Augusto Benedikt von Rothschild Sachstein
Kana アウグスト=ベネディクト=フォン=ロートシルト=ザクスタン/font>
Romaji Augesuto Benedeikto Von Rodshirudo Zakusadan/font>
Casual Name Hans
Personal Profile
Age 42
Gender Male Male
Birth Place Sachstein
Status Alive
Occupation Sachstein Head Monarch

Augusto Benedikt von Rothschild Sachstein is the current king of Sachstein.

Character InformationEdit



Augusto is a stoic king appeared to be a king who rarely smile even after receiving good news of his son's birth, making him as a intimidating king in his kingdom. Behind his intimidating personality however lies tendencies for conquering more lands to expand Sachstein's lands, even if his actions might provoke other kingdoms such as Brune and Asvarre.



Role in Invasion towards BruneEdit


  • Ludmila mentioned about King Augusto's invasion to Muozinel 10 years ago (on Brune Civil War Period) by sending over a thousand ships to assault Muozinel only to be intercepted and crushed by Kureys and 200 Ships.


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