Kana アラム
Romaji Aramu
Personal Profile
Age 30's
Gender Male Male
Birth Place Leitmeritz, Zhcted
Status Deceased
Occupation Scout Captain
Army Leitmeritz Army
Silver Meteor Army (The Unstoppable Silver Flow )
Moonlight Knights
Position & Rank Scout
(Leitmeritz Army, Silver Meteor Army and Moonlight Knights)
Territory Leitmeritz

Aram is a Leitmeritz soldier who befriended with Tigrevurmud Vorn during his time as a prisoner of war. Like Rurick, Aram also one of Tigre's prominent figures during the civil war in Brune.

Character InformationEdit


Appears in his mid-30's, Aram possesses a round figure and a bushy beard around his chin.




Role in the Silver Meteor ArmyEdit

Reactions of Tigre's DisappearanceEdit

Role within the Moonlight KnightsEdit

Like his fellow Leitmeritz Army soldiers, Aram joined Tigre's return to Brune when news about Sachstein's Invasion reached to Zhcted. Since the revival of Moonlight Knights, he remained active in most Leitmeritz Army's battle (Plainville Hills and Prowirl Plains), including a feud between Tigre and Greast. Much like Rurick and his fellow soldiers, Aram, despite Tigre's disappearance after the Moonlight Knights' horrendous defeat, confronts Lim and urging her to lead the army in saving Elen from Greast Army.

Battle Against Legnica Army and DeathEdit

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  • Despite his significant roles in both Light Novel and Manga series, Aram didn't appeared in the Anime counterpart.
  • From the story itself, Aram was believed to have a rank of Captain on Letimeritz Army since he got more ease to access Rurick and Generals on the Army.