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Kana バルグレン
Romaji Baruguren
Nickname Twin Blades of Demon Slayer (Toki no Sojin)
(討鬼の双刃 )
Weapon Profile
Type Twin Daggers
Owner Vanadis of LegnicaAlexandra Alshavin (Former) → Figneria Alshavin (Former) → Limalisha (Former)
Kingdom Zhcted
Status Inactive

Bargren, Viralt of Fire element, is used by the Vanadis of Legnica.

Former user was Alexandra Alshavin (Sasha) before her passing, and the new user is Figneria Alshavin as her successor.


Bagren is in the form of twin swords. The blade is half fist longer than a dagger. Strange patterns are carved in, one is a golden blade and the other is a vermillion blade.


As a Viralt of fire-element, most of Bargren's power are based on fire. It easily makes a clean cut onto the enemy without leaving any traces behind.

Veda (Dragonic Arts)Edit

  • 陽炎 (オルトレスク)(Heat Haze (Orto Rex )) - Bargren quickly heats up the surrounding air to create a mirage effect, so that the enemy can't clearly see where the user's location.
  • 突火槍列(Collision Wall of Flaming Spear (Plum-Oak)) - By crossing the two blades, Bargren creates a series of fire spears that can pierce through and burn the enemy.
  • 双焔旋(Twin Flare Spin (Fran Roth)) - Two swirls of flames surround Bargren, and penetrate through the opponent's wound, burning them alive from inside.
  • 火の鳥 (フェニックス)(The Bird of Eternal Fire (Phoenix)) - Bargren's true potential power is to boost its user's strength, agility and endurance.


  • Alexandra Alshavin - The former Vanadis of Legnica was the user of Bargren, famed for her bravery and loyalty towards Zhcted, and despite her crippling health, her Viralt did not leave the Vanadis until her death.
  • Limalisha - The temporarily Vanadis who briefly yield the Bargren during her battle against Ganelon at Zagan alongside with her fellow Vanadis and Tigre.


  • According to the author, he decided to introduce this double blade weapon into the story after being inspired by the game "Monster Hunter".[1]