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Kana アルマン
Romaji Arumado
Casual Name Armand
Personal Profile
Age Unknown
Gender Male Male
Birth Place Brune
Status Deceased
Position & Rank Viscount

Armand was a Viscount and also a longtime supporter of the inactive House Thenardier. He is also one of many who opposed Regin's succession as Brune's ruler and a prominent ally to Melisande.

Character InformationEdit


Armand is described to be a huge man with a sturdy body who possessed enormous limbs that were larger than any men. In most of his battles, Armand often equip a huge sword that as long was as his shoulders.


As one of the main supporters of House Thenardier, Armand was shown to be loyal general who willing to fight for House Thenardier's name even after the demise of its former head itself.


What is known about Armand that he was a tough warrior who served as a vanguard in every battle he participated. Due to his valor in the battle, Armand was somewhat famous and respected by many peers. Behind his famous reputation however, he was also known to be a supporter to the late Duke Thenardier of Nemetacum, who was defeated and slain by Tigrevurmud Vorn during the twilight moments in Brune's infamous Civil War. Nonetheless, he was among of many who strongly resented Regin and deemed her succession as moot.


Halo FestivalEdit

During the Halo Festival in Nice, Armand was involved in an argument between Regin and Melisande where he sided with Melisande.

Role in Melisande's UprisingEdit

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Prior Nice's rebellion under one Brune aristocrat, Armand freed Melisande from her cell and launched their attack upon Regin and Tigre. Dring the uprising, Armand and other Melisande Faction members found and surrounded Regin and her allies in the Auddience Room. In a skirmishes between both factions, Armadn was killed by Tigre's arrow shot to his forehead when he was trying to defend Melisande while fighting against Elen.[1]


  • Despite being one of Brune's renowned (infamously) aristocrat, it is unknown which territory Armand rules within the kingdom.


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