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Thunder Swirl and Luminous Flame
Anime Episode 9
Kana 雷渦と煌炎
Romaji Kaminariuzu to kagayaku honō
Season/Episode Episode 9
Air/Release Date November 29, 2014
Novel Equivalent Volume 4
Previous Episode 8
Next Episode 10

Thunder Swirl and Luminous Flame (雷渦と煌炎 Kaminariuzu to kagayaku honō) is the ninth episode of the Madan no Ou to Vanadis. It aired on November 29. 2014.


In a flashback, Elen and Mila are seen fighting against each other before they were stopped and defeated by Sasha, who was a Vanadis mediator at that time. Back to the present, Elen and Lim reached Legnica and paid Sasha's sickbed a visit. Sasha told everything happening in Legnica to Elen, specifically Liza since she attacking Legnica due to a "conspiracy" between her and the pirates. Elen decided to fight Liza in Boroszlo for her friend's sake.

Meanwhile in Agnes, Mila allied herself with the Silver Meteor Army and discussed her plan about defeating Muozinel Army. Though Tigre wasn't sure about Mila's tactics, he would give them a try. To counter the Silver Meteor Army's ambush, Kureys, the leading general of the Muozinel army, divided his army into seven platoons, each defending the convoy. As Tigre vowed to win the battle, Ormea Hills began to snow and the Battle of Ormea was about to begin.


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Silver Meteor Army Leitmeritz Army Legnica Army Lebus Army Muozinel Army

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Differences between Light Novel and AnimeEdit

  1. Strangely, Sofy is not mentioned mentioned by Sasha regarding her credibility.
  2. In the anime, the conversation between Tigre and Regin was cut until the the next episode
  3. In the Light Novel/Manga, Liza is seen lying on the saddle instead of sitting on it.
  4. In an anime exclusive, Liza's interest towards Tigre nor her prediction about the defeat of both Thenardier and Ganelon were not present in this episode. However, in one anime special, while apologizing to Sasha for driving her off, Liza was curious of the archer while wondering if sending a gift will allow her to know more about Tigre.

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