Arc One, also known as First Arc, is an introductory saga of the series. This is where Tigrevrumud Vorn meet the Eleonora Viltaria from Zhcted and became her prisoner of war until an incident in Alsace, making him as the Silver Wind Vanadis's ally from Brune. This arc made with five main arcs in the series.

The saga begins with the aftermath of a battle in Dinant Plains, where Tigre is captured by Elen after her victory against Brune Army. Whilst accustoming his life in Zhcted, Tigre also learns from his longtime friend Bertrand that Zion is leading his army to decimate Alsace in his absence, which indirectly leading to Tigre's alliance with his kingdom's enemy to rescue his home territory and retaliating against his fellow Brune nobleman. This sparked an infamous Civil War in Brune where Tigre and Elen had to fight against kingdom's two the notorious Dukes, Felix Aaron Thenardier and Maximilian Bennusa Ganelon, in order to liberate Brune from tyranny and oppression.

This saga is primarily focuses on Tigre's involvement in the Civil War as he not only befriends with the first three Vanadises (Elen, Mila and Sofy) and several allies (Brune and Zhcted alike) to combat Thenardier, Ganelon and Muozinel Army, he also inherits the legendary Black Bow which is held by his family for generations. At the end of the saga, Tigre and his allies are lauded as hero to end the Civil War and being peace and tranquility back to Brune.

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  • This arc revealed the first six Vanadis (Elen, Mila, Sofy, Sasha, Liza and Valentina), while the seventh (Olga) being mentioned briefly, but did not appeared in the arc.
  • This arc mainly told the stories about the Civil War that happens it Brune as the Main Character was involved not as a first or second force (Thenardier or Ganelon) instead he was involved as the third force.