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Asvarre Royalty Massacre
Part of Asvarre Civil War Arc

Location Colchester, Asvarre
Side Germaine Faction; Six Royal Siblings Including (Second Prince Eliot and Princess Guinevere)
Result Only Eliot and Guinevere survive Germiane's execution order
Prince Eliot waged war against Prince Germaine
Begining of Asvarre Civil War
Guinevere goes into hiding
Media Duration
Light Novel Volumes LN Volume 6
Light Novel Chronology
Battle of Mereville ←Asvarre Royalty Massacre→ Asvarre Village Incident

The Asvarre Royalty Massacre was one of many incidents of the Madan no Ou to Vanadis series. Setting in a time after Brune Civil War, King Zacharias died under a strange circumstances, while Prince Germaine, a would-be heir for the throne, ordered a mass execution to his own siblings for their "treason" against Asvarre, but Prince Eliot and Princess Guinevere managed to escape from their fate. This incident later paved a road to a civil war in Asvarre when Eliot declared war against his brother, further tearing the kingdom apart[1][2].



Sometime after King Zacharias's death, Germaine was declared as the former's successor as the new King of Asvarre. As the same time however, Germaine's paranoia also increased out of fear of losing the position as king. A Few days before the coronation ceremony, Germaine summoned all of his younger siblings together and had them executed on counts of treason. Out of all six Asvarre Royalty members, only Eliot and Guinevere managed to escape from their fate. To make matter worst for Germaine, the massacre prompted many aristocrats considered his succession as moot while switch allegiance


In a wake of this incident, Asvarre was split into three different factions: Germaine and his loyalist, Eliot and his Pirate Army and Guinevere. However, Guinevere decided to stay neutral as she did not wished to be involved the violent conflict between her brothers. Therefore, without Guinevere, there were only two factions left to fight for supremacy: Eliot Faction and Germaine Faction. Since then, the civil unrest plagued over Asvarre for six months.

As tension within Asvarre was increasing, several kingdom also gotten involved into its affairs. King Viktor of Zhcted was so concerned about Asvarre's civil affairs that opted him to dispatch Sofy on Zhcted behalf to seek Eliot, then going to send Tigre (who was Zhcted's guest general after Brune Civil War at that time) to reach Germaine. Muozinel meanwhile also gotten involved under they are secretly requested from both Germaine and Eliot, with the later decided to exchange Sofy with Muozinel merchants for food supplies. This however was part of Kurey's plot to seek Asvarre's affiliation to invade Brune and Zhcted[3], regardless the winner of the conflict.


  • This event happens before the trio (Tigre, Olga and Matvey) arrives on Asvarre.


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