Kana アリファール
Romaji Arifaru
Nickname Brilliant Fallen Spirit Slayer (Koma no Zanki)
Two-Timer (Elen)
Weapon Profile
Type Long Sword
Owner Vanadis of LeitmeritzEleonora Viltaria
Kingdom Zhcted
Status Active

Arifar , Viralt of Air element, is used by the Vanadis of Leitmeritz.


As an air type weapon, Arifar can generate any type of wind as it pleases, from a gentle breeze to a violent tornado. It is a light-weight long sword than can be carried with to almost anywhere and even withstand all kinds of weapons in battle.


As a Viralt of air-element, it can summon winds and control or manipulate the air currents, which is rumored to blow almost three platoons in a single strike. With its high speed and destructive power, one swing from the sword releases a unusual wind that can decimate its enemies. From air barriers to air projectiles, Arifar can control any kind of wind it wishes depending on its user's mood.

When it combines with Tigre's Black Bow, Tigre's arrow turns to a Wind-Pierce arrow and the projectile speed is similar to a Rail Gun that can pierce anything including even the sturdiest of defenses (Battle at Tatra Fortress,where his arrow broke through the sturdy gate and even slayed a Vyvern dragon in the sky effortlessly).

Veda (Dragonic Arts)Edit

  • 大気ごと薙ぎ払え (Cleave the Wind (Ley Adimos)) - Arifar summons the winds and can blow a platoon of soldiers away causing severe damage. It is often used as a distant projectile. In the most bizarre cases, it is capable of slaying the dragon. [1] In the anime, Arifar gathers as much wind to create a tornado and/or a sphere of wind and shoots it to her target, then the target is lifted up to mid-air and the wind sphere slices it into pieces. [2]
  • 風影 (Shadow Wind (Verni)) - Arifar helps its user to jump very high. It also provides wind support with which its user can float in mid-air. In the anime, it's additional property also increases her sprint speed [3] and even allows her or other Vanadis to float.[4]



  • Eleonora Viltaria - The current Vanadis of Leitmeritz is currently the user of Arifar



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