscount as his cover so he can planning another plot to defeat the Vanadises again. With the plan seemly ensuring his survival, Greast go to sleep in his bedroom without knowing that Denis, Vernon's young brother, is heading to the mansion and kills him him.

Later, Greast finds himself tied in a chair at an unknown place and confronting Denis and his friends, whom he assumed went exile due to an unknown crime that led to his father's execution, which in truth was part of his plan to aid Vernon's rise as a feudal lord. Nonetheless, Greast asks Denis about Vernon but become (slightly) shocked when he sees the latter's decapitated head. Denis then begins the execution by having Greast to wear the Armor of Fire, the same armor that once tortured the former elder Viscount Laspede (Denis and Vernon's father) to death. Despite his initial resistance however, the pain from even burning armor greave is so excruciating that it wears Greast out few minutes later. By the time the execution is finally done, Greast is perished for good.


After the former's demise, Donny beheads Greast and rides off to the Moonlight Knights' camp to show the soldiers, including Tigre and Mashas, the two decapitated heads of Vernon and Greast. With Greast's death, Tigre is originally planning to execute all the remnants/survivors of the fallen Greast Armyt, only to change his mind after being

Later, the Moonlight Knights are going to Nice in order to rally up with the other Brune Knights include regrouping with those who flees after the river was poisoned by Greast earlier. Regin later appoint Tigre as Brune top General by promoting him as a Brune Supreme Commander and giving him authorization to command the whole Brune Knights to repel Muozinel Army that was closing in on Nice.


  • This is the first battle where the main battle purpose is to avenge the Vanadis Eleonora with an army (Leitmeritz Army).
  • Despite Greast being his army's strategist and main commander for this battle, his wicked tactics did little or no effect against the Leitmeritz Army as they obliterate almost all of Greast army in their vendetta. It is one and the biggest miscalculations for Greast who originally expects the Leitmeritz Army to be demoralized but instead finds them enraged.
    • Another fatal miscalculation Greast made is that he didn't expect to see Denis- who was originally aimed at Vernon's life after his two years long exile - coming for him to avenge his late father.



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