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Asvarrian Civil War Arc
Part of Arc Two

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Location Asvarre
Side Germaine's Faction;
Eliot's Faction;
Guinevere's Faction
Result Assassination of First Prince Germaine;
Execution of Second Prince Eliot;
Civil War Ends;
Vanadis Sofya Obertas and Olga Tamm become Tigre's Ally
Media Duration
Light Novel Volumes Volume 5 (Epilogue),
Volume 6,
Volume 7 (First Part)
Light Novel Chronology
Regin Arc ←Asvarrian Civil War Arc→ Torbalan Invasion Arc

Asvarre Civil War Arc is the first story arc of Arc Two from Madan no Ou to Vanadis series. This arc focuses on Tigre's journey to Asvarre on King Viktor's request, where he inadvertently gets involved into the conflict in order to settle its Civil War. This story is set six months after the events of Brune Civil War, this arc is also an opening story of the Second Saga of the series.


Six months after Brune's civil war, Elen while reading a document in her office asks Lim about Tigre's whereabouts.[1] Lim replies that Tigre has already left to Leitmeritz's outskirts for hunting. Elen simply nods and passes the paperwork to her adjutant. Meanwhile, a silhouette is looking at the sunlight remarks the need for Tigre to travel to Asvarre. [Notes 1] [2]

Elsewhere in Zhcted's wilderness, Tigre is spending his 5 day hunting trip with Lunie as hunting partner.[Notes 2][Notes 3] [3] The buck had been trampling the fields of the nearby villagers during the day and after feasting on it disappeared in the mountains. Teams of seasoned hunters were sent to hunt it but were unable to and instead returned with injuries themselves from the buck's horns.[Notes 4]

Tigre hunts the large buck (deer) with a single arrow from over 300 aslin, however the buck doesn't die immediately and runs off with Lunie chasing after it. He has already spent 3 days to search for the buck. After the hunt, Tigre feeds the baby dragon with its meat while collecting its pelt and the oddly shaped horn to show the villagers as proof[Notes 5]. Tigre then camps in the woods for the night in Zhcted's late-coming spring, before returning to a nearby village the next day. He borrows a room for the night intending to depart for Leitmeritz, the following dawn. The village chief offers to hold a feast for Tigre which he declines.[Notes 6]

Tigre has been staying in Leitmeritz, Zhcted for last 6 months and had learnt to speak and write in Zhcted's language and also about the local culture. He was asked to meet important people from Zhcted, and though most sent emissaries instead, Tigre knew it was important to establish and maintain good relationship with them or otherwise it would smear the name of Elen (Vanadis Eleonora Viltaria). In addition to these woes, Elen's adjutant, Limalisha (Lim) gave him daily assignments with topics of grand scale - ranging from governance to military affairs (including internal governance and multilateral relations). Lim also often enlisted his aid in her work. However, Tigre thought that the knowledge gained would help him develop Alsace upon his return.


Tigre's Secret Mission to AsvarreEdit

At sunset, Tigre and Lunie are greeted by Titta upon their return at Leitmeritz's Imperial Palace gate and Titta informs Tigre that Elen is waiting for him and so he goes directly to Elen's office. Elen informs Tigre that King Viktor has requested him to travel to Asvarre as Zhcted's secret emissary [Notes 7].

Lim briefly informs about Asvarre's recent events:
Shortly after King Faron's passing, King Zacharias, Asvarre's King died in bizarre circumstances [Notes 8] and his elder son Germaine executed his younger siblings under the pretext of "treason". Out of the 6 Royal siblings however, Eliot and Guinevere escaped their fate and the second prince declared war against Germaine by allying himself with the pirates. Consequently, Asvarre was split into three factions for the undisputed throne but only Germaine and Eliot were fighting while Guinevere declared neutrality.

Aside from Asvarre's civil war, Lim asserts that Muozinel still remains a threat despite their previous defeat six months ago. Elen speculates that the reason for Viktor to select him for this mission - is because of Tigre's two prestigious titles (Silvrash from Kureys {Muzoniel General who fought against Tigre' Silver Meteor Army and the Muzoniel King's younger brother} and Lumiere by King Faron respectively) and his reputation for defeating Duke Thenardier and ending Brune's Civil War. [Notes 9] Even after Elen's explanation, Tigre still finds the mission dubious while wondering the old king's ulterior motive for giving such a task to him. Elen informs Tigre with three possible reasons:

  • Doing a favor of being a diplomat,
  • Scheming on eliminating Tigre by putting him in a helpless situation,
  • Gauging Tigre's diplomatic abilities.

Tigre is also given several items for his trip: a secret letter for Germaine, two rings as his proof of being Zhcted's envoy and Viktor's request letter to Tigre. Initially suspicious, Tigre asks the girls if Brune knows about the mission but Elen only shakes her head as she doubts it. However, the more Tigre claims the diplomatic negotiations as troublesome, the more the girls explain it; in Zhcted's terms, failing in diplomatic negotiation will not be forgiven. [Notes 10]

In short, Viktor wishes to confirm Tigre's other talents and attempts to use him regardless his motives. Elen further explains that, should the old king have other motives he would likely act in order to evaluate the Vanadises' and Regin's reaction. While laments Germaine's tyranny, Tigre then asks the girls about Eliot who Lim describes as a lesser violent sibling because he did not kill his family despite his allegiance with the pirates, who Tigre views them as a band of bandits. Nevertheless, Tigre decides to travel for Asvarre simply because he doesn't want to add to Elen's burden.

Just as Tigre leaves Elen's office, Lim asks Elen if it is alright to leave him be. While apologizes for the sudden ruckus, Elen reluctantly answers that it can't be helped since she cannot defy Viktor's orders even if she wants Tigre to stay in Leitmeritz. Nevertheless, Elen tells Lim to at least believe in Tigre and his safe return for Zhcted with success. In his room, Tigre informs Titta that he has to go out again and urges her to keep his departure as a secret from everyone. Though she did not understand how important Tigre's mission would be, the housemaid urges Tigre to return safety. Seeing his housemaid still worrying about him, Tigre promises Titta that he would return back safely to her side.

The next morning, Tigre prepares for his journey for Asvarre and bidding his farewell to his peers (Lim and Titta [Notes 11]). Prior to his preparation, Lim gives him various items as luggage, especially Elen's letter regarding Sasha and the two rings from Viktor for his secret mission. Lim also gives a small bear doll to Tigre as a special "charm". After inspecting his luggage, Tigre departs from Leitmeritz with Arifar's wind as Elen's farewell.

Tigre's Visit to Alexandra AlshavinEdit

During his journey for Asvarre, Tigre firstly visit Legnica for Sasha under Elen's request. Upon his visit in Legnica Imperial Palace, Tigre encounters Sasha in her bedroom and after he rescues her from her fall, the two begin to chat where Sasha wants Tigre to tell her his story on his perspective. After Tigre tells his story, from his encounter with Elen in Dinant Plains to his final battle against Thenardier in Mereville Fields, Sasha is astonished over his story and treat him a good wine as her goodwill while teasing about his relation with Elen. Putting the teasing aside, Sasha warns Tigre that there are some people still yield animosity against him [Notes 12] despite he quelled the Burnish Civil War. Tigre then asks Sasha about Viktor, whom the Fire Vanadis describes as cunning yet wise King who put Zhcted's priority as best before his subjects.

Sasha also briefly explains to Tigre about his mission, which brings possible effects to Brune and Zhcted: The benefit is that Asvarre would possibly become both kingdom's ally. The drawback however is that, should Tigre meet any mishap in Asvarre, it would not only break the fresh truce between both kingdoms, it could possibly cause some Vanadises, especially Elen and Mil who view him as an important person in their lives - to stage a revolt against their king. She continues that she worries the conspiracy behind Viktor's request for Tigre. To her surprise, Tigre remain optimistic as he thank her for the warn and adds that even if he is unsure about ulterior motives, he would not abandon his responsibility and will finish his task/mission, further arouses Sasha's interest. She then urges Tigre to change his destination from Prepus [Notes 11] to Lippner and find a man named Matvey as his guide for Asvarre. Their conversation however is interrupted by a servitor, who informs Sasha's her bed time which Sasha reluctantly complies to. Before Tigre leaves from her bedroom, Sasha tells Tigre that she will entrusts Elen's future to him. The next day, Tigre leaves Legnica Imperial Palace for Port Lippner.

The next day after Tigre's departure, Sasha undergoes her daily medical checkup with her physician who urges her to take rest after drinking the medicine and taking a light meal. Just as she lies down and stares at the ceiling, an elder servitor visits Sasha and asks her about her condition, to which she replies that even her crippled state, she feels delighted to see another visitor aside from the Vanadises and other Zhctedi citizens.

Enter Olga Tamm, Vanadis of BrestEdit

Upon his departure day, he choose his destination to Lippner as Sasha requested to instead of Prepus. Two days later, he manage to reach Lippner without any incident. Upon his arrival there is a woman in mid-twenties offer herself to be guide but Tigre refuse softly by asking her where is the store that serves a good meal despite it was expensive. The woman only told him about three shops near the port and Tigre gave her a big cooper coin before she goes off in a hurry. He was already aware about scamming or even thieves around Lippner since he has experience in Alsace and even Leitmeritz.

After reaching the shop and purchasing some food to eat he catch some unusual smell which he saw people are continuing their daily activities. Curious, he goes until he find some huge ship and the sea that he never saw it before, he was worried a while ago but now he feel relief that the cold wind was came from the sea[Notes 13]. A bell snaps him out from gazing the sea and realize he was only eating apple ever since he enter this port city. He continue to look after Matvey and he spoke to some of the sailors that was cooking and eating fish and shellfish nearby.

After gaining information, Tigre went to the northern wharf while also worried about the scent of the ocean which turn his attention to his Black Bow, his heirloom weapon. After he decide that he will less worry about it now he manage to find Matvey and giving the letter from Sasha to him. Matvey read it and he allow Tigre to be on board to his Proud Beluga's ship, additionally he even make a joke to Tigre that if he come a little late then he will never met him.

Tigre decide he went straight ahead for the ship but before he went to the ship, Matvey gave him which looks like a silver coin with Beluga's encarving on it, similar to the back of Matvey's cape[Notes 14]. Tigre went to find the ship again and this time he encountered a traveler boy who was looking for the same ship as well. But there are three guys pointing at the boy and he explain that the three guys want to take him out from the port which makes the man start the fight. Dropping his belongings while keeping Black bow in his left hand, Tigre caught the man fist and twisted it while gripping his arm and raised it without mercy which makes the man screamed in pain. After defeating two man, before he can rescue the boy he was surprised to see the boy's hood was taken off while the man was punched at the belly, fell down without any sound.

As the three man are went away knowing they can't defeat both Tigre and a boy, Tigre takes another close look which turns out it was a girl much to his surprise. She asked him why a total stranger like him was helping her and for Tigre it was necessary for him to help her. When she is asked about his Black Bow why he didn't want to let it go he answer that it was his heirloom and he didn't want to treat it roughly. The girl finally introduce herself as Olga and Tigre reply by telling his full name but because Olga got tough time to spell his full name correctly Tigre allows to her to call his name, Tigre and both continue to find Proud Beluga until they found and aboard it.

Gerard's visit to Leitmeritz Edit

Back in Leitmeritz, Elen and Lim are visited by Gerard (on Brune's behalf) who reports the highway construction between Alsace and Leitmeritz in Vosyes Mountains since it was part of the truce both Brune and Zhcted. While the trio discuss about the highway construction and some casual conversation, Gerard asks Elen if he can meet Tigre and Elen glumly replies that he went to Silesia under Viktor's orders, without telling Gerard about Tigre's secret mission in Asvarre. Nonetheless, Gerard gives the 17 letters to Elen and to the duo's surprise, these letter consists three marriage proposals and the rest are maid applications from 14 feudal nobles who send their daughters or nieces to work under Tigre as trainee maids. After Gerard leaves the Vanadis Office, both Elen and Lim looks at the letters (that are intended to Tigre) with troubled faces.

Reaching AsvarreEdit

After seven-days of journey since departure from Port Lipper, the Proud Beluga finally arrives to Asvarre's shores by docking onto the local dock. As the trio walk onto the deck, they see most passengers (except themselves who remained calm) become wary while looking at the surrounding port. Matvey explains that their anxiety is due to the constant pirate attacks towards anyone within Asvarre's vicinity, while two of them are employed under Eliot whose base is located within Asvarre's Main Island. As Olga asks the captain if the pirates also attacked the Zhcted merchant's ship, Matvey could only reply that the pirates often got away from their irresponsibility by using "making-a-mistake" as their excuse.

After two days since their exit from Port Maria, the trio have reached a nearby village for a break, only to see the villagers flee away after seeing them. As the trio dismount from their horse, one farmer confronts them and asks them about their purpose for their arrival. On the trio's behalf, in Asvarre language, Matvey tells the farmer that they are just passing by and just staying at that village for a day. Matvey's negotiation with the Village Chief is a success and the trio are permitted to stay in the house.

While viewing the village from his window, Tigre sees local children who look at him with steep curiosity but quickly flee away just as Tigre waves at them. Matvey informs Tigre that they are given thick blankets as well three meals of chicken with soup and bread and three buckets of hot water. Because of the villagers' sudden awareness about their presence, Tigre tries not to create any ruckus in the village while laying on the blanket in his bed much to Olga's astonishment over his "indolent" behavior.

Incident in Asvarre Village: Tigre's 1st Battle in AsvarreEdit

Half a koku later, the trio are awaken from the ruckus outside and witness forty strangers enter the village and commit atrocities by viciously beating the villager's livestock while laughing sadistically. But before Tigre can take action, he is stopped by an old lady who pleads him not to interfere in the village's affairs while revealing the intruders as Germaine's soldiers, much to Tigre and his group's shock. Regardless [Notes 15], Tigre orders Matvey to lock all residents onto the house's first floor and just as Matvey asks why, Tigre assassinates one soldier who is about to attack a little girl, garnering other soldiers attention as they charge towards the house.

While Tigre tries to repel as much enemies as he can, Olga demands Matvey to explain Tigre's decision but the latter replies that he is too busy, prompting Olga to leave for battle alone. Meanwhile, Tigre is shocked to see the soldiers morale remains unaffected even after he kills their commander and he nearly falls from the roof while narrowly dodging a soldier's adze. Olga barges outside and confronts several soldiers who belittle her due to her size, though they are quickly beaten by Olga until only the adjutant remains. Before the adjutant can retaliate, Olga breaks his spear and decapitates him with a spear's edge, instantly shattering the Germaine Army's morale. With the death of their adjutant, the remaining soldiers drop their weapons as some of them flee while others are captured by Olga. After ordering the prisoners' release, Tigre tells them to send a message to their commanders about their arrival.

In the aftermath, Olga asks Tigre why he locked the residents just to lure the enemies, to which Tigre explains that because he saw the villagers' lack of resistance [Notes 16] against the abusive soldiers, he had to do it in order to keep them away from the battle. Olga remains doubtful as she further asks Tigre why not abandon the village. Tigre instead asks the young Vanadis about plowing the field [Notes 17] [4] by mentioning their hard-working labor as their contribution for the village. As Olga further asks him if the villagers could have used farm animals (like cows and horse) to ease their labors, Tigre explains that not all villagers are able to afford these animals. Regardless, the trio plan to wait for Germaine's subordinates' arrival at the village vicinity. Olga asks Tigre if she can come along to meet Germaine, which arises Tigre's suspicion as he asks Olga her real identity instead. [Notes 18][5] Overcoming her hesitation, Olga reveals herself as Zhcted's Vanadis from Brest much to Tigre and Matvey's surprise.

Tallard Graham, Asvarre Army's StrategistEdit

At dusk, the trio are exchanging shifts to guard the village while surrounding the campfire.[Notes 19] When Tigre asks Matvey anything about Olga's status as a Vanadis, Matvey replies that he didn't know much about Olga since he pledged his loyalty only to Sasha. Suddenly, red lights from afar catches the trio's cautious attention as Matvey identified them as torches, prompting them to immediately arm themselves and be ready to confront the assumed "threat". Just as Tigre is notching his bow, a voice calls them to stop, and two men, Tallard Graham and Kressdill, appear in front of them. The trio lay down their weapons, while confronting the two with Tallard asks who is Zhcted/Brune messenger (Tigre replied on the trio's behalf) before introducing himself.

Even with Kressdill's assurances, Tigre remains dubious [Notes 19] [6] as he asks questions regarding the atrocities in the village by Asvarre soldiers who Tallard claims as rouged bandits; additionally, he also explains that his men were supposedly patrolling the nearby area without knowing the trio's arrival. Through Tallard's explanation, Tigre reluctantly trusts him by presenting his two rings as a proof of his mission despite Matvey's early distrust. Tallard then informs the trio that he and his eight men would arrange their trip for Valverde. The next day, the trio visit the villagers while promising the compensation for the damage before leaving to Valverde.

Germaine, First Prince of AsvarreEdit

In their journey for Valverde, Tallard finds Tigre's Black Bow interesting and reveals his archery proficiency to Tigre. While praising Valverde's solidifying defense due to its surrounding nature [Notes 20], Tigre asks Tallard why Germaine made Valverde as his stronghold, to which Tallard explains that Germaine had moved for Mainland since his exile from the Island, and the prince declared Valverde as the "next" capital for two reasons: It is highly defended by impenetrable Fort Lux [Notes 21] and its rich history [Notes 22] Olga further asks about Sachstein's possible invasion since Valverde is close to its neighboring kingdom, though Tallard ensures that the invasion is impossible due to its complex surroundings, especially its treacherous highways. Upon entering Valverde, Tallard receives a heartfelt welcome by the residents but it also prompts Tigre to feel suspicious over Tallard's "friendliness".

Half koku later, the Zhcted's messenger group enters Valverde Castle and head to into the Audience Hall to meet Germaine and other Asvarre nobles and ministers. As the meeting commences, Germaine asks Tigre about him being Zhcted's messenger on Viktor's behalf, to which Tigre nods by having Matvey as his translator. Even Tigre displays his proof for his arrival in Asvarre as secret messengers, Germaine remains dubious [Notes 23] as he deems mere words aren't enough while asking Tigre about his men's death in the Asvarre village. Even sensing Germaine and surrounding soldiers's hostility towards the trio, Tigre replies that they killed the soldiers as self-defense while introducing Olga to the prince.

Despite Olga's introduction as a Vanadis, Germaine initially belittles her out of disbelief, a child, as one of Zhcted's prestigious War Maidens. Infuriated, Olga demands Germaine to return her Muma immediately but the prince refuses. To prove her status, Olga challenges anyone into a fight while boasting that she can beat ten men alone. One of the knights requests Germaine for permission to fight the young Vanadis as a "demonstration" of Asvarre's might, which Germaine permits while taunting the Vanadis that if she can beat his knight barehanded. [Notes 24] Tigre tries to convince Germaine to forgive Olga's rudeness but Olga stops him and accepts the prince's challenge.

The duel ensues where the knight tries to attack Olga but easily being subjugated when the Earth Vanadis twists his hand, resulting her victory. Despite the embarrassment, Germaine reluctantly claps his hands and praise Olga for her demonstration. The negotiation resumes where Germaine asks Tigre why he chooses to seek him instead of Eliot, to which Tigre answers that because half of Eliot's Army consists of pirates. Surprisingly, Germaine "admires" Tigre and as a his reply for Zhcted's support, he announces a a non-aggression pact with Tigre and his group to exterminate the pirates, fighting against Muozinel and solidifying diplomatic relationship between Asvarre and Zhcted; additionally, he further requests Tigre to give him three days for his consultation with his court while presenting a mansion to Tigre and his group as his earnest hospitality.

Tigre further asks Germaine about his soldiers' at the nearby village and stating that, considering both Zhcted and Brune might come to help the prince to quell Eliot's rebellion, it would be troublesome if Asvarre's citizen put their hatred against them. As his response, the prince reluctantly complies [Notes 25] Tigre's request by sending the notification about the actions in due time.

House ArrestEdit

(To be added...)

Tallard's Coup: Prince Germaine's AssassinationEdit

Back in Valverde Castle's Audience Hall, Germaine, who still sitting on the throne chair, [Notes 26], commands his chamberlain to order the trio's house arrest and sell them to Muozinel in order to seek its alliance. Despite the chamberlain pleas to reconsider since doing so will turn Brune and Zhcted as Asvarre's enemies, the advise later dismissed when Germaine states his loathe towards Tigre due to his benevolent attributes that shared with his later father's. As the chamberlain reluctantly follows Germaine's order and leave the Audience Hall, Germaine further remarks the past event before his father's passing [Notes 27] while anticipating the gain of Muozinel's allegiance will defeat Eliot and his pirates before taking his nap.

Elsewhere, fifty Asvarre soldiers arrive and surround the mansion where the captain tells them to do anything they please just to prevent the trio's escape.[Notes 27] Just as the first twenty soldiers storm into the mansion however, Tigre and Olga kill the first ten soldiers and try to fend off as many soldiers as they could, while Matvey equips a chair and observe the mansion's outside via the windows, where he sees the other soldier infiltrate the mansion via its backdoor. Regardless, the trio manage to defeat all fifty soldiers until only one soldier reveals Germaine's orders, prompts Olga to suggest to take Germaine as hostage. As Matvey is concerned over Olga's bold plan, Tigre remains calm as he points out that even the prince didn't foresee their retaliation against him; moreover, the castle is near to their mansion but they also need an effective plan to cross over the castle's walls. With Olga and Tigre's decision staying firmed, the trio began to head for Valverde Castle.

After escaped from the mansion, the trio fight their way for Valverde Castle until Olga overhears noises (consists sword fights and war cries) from the castle's interior, prompt the trio rush for the Audience Hall. To their shocking discovery however, Germaine is assassinated by Tallard and his men and just as both Tigre and Tallard notch their bows towards each other, Tallard smiles instead and thanking Tigre for saving his troubles to call him and dispatch Kressdill to escort them to the guest room. As they walking with Kressdill, they trio witness the coup's horrific aftermath that prompt Tigre to demand Kan explanation regard the incident, to which Kressdill reply that Tallard will explain the details himself and, in the meantime, having them to stay in the guest house for a night. As Olga expresses her uneasiness towards the unlikely situation, Tigre tells the young Vanadis that they should listen their reasons before executing their judgement.

Tallard's Ambition: To be King of AsvarreEdit

The following day of the aftermath, the trio is visited by Tallard and Kressdill. When Tigre asks Tallard regarding his treachery that resulted Germaine's death, Tallard admits his betrayal and explains his actions for three reasons: The first two are because Tallard himself is unwilling to overlook Germaine's tyrannic ways as he sees them as risks of defeat against Eliot and his Pirate Army; the third however is motivated by his ambition to be Asvarre King. These answers stuns Olga and Matvey but Tigre remains calm as he continues to listen to Tallard's explanation, where he learn that even if Tallard wishes to unify Asvarre and save his people, he was unable to do so because of his humble upbringing and even stating his coup did little change to the crippling kingdom. After declaring himself as the new Lord of Valverde, Tallard requests Tigre for an alliance [Notes 28] to defeat Eliot to end Asvarre's lengthy Civil War, which Tigre readily to listen the details[Notes 29] [Notes 30] despite the doubts from Olga and Matvey.

When Tigre remains hesitates[Notes 31], Tallard mentions Sofy's capture by Eliot and his men, who, according to some sources, secretly cooperated with Muozinel while pretending to ally himself with Zhcted, much to Tigre's brief anger. In order to rescue Sofy, Tigre reluctantly accepts Tallard's request on one condition: Tallard must keep their name as secret since Zhcted was allied to neither Germaine nor Tallard during the civil war. Not only Tallard agrees to Tigre's terms nonchalantly, he also informs the trio that he will deny their existence even if rumors about them spread across his camp. After receiving Tallard's reassurances, Tigre also makes a deal with Tallard that he will readjust the treaty between Zhcted and Asvarre once the civil war is over, much to Tallard's delight.

General Lester's Defection to EliotEdit

During a war council, Kressdill informs everyone a that Fort Lux's Lester has been defected to Eliot two days ago. As Tigre is wondering about the general, Tallard attributes Lester as Asvarre's skilled yet perverse general who was notoriously known for abducting young girls, though he didn't expect Lester's betrayal to Eliot's side. In order to keep the enemy at bay, Kressdill suggests to make a surprise attack at Port Mariajo, Valverde's northern port and the only access route for the Pirate Army for Valverde, As Tigre asks regarding the ship where Sofy is imprisoned, Kressdill states that because of the pirate's overwhelming numbers and geographical advantages at sea, not even a Vanadis like Sofy is safe from their grasp.

Tallard then explains their battle plan where, he dispatches Valid Ludra to lead Tigre and others to capture Fort Lux with 3,000 troops, while he and Kressdill will muster around 10,000 soldiers across Asvarre's mainland. As Tigre and his group become suspicious over the plan, [Notes 32] Tallard responds that the invasion is nearly impossible due to Port Mariajo's complex geography, and as retaliation, he will attempt to ambush Eliot by pretending to attack Asvarre's capital city and eliminate them in one battle. As the trio is impressed by the plan, Tallard further states that Valverde - now degraded as mere ordinary city [Notes 33] - still has it uses as their headquarters for their battle against their enemy. In addition, Tallard also informs Tigre about Eliot Army's two major weakness: Eliot's massive pride as a noble and his massive army's limited food provisions, which will prove to be difficult to sustain. Tigre however is still unconvinced as he asks Tallard if his troops are ready to depart, since the journey for Fort Lux will take at least half-koku if they depart early. In response to Tigre's suggestion, Tallard immediately orders the march for Fort Lux.

After the meeting, Tigre is called by Tallard for a private talk and despite Olga's hostile suspicions, Tigre tells both Olga and Matvey to wait for him as he wishes to hear Tallard's opinion. As both men reach to Valverde Castle's top and witness the city's night scenery, Tallard tells Tigre his ambition in becoming Asvarre's ruler and he request Tigre to lend his powers to fulfill that ambitions. For Sofy's sake, Tigre "appreciates" the Asvarrian general's offer and decides to help him to end the civil war, much to his (Tallard's) delight. The two archers then have a archery contest where Tigre wins despite their respective arrows shot with same precision and power. In half koku later, Tigre and his company immediately depart Valverde for Fort Lux.

Sofy's Capture by Eliot and PiratesEdit


Sofy as Eliot and pirates' prisoner

In an unknown ship, Eliot and his pirates army have captured Sofy, who is imprisoned inside the ship's prison while being locked by shackles and her Zaht is nowhere to be found. While visiting an imprisoned Zhcted's ambassador, Eliot interacts with Sofy by asking her his reasons for his daily visit, to which Sofy instead sarcastically asks the Pirate Prince if he treats her like a property. Instead, Eliot boasts his "self-restraint" to Sofy while reveals the murdering of his twelve men just because they attempted to take advantages upon her. [Notes 34] Even after Sofy provokes the prince, Eliot remains unfazed since he needs her to ensure his trade with Muozinel. As the prince leaves, Sofy sighs in relief as she not only remarks about Eliot's perverse vulgarity, she also lamenting her carelessness while wishing Zaht was by her side.

It is revealed that ten days before Tigre's arrival, Sofy and her subordinates went to Asvarre's Main Island's capital Colchester in order to seek Eliot regarding his insurgency against Germaine. Upon their arrival however, Eliot wasn't present in Colchester, but his messenger appeared on his behalf and informed the Light Vanadis that the prince will be waiting for her at his ship. Despite her early suspicions, Sofy decided to meet the prince while raising her awareness at the same time. [Notes 35] [7]Few days later, Sofy met Eliot on his ship but before the negotiation could even begin, she smelt a strange odor and saw a black smoke from the ship, prompted her to make her escape. Unfortunately, the ship went on fire and Sofy herself was trapped when the pirates not only released Eliot's ship's anchor and sailed it to the seas, they also held the ship's former passengers as hostage and gave her an ultimatum that they will kill all the ship passengers if she do not surrender. Sofy reluctantly surrendered [Notes 36] [8] to the pirates for the hostages and imprisoned by Eliot inside the new ship's cabin while the ship sailed away from Colchester's port.

Back to the present, Sofy can only think optimistically while patiently waiting her right moment to escape from Eliot's hands. While cheering herself, Sofy begins to think about Lunie and Tigre, who unbeknownst to her, are already attempting to save her, from Asvarre's other side.

Battle of Fort Lux: Tigre's Encounter with TorbalanEdit

On the following day, after Tigre gains 300 Sachstein Mercenaries from a mercenary leader named Simon, 3,000 Asvarre Army's troops surround Fort Lux are astonished to see its impenetrable structure and defense, though Olga mutters that the battle is a siege battle, something she had not foreseen. Ludra tries to call out Lester over for a truce, which the general refuses as he further insults the Asvarre Army vulgarly and demands the enemy surrender their troops and to provide women to both him and Eliot instead, instantly garnered Tigre's unpleasant disgust. Even in sunset, both armies glares at each other for their next possible move, until night time.

  • Before The Battle
During a war council, Tigre explains that the previous provocation was testing Leicester's patience as he plans to use the attack on castle as the diversion while others are going to use the underground waterway as their secret entry into Fort Lux. Matvey however is concerned not only because Tallard has been spreading rumors about Fort Lux before their departure, which can easily alarm Leicester and his troops, and the digging of the underground tunnels will take four days to finish. Regardless, Tigre told them hear out the plan first before making any judgement and his idea was finally approved by Ludra.
  • The Siege Begins
Outside Fort Lux, Asvarre Army continues to attack the fort despite repeatedly repelled by the Fort Lux defenders who fires volleys of arrows at them. While worrying that their soldiers for unable to hold much longer for the siege, Ludra tries to recuperate his troops by tighten their defenses with their shields and urges the ram unit to crush Fort Lux gate even harder. As Fort Lux soldiers retaliates with fire arrows however, Ludra had to command a temporarily retreat from the fort.
Meanwhile, Tigre and his group successfully infiltrate into the Fort but are quickly discovered by Lester's soldiers. Simon leads the charge by confronting the Fort Lux soldiers while Tigre rush towards Lester.
However upon his arrival to the fort's top floor, Tigre hears a thunderous roar while seeing Olga being blown from the commander's room, prompting him to notch his arrow Lester who transforms himself into a demon named Torbalan, much to both Tigre's and Olga's horror. Despite her powers and abilities, Olga's attacks do little damage to Torbalan.
  • Eliot's Attack on Fort Lux
Of all people who celebrate a successful siege of Fort Lux however, only Ludra worries not only because of a mysterious appearance Black Light during the battle, but also Tigre's performance that might even exceeds Tallard's expectation. Unfortunately, their victory is cut short as a messenger reports that Eliot's 30,000 strong army came to the mainland's shores and attacked several fish villages despite Maliayo remains standing, much to everyone's frustrations as Ludra explains that Eliot has dispatched a large quantities of ships to retake the fort. Surprisingly, only Tigre remains calm and suggests a plan that will surely work. While Ludra goes to calm his peers, Olga teases Tigre's capability like a king.
  • Night Raid to Prince Eliot's Advance Force
(To Be Added...)
  • The Long-Bow Archers
(To Be Added...)
  • Eliot's Reaction to Fallen Fort Lux
Elsewhere, Eliot is anxious and livid to learn the fallen fort and Lester's "disappearance", causes him to lament anything about Tallard while plotting to attack nearby villages to replenish his army's food supplies. [Notes 37] Hamish enters Eliot's camp and reports a mysterious archer's (possibly Tigre) extraordinary archery and ambush tactics that eliminated half of his men. Eliot initially suspects the enemy to be Tallard but Hamish denies as he attributes his stance as "without composure". Nevertheless, Eliot requests Hamish to place his squad as his bodyguard and tells him that he has a "nice" surprise for him, much to Hamish's confusion.
In a camp, where an imprisoned Sofy is being attended by a girl named Therein, Eliot enters into the camp and introduces her to Hamish while claims her to have a lucrative value if she is to be sold to Muozinel. When Hamish asks the prince if he has gone to far by capturing a girl like Sofy, Eliot scornfully replies by claiming Sofy still has her uses for his plan due to her prestige and reputation. Eliot further sarcastically urges Sofy to bear a little longer for Muozinel merchant's arrival while threatens her not to escape for the Colchester hostage's sake. At the same time, he also commands Hamish that, if he kills the enemy commander he might take something into consideration to avoid Muozinel's suspicions. After seeing Eliot and Hamish's departure, Sofy can only persuades herself to endure a little longer since she knows that a battle between Eliot and Tallard would change Asvarre greatly. Before her bedtime, Sofy recalls Eliot's words about an enemy archer within Asvarre Army's rank and assumes that the archer as Tigre, though the latter dismisses as she deems he has no "reason" to be in Asvarre, without knowing that Tigre is already waging a war against Eliot's army.

Battle of Salentes: Eliot's Defeat And DownfallEdit

  • Burning of Luarca Village
(To Be Added...)
  • Abandoning Fort Lux
Upon Fort Lux's abandonment, Eliot and his army manage to retake the fort without resistance only to discover that its food and water supplies were gone. Frustrated, Eliot dispatches his scout to investigate his enemy's whereabouts and vows to make his enemies pay for their trickery. The scout returns with a news of 2,500 Asvarre troops are found within Salentes Plains, much to Eliot's and Hamish's confusion. Nonetheless Eliot immediately make haste by ordering his troop to march for Salentes Plains to crush his enemies.

Prelude to the Final BattleEdit

Days later, both armies eventually confront each other as they camp in Asvarre Mainland's southern vicinity in Salentes Plains. In Eliot Army's camp, a Muozinel merchant is trading a three-days long food supplies with Sofy as his compensation. Even after receiving the supplies, Eliot refuse to give Sofy to the merchant and asks him to join the battle instead. The merchant however doesn't take Eliot's excuse kindly as he mocks him as a lenient person while demands Sofy to be stripped and have her legs and neck to be locked in order to prevent her escape. Despite his anger, Eliot reassures the merchant that they will hand over the Light Vanadis once the battle is over, opts the merchant to leave the camp and silently curse Eliot's idiocy.

Meanwhile, 2,500 Tallard Army troops are gathering at a hill near Salentes Plains and watch Eliot Army's arrival. Whilst impressed by Tigre predicament, Ludra asks him if the enemy will divide their ranks, to which Tigre denies as he states the even if Eliot takes the commands, his army might appeared to be weak because of the commander's skepticism and inability to organize his detached unit. During Tallard Army's assembly, under Ludra's request, Tigre begins his speech by revealing himself to be "perpetrator" to Luacra Village's tragedy such as village burning and poisoned water wells but he 'justifies" (it was a lie to maintain order) his actions by claiming the pirates will attack the villagers anyways. Regardless, Tigre continue by encourages everyone to fight for their loves one and warns them the consequences of pirates' dominance should they are defeated in this battle. The speech greatly rises the army's morale as soldiers roar in enthusiastic confidence and determination.

Ludra praises Tigre's speech while Simon requests Tigre his renewed negotiation for another lucrative pay (five silver coins per two enemy heads). Olga asks Tigre if he will not use Muma in the battlefield but Tigre tells her that he can only use Muma for emergency. With Eliot Army on the move, the battle in Salentes Plains begins.

  • First Battle Between The Pirate Army and Tallard Army
As the battle commences, 25,000 pirates split into five group with one group staying behind to defend the main army while the rest circling their foes. Despite their early disadvantages on land [Notes 38], which initially gives Tallard Army a momentum in their early clashes, the Pirates Army manage to break through Tallard Army's front lines through rage and ferocity. Even as both armies suffer the same exhaustion due to their constant shifting morale, [Notes 39] the Pirate Army still proven to be superior over Tallard's Army due to their overwhelming numbers and relentless tenacity.

Olga during Asvarre Civil War.

Olga hastily charges into the battlefield and destroys the pirates, with Tigre and Matvey acting as as her support. Having suspicions over repeated formations even with their exhausted soldiers, Tigre urges Matvey to keep protecting Ludra while he is goes after Olga alone. However just as Tigre arrives for her aid, Olga is already using her Veda to change Muma's shape and create an earthquake that crushes her enemies in an instant, further shocking both pirates and allies altogether. This displeases Tigre however as he scold Olga for not heeding his instructions. Consequently, Tigre, Olga and 200 cavalrymen have to hold off against the relentless waves of pirates by themselves. Fortunately, Tallard and his 7,000 strong army arrive just in time and rescue Tigre's group from their impending danger, further demoralizing the pirates.
  • Tallard and Tigre
When his army is slaughtering the remaining pirates, Tallard rushes for Tigre while seemingly relieved over Tigre's survival. While being asked about the war progress, Tigre responds with sarcasm that he, who has fought against the overwhelming pirates before Tallard's arrival, had been exhausted until his eyes were "dead" while asking Tallard's sudden passion over the war's turning point. [Notes 40]
While Ludra returns with his men, Tallard tells Ludra to lead the retreating Tallard Army to the southeast while requesting to "borrow" Tigre. Despite his unease, Tigre agrees to come with Tallard only if he can bring Olga and Matvey as well, which Tallard agrees.

Eliot's Defeat And DownfallEdit

  • Devious Turning Point
(To Be Added...)
  • Eliot's Breaking Point and Blood lust
Hearing Guinevere's name shocks Eliot and opts him not only curses his sister for her "alliance" [Notes 41] with Tallard, but also vows to kill them both. He then commands the pirates to exterminate Tallard Army by any means necessary and "promises" that he will reward anything to those who manage to slay Tallard, seemly increases the pirates' morale. Behind this lucrative motivation however, Eliot's real view towards the pirates as expendable "tools" as he orders Hamish to kill them if they reach to his commander tent, to which Hamish reluctantly complies while hoping the pirate's victory.
  • Pirates's Collapse
Back to battlefield, Tallard Army easily topple the Pirate Army despite Tigre's suspicions over Tallard's strategy. As Tallard orders a temporal retreat, Tigre asks Tallard if his next plan is to trap the pirates and plotting an ambush via his long-bow archers, to which Tallard praises Tigre for his sharp observation. The ambush deals a sufficient blow to the pirates and dwindling their morale. Tigre further request Tallard to his 100 cavalrymen to attack the enemy on a flank but Tallard recommends 500 or 1,000 men instead, though Tigre rejects it and rush into battle with Olga, Matvey and 100 men. Tallard focuses on the escaping pirates as he commands his 2,000 men to pursue the enemy and crush them, further demoralizing their enemy. The battle delivers a terrible blow for the pirates as they believe their defeat is imminent, forcing them to retreat for Eliot's camp, only to be attacked by Hamish's archer unit.
During the chaos, Hamish urges Eliot to escape for the Main Island while assures the Pirate Prince that he will take Sofy with him which Eliot begrudgingly complies and flee from battle. Hamish infiltrates into Muozinel tent and just as he take Sofy, he is shocked to see a glow that resembles Zaht appears in Sofy's hands by quickly ignores it. Deeming Hamish as a "fox"[Notes 42] for stealing their prized possession, Muozinel soldiers try to retrieve Sofy by stabbing her but miraculously Sofy dodges them all without injury despite her fatigue and imprisonment, until one Muozinel captain subjugates her by pulling down her chains before being killed by Hamish's arrow shot.
  • Tigre vs Hamish
When Hamish approaches towards Sofy however, Sofy instead flee from Hamish and Hamish himself encounters Tigre during the chaos. In spite unable to recognize Tigre, Hamish smirks as if she see Tigre as a capable warrior and turn his focus onto Tigre. In the showdown between both archers, Hamish initially counts the distance while fires his first arrow before Tigre could even retaliate. To Hamish's surprise however, Tigre fires his own arrow that deviate Hamish's own arrow. Being completely stunned by Tigre's amazing archery skills, including that of a illusion of the Black Dragon behind Tigre, Hamish is unable to react fast enough as Tigre fires his second arrow to him and hits his forehead, killing Hamish.
Immediately after Hamish's demise, Tigre rushes for Sofy to ensure her safety. While dumbfounded for Tigre's appearance but relief his rescue, Sofy immediately hugs Tigre and starts crying onto his chest. Just as Tigre is hugging the Light Vanadis's back, the two interrupted by Tallard and his army, prompts the two to release themselves from their hugs. While introducing himself to Sofy, Tallard asks Tigre if they found Eliot during the battle but Tigre shakes his head as his reply is much to Tallard's dismay. However with Sofy volunteering herself to help his army, Tallard immediately launches a hunt party to find the defeated Pirate Prince.
  • No Way Out
Meanwhile, Eliot barely escapes from Salentes Plains alone where he had to spend three days of hiding in order to evade the Tallard Army. As he manages to reach Luarca Village, Eliot calls the pirates to low down the ladder while seeing a dozen of Tallard Army's cavalrymen arrival, though he manage to climb onto the pirate ship through the ladder. Unfortunately for Eliot, Tigre, Olga and Sofy [Notes 43] are among the enemy soldiers. As Tigre notches his arrow, two Viralts (Muma and Zaht) resonate as the Black bow absorves their enemy to create the Light Earthquake Arrow. As Tigre release the Charged Arrow Shot, it causes an earthquake in Luarca Village and causes an unusual explosion that destroys two of three ships simultaneously. The phenomenal event causes panic from the pirates as they try to escape, only to witness Tigre's second Charged Arrow Shot that sinks the last ship by creating a hole in its deck. With Eliot's traumatic state and the pirates' surrender after they swim to the shore, the Pirate Army is defeated for good.
In the aftermath, Ludra asks Tigre regards the power he used to prevent Eliot escape, to which Tigre answers by showing the Black Bow to Ludra. The Black Bow's power triggers Ludra's curiosity as he further asks [Notes 44] Tigre more about its attributes before being interrupted by Sofy, who claims that even Tigre has "difficulties" to control the bow's power and worries it might "rebels" against its user. [Notes 45] Eliot's public execution later held in Colchester days after his imprisonment, and with it the Asvarre Civil War is finally over.

Civil War Aftermath: Tallard's Renewed AmbitionEdit

  • Olga's Jealousy(?!)

Olga and Sofy in Colchester Bathe House.

Five days later, Tigre and company sail for Colchester with a ship from Port Maliayo. Prior their arrival in Colchester, Sofy reunites with her subordinates before going to Colchester Bathhouse a hot bathe. As one of the bathhouse's servant offers her service to the exhausted Vanadis, Sofy instead proposes that she will share her bath with Olga.[Notes 46] After a moment of silence, Olga asks Sofy regarding her (Sofy's) relationship with Tigre, to which Sofy replies that Tigre is her benefactor who rescued her from danger.[Notes 47] While Olga nods in a depressed look, Sofy unintentionally laughs as she teases the Earth Vanadis by telling her that while Tigre didn't expect her gratitude, she does not mind anticipating his "request", something that infuriates Olga but quickly sinks herself after realizes it as Sofy's joke. At the same time, Sofy also tells Olga about her acquaintance with Tigre is through Elen, further building Olga's curiosity as she asks Sofy if she likes Tigre too, though Sofy is hesitant to answer Olga's question and asks Olga about her liking towards Tigre. After hearing Olga's views about Tigre, Sofy request Olga to tell her the events she missed in Asvarre.
  • Colchester Shopping
(To Be Added...)
  • A Banquet In Colchester
In the evening, Colchester Royal Palace holds a modest banquet to celebrate the Civil War ends with only fewer than thirty people attended, from Tallard's subordinates (Kressdill, Ludra and Fitz Lafort) to various Asvarre's noblemen and aristocrats. While observing the banquet, Sofy claims that not everyone will readily pledge their allegiance towards Guinevere even after "her" triumph victory over her fallen siblings. While observing a seemly hollow banquet, Sofy tells Tigre that they need to leave Asvarre by tomorrow. Guinevere announces her gratitude to those who attended the banquet while introducing the heroes (Tallard, Sofy, Olga and Tigre) to everyone, who are impressed over their recent accomplishments.
  • A King's Cruelty

Tallard and Tigre at the Colchester Palace's balcony.

In the midst of the party, Tigre and Matvey leave the ballroom their rooms and encounter Tallard who calls Tigre for a chat. Tigre complies Tallard's request while tells Matvey to return to his room first since he has his business with Tallard alone. As both men reach to the palace balcony while watching the starry night, where Tallard presents his gratitude for Tigre for his participation in quelling the civil war, Tigre also apologizes for the tragic atrocities in Luarca Village, specifically the fire and poisoned water-well. To Tigre's surprise however, Tallard remain calm as he claims that even resorting to sacrifice some villages and its people, everything is necessary to beat the enemy. Tallard grimly informs Tigre that after both he and Guinevere will unite Asvarre's states (both Island and Mainland), he would continue to subjugate any enemies by all means necessary, even if they have to sacrifice his people to do so, prompting Tigre to assume that Tallard's ambitions is more than just being a king. When Tigre asks Tallard if he made a wrong choice, Tallard simply replies that there is no life without mistakes and instead asks Tigre if he has bigger aspirations or dreams in his life. Tigre instead asks Tallard if these "aspirations" are like hunting bigger animals, much to Tallard's amusement.
  • Tigre and Sofy
After leaving Tallard, Tigre goes to Colchester Bath House alone for his bathe under Colchester's Chamberlain's suggestion. Coincidentally, he meets Sofy inside the public bath house. However, just as he quickly apologizes and about to leave, Sofy stops Tigre and invites him for the bathe instead.

Leaving Asvarre for ZhctedEdit

Departure for ZhctedEdit

The next day, Tigre and his group talking to Tallard and Guinevere about their future and the diplomatic relations between Zhcted and Asvarre, with high hopes for positive answers from both sides before bidding each other farewell. While everyone is on board onto the escort ship with gifts, Sofy asks Olga if she will return to Zhcted, ot which Olga replies that she will going to confront her problems and wish to hear Muma's answer, opt Sofy to assume that the Earth Vanadis yearns to gain Tigre's acknowledgement.

Tallard DisappointmentEdit

Back in Colchester, Tallard is upset to hear Tigre's departure that deemed to be "regrettable" for unable to be unable to pick him as his subordinate. However, Kressdill and Ludra protest Tallard's decision for not only because of Tigre's remorse over Luarca Village's tragedy, they also warn him that he will be facing his own men's antipathy against him for picking a foreigner such as Tigre into the army's rank despite his contribution in ending the Civil War; moreover, Ludra's report about Tigre's unnatural display of archery skill further solidifies Kressdill's skepticism against Tigre, but it only fuels Tallard's desire to see Tigre's power himself someday.[9] The meeting proceed as everyone is calmed by Lafort who is seen drawing an unknown blueprint.

Kressdill then reports the battle's aftermath in Salentes Plains: With 5,000 Pirates were killed and 2,000 surrendered the remnant pirates managed to escape from the battlefield and-according to Ludra-they were last seen stealing the food supplies Asvarre Army secured in Aviles Village, as well as a sighting of monster, much to everyone's surprise.[Notes 48] Kressdill initially suggesting to accept the pirates' surender for their information, but Tallard rejects as he reminds everyone the horrible fate of Germaine's and Eliot's former supporters. When Kressdill asks about Simon and his mercenaries, [Notes 49] however, Tallard smirks as he approves Kressdill's idea and leaves him to handle the Sachstein Mercenaries before the meeting ends.

Notable EventEdit


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Story ImpactEdit

  • Asvarre is introduced and its civil war plays as the arc's main setting. According to some sources, both Germaine and Eliot requested help from Zhcted to eliminate each other: Tigre and Olga went for Germaine (later Tallard) to crush Eliot's rebellion while Sofy went for Eliot to overthrow Germaine.
  • Before Tigre's departure for Asvarre, Lim states that some of Zhcted nobility and aristocrats remained skeptical towards Tigre despite his victory in Brune's civil war. Even if Viktor was not one of them, it surely didn't ease Tigre as he becomes more wary about the king's ulterior motives. Tigre eventually learned more about the old king via Sasha's account.
  • Tigre's worriedness about the sudden chill weather and the smell of the wind during his arrival on Port Town further increasing his ability to understand the wind reading better since this is the first time Tigre went to the Town where he can face sea directly.
    • This further also able Tigre to reinforce his abilities of reading wind and smelling it to understand further the natural power of wind.
  • The mission to Asvarre was Tigre's first task outside Brune and Zhcted. While this is also Tigre's first journey to foreign lands (Asvarre).
  • Sasha met and talked with Tigre during his first visit in Legnica. While learning more about him through their conversation, she decided to entrust Elen's future to the archer. Sadly, this meeting would be her last before her last battle in Olsina Seas.
  • Gerard visits Leitmeritz and delivers some letters regards marriages meeting and maid application, opts Elen and Lim to view Tigre's reputation beyond what they have expected.
    • Foreshadowing this, the girls that has close relationship with Tigre decide to step up their efforts to gain affection of Tigre which the main event happens on Homecoming Arc where Olga propose a marriage to Tigre during Sun Festival.
  • Olga is officially introduced as the seventh Vanadis in this arc since her cameo appearance (mentioned by Sofy)[10] in Dark Knight Arc. Not only Olga was the only Vanadis who did not participate in Brune's Civil War, she is also one of two Vanadis (other was Sofy) to assist Tigre during his battles in Asvarre.
    • Due to her involvement in Asvarre's Civil War, Olga became Tigre's third prominent Vanadis Ally and begin to open herself especially Tigre.
  • Tallard Graham made his first and focal appearance in this arc. Like Tigre, Tallard is a skilled archer and a charismatic leader who was belittled by most of Asvarre's nobility due to his humble upbringing. The only significant difference between Tigre and himself however is Tallard's ambitions to be Asvarre king, which proven to be dangerous as he betrayed Germaine and replacing himself as Valverde's new lord and even forsaken his people by burning Luacra Village despite Tigre was doing his dirty deeds, making Tallard as a dark portrayal or reflection to Tigre.
  • Gerard made his first visit to Zhcted (Leitmeritz) as Regin's Royal Secretary.[11]
  • Asvarre's origins described by Matvey throughout their journey to the kingdom. As its legacy, both Artorias and Zephyria were highly idolized by Asvarre citizens who viewed them as deities despite Artorias's background was indifferent than commoners. Their history were so popular that they were adapted in literature throughout the continent, especially a famous book called "Records of the War of Zephyria".[Notes 50] [12]
  • Despite their strong hostility against each other, both Germaine and Eliot had the same plan to use Zhcted's ministers (Brune for Tigre's case) as their bargaining chip for their alliance with Muozinel in order to fight against each other. The reasons behind the brothers motivation however were different: Germaine was trying to sell the trio for Muozinel simply because of his resentment towards Tigre while Eliot attempted to sell Sofy for supplies to increase his army's morale. Because of their demise however, their attempted alliances with Muozinel were also foiled.
  • More history about Zhcted is revealed on Olga's account, where the proud kingdom once conquered the east by subjugating the Horse Rider clans.[13]
  • Even with his benevolent nature, Tigre made a first (and rare) yet cruel strategy to draw the enemy lines by using the villagers as bait.[14] Luckily, none of the villagers were sacrificed during the battle.
    • It also begins to question Tigre's morality when Lim once asked if he did something atrocious in his life, such as burning the village, in which Tigre admitted that he did burn half of the plague-infected village even when he was a boy.[Notes 51] Nevertheless, Tigre's noble personality is shown as he noted that even if his actions would consequently tarnish his reputation, he rather do it by himself than letting anyone else suffer for his crimes.
  • With Tigre's siege tactics that he learned from Mila during his time in Zchted, Fort Lux was breached for the first time.
  • On the defense of Fort Lux after capturing it, Tigre adopted the Legendary Strategist Zhuge Liang's tactics with Empty Castle strategy, as the result Eliot was furious and he make a rash decision by immediate pursuit Ludra and his Army..
  • Tigre's performance in Asvarre war had caught Ludra's attention as he was impressed with the Brune Hero's capabilities for excellent archery skills and effective tactics. However, that very performance also worried Ludra as he assumes that Tigre could be Tallard's worst threat should he learn about Tallard's lies. Ludra's remarks about Tigre would foreshadow a rivalry between Tigre and Tallard in the future arcs. [15]
  • This arc made several comparison between Tigre and Tallard. While both warriors shared their superior archery skills, positions as strategist in their respective army, charisma over their own people and even their humble upbringings, both men's characters were shown to be distinctively different in various circumstances,
    • Tigre is born as the late Urs Vorn's son, while Tallard is born as a man from a poor fishing village.
    • Tigre has little ambitions to be the king despite his growing reputation and popularity, while Tallard is hunger for power and ambition to be Asvarre's king.
    • Tigre's "treachery" [Notes 52] for inviting Zhcted Army to Brune was because Zion viciously attacked Alsace six months ago, while Tallard's betrayal for killing Germaine was because the former prince's tyranny which almost lead to Eliot's victory.
      • Tallard's "treachery" are not being concerned much by people of Asvarre due to their only concern was Eliot that causes rampage with the Pirates which makes Tallard was quite easy to obtain allies in short time while for Tigre himself he find difficulty to obtain allies when he began his "treachery" not to mention he have to fight Duke Thenardier and Ganelon at the same time.
    • Even in danger, Tigre would risk his life to protect his peers and loathes sacrificing innocent people for his victory; Tallard on the other hand is extremely manipulative and willing to do anything for ensuring a victory, even if his actions will forsake his people.
  • The aftermath of Asvarre Civil War not only gave a momentary peace to the kingdom, but also paved Tallard's rise of power[16]. Aside from Tallard and Tigre, anyone who participated in the war were also affected,
    • With her sibling's massacre [Notes 53], Germaine's assassination [Notes 54] and Eliot's execution, Guinevere is the only surviving member of Asvarre's Royalty and becomes the kingdom's new ruler despite her refusal to participate or acknowledge anything about her late brothers' feud.
      • Later, Tallard still pursue his ambition to become King by making Guinevere his wife as he stated during his meeting with Tigre six months later[Notes 55].
    • Tigre's view towards Tallard's ambitions later causes him to doubt himself as he suffers a dilemma between his rising fame and his humble lifestyle, which continues to bother him as he not only being recommended by Viktor to be Brune's king [Notes 56] [17], he is also pressured by Regin [Notes 57][18] to work in Nice[Notes 58] as she uses both Guinevere and Tallard as a role model in solidifying a kingdom's stability.
    • Tallard's interest towards Tigre's increases after hearing rumors of the Black Bow's power despite Kressdill's and Ludra's protest. That interest alone foreshadows Tallard's possibility attempt to obtain Tigre's Black Bow.
    • Because of Tigre's rescue from Eliot and the Pirate Army, Sofy becomes the forth Vanadis to be Tigre's prominent ally and seemingly harbors a romantic crush onto him.
    • Even Tallard is lauded as Asvarre's hero to end Asvarrian Civil War alongside with Tigre and his allies, Sofy suspects that the latter could be Zhcted's dangerous enemy if his ambitions are left unchecked. The Light Vanadis suspicions foreshadows Tallard's possible rivalry against Tigre or Zhcted in the future.
      • Tallard was more concern about Tigre and his allies that his influence was very high beyond his expectations after he learned it via Lim's account[Notes 59].
      • During Zhcted Civil War, if Tallard was left unchecked as Sofy is aware of him, he can launch the attack fo Zhcted despite his main force was occupied with Asvarre-Sachstein war for ten years. It will further weakened Zhcted while also strengthen Tallard's ambition to become King of Asvarre, making Tallard as one of the most dangerous opponent to defeat if he was left unchecked.
    • Despite being defeated and Eliot's demise, Torbalan survives Tigre's and Olga's attack and attempt to kill Tigre and his allies with his naval attack, especially during their journey for Zhcted. [19] He would also gather the remaining pirates to launch a full-scale invasion towards Zhcted via Olsina Seas, which draws the Vanadises (Sasha and Liza) out to fight him.
    • Tigre will have a new possible enemies in the future story-arcs, Tallard Graham while he already have two large enemies, one as his rival (Kureys Shahim Balamir)[20] and another is wanting him to be captured (Demons).[21]
      • Later during Sachstein Invasion of Brune, Tallard meets Tigre again and realizing he has allies that will causes him trouble if he defeat or capture Tigre after he heard story from Lim [Notes 60], he decide to avoid fighting Tigre temporarily which foreshadow their hidden rivalry in the next encounter around ten years after the Invasion.
      • If both are met again during ten years after Battle of Prowirl, it is possible that both will met as a Head Monarch of each Kingdom (Tigre as Brune King and Tallard as Asvarre King).
    • With the demise of Germaine and Eliot, Muozinel's plot to participate Asvarrian Civil War is foiled with only five men return to Muozinel safely.[22]
    • Unlike Brune, who also suffers the same damage from its civil war, Asvarre would recover much quicker under Guinevere's reign and Tallard's arrangement[Notes 61].
      • Within Six months, Tallard already lead his soldiers to Brune to take advantage on Sachstein Invasion in order to capture Northern Brune which later only to be fated to meet Tigre again along with his new Army, Moonlight Knights.


  1. The silhouette is revealed to be Viktor, the King of Zhcted.
  2. As the young dragon was bored in Leitmeritz Palace, Elen told Tigre to take it along with him. Additionally, according to Tigre, Lunie had often been following Titta, but the baby dragon was still seen clinging to the Tigre when he went for hunting.
  3. The truth is a village chief asks Elen if they can help them capture the giant buck that causes ruckus on the village fields and Elen tasks Tigre to utilize his hunting skills in order to defeat it.
  4. Even the village chief already offers his team to aid Tigre, he refuse the village offer as he want to hunt the giant buck alone by himself much to their worriedness due to their experience of hunting giant buck.
  5. Lunie want to accompany Tigre in every hunt because he was able to acquire meat that he can eat immediately just like this giant buck where Lunie begs for more meat from Tigre even he already gave some to quench the hunger.
  6. The evidence of the dead giant buck's horn shows astonish the entire village that he can defeat the giant buck single handedly while for the village themself was unable to capture the buck or even harming it despite they send seasoned hunters.
  7. Tigre already knows a little about Asvarre through Mashas and the only information he knows about Asvarre is that the residents live a modest lifestyle.
  8. The ministers were speculating his cause of death are either by an accident or food poisoning.
  9. Based on Elen's account, the alternative way to earn respect was to become the king counselor where the task sometimes would put him in an insecure position, especially where Zhcted's ministers were opposing Brune's interference in affairs of governance.
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  12. According to Sasha, both Ganelon and Thenardier are still considered as Brune's important figures despite their notoriety for their atrocities while igniting the civil war; additionally, even after Tigre defeated both the former Dukes with Elen and Mila's help, not everyone took kindly to his achievements as some of them, especially from House Thenardier, bear a grudge against the archer for killing Thenardier.
  13. Tigre never has been to the sea in his entire life and the journey to Asvarre will be his first journey through the sea. In addition he also never smells the scent of the ocean itself due to never went to the port city before in his entire life.
  14. Matvey gave such item as an identity that he was an important person entrusted by Sasha to Asvarre. It is also act as a boarding pass and when he shows it to his crew, they will let him through with a smile.
  15. Despite his anger, Tigre actually realizes that even if he and his group did repel Germaine's soldiers, it would actually add the burden to the village.
  16. Based on Tigre's account, there was a policy where the villagers cannot defy the soldiers. If they defy and anger the soldiers, the village chief shall bare the consequences on the village behalf.
  17. This quote was once used by Urs to teach Tigre about benevolence and generosity to his peers. Tigre used the same quote to teach Olga about protecting her people.
  18. Even in their journey for Asvarre, Olga did not officially introduce herself to either Tigre or Matvey. According to Tigre, it would be easier for them to go their separate ways as strangers. However, if she would insist on joining their journey, it would be another story.
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  21. According to Tallard, in order to truly invade Valverde, Eliot need to pass Fort Lux and confront Lester, one of Asvarre's main generals who supported Germaine.
  22. In the past, Valverde was used to be Asvarre's first headquarters outside the Island during the kingdom's expansion, which Tallard himself considers as a good fortune for the "Supreme Leader" like Germaine.
  23. Because of one Vanadis (Sofy) who he suspected to be Eliot's new assistance against him, Germaine have some doubts upon Zhcted despite Tigre showing him the proof that was given by Viktor himself.
  24. Germaine knights were considered trustworthy for their well-trained skills and viciousness. Even if their opponent was a child, regardless of their gender or innocence, they will mercilessly beat their opponent down.
  25. Despite the truth of his soldiers cruelty, there was no evidence about their atrocious acts due to their fear of Germaine's tyranny and the severe consequences they faced should anyone even voice their disagreement. Because of this, Tigre's question about his soldier's conduct might anger Germaine as he deemed the archer's questions as a "strong" criticism to his regime.
  26. According to some of Valverde's ministers, Germaine has been staying in the throne room for the entire time out of his paranoia of losing against Eliot.
  27. 27.0 27.1 The real reasons behind Germaine's tyranny was because some nobles took advantage on Zacharias's tolerance and forget to pay Asvarre noble's taxation. That tyranny immediately took effect when the nobles quickly paid their taxes without questioning his authority, though consequently most Asvarre aristocrats favored Guinevere as their benefactor instead of either Germaine or Eliot.
  28. This request was also including a coalition alliance with Zhcted and Brune.
  29. According to Tallard, he currently has 3,000 troops (2,700 soldier from Asvarre Army and 300 Sachstein mercenaries) while Eliot has 30,000, meaning the enemy is ten fold than his own army. When Tallard smirks even the overwhelming odds, Tigre asks Tallard if he had a plan to beat the prince, something Tallard keeps as secret.
  30. regards the reward for their their participation, Tallard simply replies that he would pay five bags of gold coins for each person (Three bags of coin for Matvey).
  31. The reasons for his hesitation is due to the Asvarre's sudden changed situation, which made the negotiation between Zhcted and Asvarre even more complicated than before because he had to report Viktor beforehand. Additionally, even if they didn't pose any hostility at all, Tallard and his men would presumably arrest them if Tallard's request weren't met.
  32. Tigre firstly deemed the plan was too reckless and they would be easily overwhelmed by Eliot's 30,000 before Tallard's reinforcement could even arrive to help them. Tigre is also angry that by sacrificing one of the territories to win against Eliot Army, they also made the bystanders involved. For Sofy's sake however, Tigre had to subside his anger and keep working with Tallard's terms.
  33. Before the coup, Germaine intended to use Valverde as headquarters due to its reputation as a former Asvarre late king's/queen's headquarters in expansion of Asvarre' influence onto the Main Continent. With Germaine's death however, Valverde was no longer a future capital but proven useful for Tallard and his army.
  34. The sole reason for Eliot to slay his own men was not just saving Sofy from her would be rapists, but also trying to impress the Light Vanadis. However, just because he spared the Vanadis life doesn't mean he would leave her harmless until his trade with Muozinel for supplies. Because of this, Sofy has mixed feelings between disgust and fear towards Eliot.
  35. Sofy's plan was to pretend to be friendly with Eliot in order to prove Eliot's allegiance with Muozinel while avoid suspicions. The plan however was backfired as Eliot's cunning plan trapped the Vanadis.
  36. Prior her surrender, her Zaht was also thrown away in the sea by Lester to ensure that she would not retaliate against her enemies. For reasons unknown however, Zaht teleported to Sofy's arm prior the Pirate Army's collapse.
  37. Because Fort Lux had fallen in the enemies's hand, Eliot's army's food supplies were extremely scarce and even if they managed to rob the food supplies, it could only last for four days.
  38. According to Ludra, the pirates were "supposedly" handicapped by geographical disadvantages due to their lack of experience on land battles, meaning Tallard's Army should able to defeat the pirates via rolling rocks and volleys of arrow shots. That however didn't ease Matvey as he feared that their overwhelming numbers and tenacity might exhaust the Tallard Army, something which Tallard's Army failed to foresee.
  39. The pirates had initially gained an upper hand against Tallard Army before exhaustion caught on to them and forced them to retreat, causing Tallard Army's 500 cavalrymen to chase after the fleeing pirates. Unfortunately, that exhaustion also caught on Tallard Army as well which put them in a dangerous position.
  40. There was an implication in Tigre suspicions about Tallard's tactics for victory regarding his army's fatigue. If the enemies didn't kill Tallard's subordinates, the exhaustion would put them in danger.
  41. Unbeknownst to even Eliot himself however, Tallard's strategy was to use Guinevere's name to provoke Eliot to exhaust his pirates army, which eventually lead to his paranoia against the pirates. Additionally, this plan took ten days ago before their fateful battle.
  42. In Asvarre, foxes are considered as pest for stealing life stocks and ruining the farmlands. It is also metaphorically describing someone's thievery to steal the items.
  43. Sofy was released by Olga via Muma that crushes her shakles.
  44. For Ludra's perspective, if they realized Tigre's power earlier they could have prevent Luacra Village's casualties.
  45. Sofy's statement about Tigre to Ludra was actually a lie because she worried that unlike Zhcted or Brune, Asvarre may have different motive to use Tigre.
  46. The real reason behind Sofy's proposal was to interact with Olga despite the latter's hostile view towards Sofy because of her relationship with Tigre, especially after seeing the Light Vanadis hugged Tigre during the Battle of Salentes. In addition, because of the Earth Vanadis's stubborn tendencies to hear any explanation, Sofy needed to figure another method to convince the young Vanadis.
  47. It is indicated that, should Sofy die in Asvarre, not only will Polesia lose its Vanadis, but it will also cause tension between Zhcted and Asvarre. In courtesy of Tigre's rescue however, the tensions has been avoided.
  48. According to the report, Muozinel soldiers who supported Eliot possessed a sufficient amount of food supplies in Aviles Village. It is later revealed that Torbalan was behind the attacks on the village to in order to reorganize the pirates so they can invade Zhcted.
  49. Because Asvarre has heavily depended on outside forces during the Civil War, it will cost Tallard and his men more gold to pay the mercenaries for the services. However, in order to replenish his military forces, their service until the main army rearranges its military strength and ranks.
  50. The biographic book itself describes most of Zephyria's past achievements and history, and because her position as the kingdom's first female ruler, Zephyria was more popular than her predecessors.
  51. That was the time where Urs was still alive at that time and they did so in order to prevent the plague from reaching Alsace.
  52. The reason Tigre make a "treachery" is to defend Alsace at all costs. He even state to Badouin that he is willing to be Zhcted citizens even it means to protect Alsace.
  53. Germaine executed all of his siblings (except Eliot and Guinevere) due to his extreme paranoia since his father's death
  54. Germaine's assassination was a result of Tallard's coup.
  55. Currently, Guinevere was recognized as a ruler of Asvarre and her position remain solid until Tallard's ascension as a King officially.
  56. Because Viktor was among the few figures to be astonished over Tigre's credibility, especially his relationship with the Vanadises-something that Zhcted's past king rarely did, he recommended the young Earl as a Brunish King, with him as a support. Tigre however initially refused the offer due to his fear of ending up betraying Regin, only to receive advise that not having any ambitions may have severe consequences.
  57. The sole reason for Regin to pressure Tigre to be at her side was because there were still some people in Brune who resented both Regin and Tigre even after the Civil War, mostly because they still considered their success as a fluke.
  58. Badouin already prepare Tigre's ascension as King of Brune beforehand due to his influence that affects many allies. Tigre later surrendered indirectly (Through pressure) by working at Brune Royal Palace.
  59. Unrealized by Tallard, Tigre got one formidable opponent which was Kureys Shahim Balamir that eagers to face Tigre whenever opportunity comes.
  60. By this means, Tigre's alliances with Zhcted will causes Tallard trouble if he defeat Tigre he will trigger Zhcted-Brune Coalition-Asvarre war which immediately puts Asvarre to total disadvtantages as Asvarre will suffer three-pronged attack if that happens not to mention Tallard currently is fighting Sachstein as well.
  61. The reason Asvarre make a quick recovery is because they are relying on Mercenaries such as Simon which causes Asvarre to pay more gold while the damage on the Asvarre Army was very less since Eliot was mainly rely on pirates and Germaine has less than five thousand soldiers on Valverde.


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