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2,000 vs 20,000
Anime Episode 8
Kana 二千対二万
Romaji Ni-sen tai Ni-man
Season/Episode Episode 8
Air/Release Date November 22, 2014
Novel Equivalent Volume 3 (First half), Volume 4 (Second half)
Previous Episode 7
Next Episode 9

2,000 vs 20,000 is the eighth episode of the "Madan no Ou to Vanadis" anime series. It aired on November 22, 2014.


When Navarre Knights went back to Brune's western borders to fortifying its defense, Roland decides to return to Nice for the king despite Mashas and Tigre's warning, while also presented Durandal as his sign of alliance. Unfortunately, before he could meet Faron Roland is trapped inside a room by Ganelon's scheme and as Ganelon's "punishment", he is stung to death. Elsewhere, Elen had to depart for Legnica for Sasha, who wrote an emergency letter for help to repel a Vanadis that attack Leginas. With Roland's death, Brune became even vulnerable than before as Muozinel began its invasion by capturing Agnes citizen as slaves while destroying the village. While Thenardier advances his army to repel the invading army, Tigre also leading the Silver Meteor Army to fight against their southern invaders with Elen. During their scouting mission, Tigre and Rurick saw the slaves were heavily secured by the guards while also saving a girl named Regin. In late evening, Kashim ordered his 3000 troops to decimate his enemy's 200 troops, only to be fallen into the Silver Meteor Army shadow army trap. Next day, Tigre launched yet another ambush towards the Muozinel Army, reducing them gradually from 20.000 to 18.000. Enraged, Kashim resorted to execute ten slaves to lure Tigre and the Silver Meteor Army. When Tigre and 600 Brune soldiers did came, Kashim disbelieve that Tigre as the commander of the army until Zhcted Army's ambush and Tigre shot an arrow to Kashim's head from far distance, which instantly kills him. With Kashim's death, the Silver Meteor Army was victorious and the slaves are free. However, their victory was cut short when a report about the main army of 30,000 is coming for them. Tigre and his archer unit went and tried to repel their army from advancing, but their relentless proved too much for Tigre and his archer unit. Luckily, Mila and her Olmutz Army made their save.


Featured CharactersEdit

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Silver Meteor Army Navarre Knights Zhcted Olmutz Army Brune Antagonist Mentioned/Silhouette

Important NotesEdit

  • In anime exclusive, this is the first debut of Silver Meteor Army's banner to be used on the battlefield.



Differences between Light Novel and AnimeEdit

  1. Unlike the Light Novel, Elen was not present during Roland's meeting with Tigre and his peers. Also, Oliver mentioned about the Navarre Knights's departure to Brune's western fortress to Gerard instead of Elen.
  2. Elen talked to Tigre in a camp, whilst in the light novel version, they talked while riding their horses.
  3. Muozinel Army's brutality against their prisoners were slightly shown.
  4. The fable the rabbit and the bear was not mentioned in this episode.

Miscellaneous TriviaEdit

  • In the new anime opening, Mila and Sofy are added as Zhcted allies with Lim and Rurick.

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