Snow Princess of the Frozen Wave (Michelia)
Anime Epsiode 5
Kana タトラ山攻略戦
Romaji Tatorasan Kōryakusen
Season/Episode Episode 5
Air/Release Date November 1, 2014
Novel Equivalent Volume 2
Previous Episode 4
Next Episode 6

The Storming of the Tatras Mountains is the fifth episode of the Madan no Ou to Vanadis anime series. It aired on November 1, 2014.


In a hot bath in Rodrick, Elen and Lim bathed together as Lim thanked everyone for their rescue while Tigre accidentally saw Mila naked. Tigre and his group took a stroll in Rodrick's marketplace, where Tigre treated Mila to his soup as his apology. As Mila left, Elen told Lim to dispatch her troops for Leitmeritz.

Just as Elen predicted, Mila led her troops to attack Leitmeritz while Thenardier attempted to attack Alsace again. Even with an envoy letter from Tigre about a peace treaty, Mila turned them down and insisting her attack despite her general concerns. Both armies battled in Burkina Plains but neither of them won in the battle, resulted in hundreds of casualties. Elen then rallied her army and began to siege Mila's castle in Tatra Mountains, only to be pulled back due to extreme weather and Tatra Castle's formidable defense. Despite Lim's protest, the Silver Wind Vanadis insisted attacking Tatra Fortress again until Tigre suggested to let him scout around the mountains for shortcut.

During his scouting, Tigre met Mila hunting a fox and they chatted with each other until sunrise. When Mila departed from "Urs" (bear disguise and fake name) and returned to Tatra Castle, Tigre managed to track her footprints to Tatra Castle. Elen and Leitmeritz Army followed Tigre's shortcut, only to find its security tightened and Elen tried a futile attempt to break the gates. Tigre narrowly saved Elen from archer's ambush and requested of Arifar to lend its power to break the gate. With it's gates destroyed by Tigre and Elen combined powers, Tatra Castle was breached and Elen rallied her army to siege the castle .


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  1. Unlike the Light Novel and Manga, which took place before the Seven Chains Assassins' ambush. The bath itself  was immediately held after Lim's recovery from the snake venom.
  2. Tigre and his group's walk Rodrick's marketplace is also different from its Light Novel counterpart: In the Light Novel, Tigre and group visit Rodrick's marketplace before going to Rodrick's bath house. However, there are some scenes that are rearranged just for the Anime Exclusive.
    1. Tigre's Porridge Apology Scene- According to Elen, Mila disliked street food due to House Lourie's pedigree. While angry to see Elen nonchalantly indulging the porridge, Mila was treated by Tigre as a apology for the previous accident (though Mila blamed Elen for the embarrassing incident).
      Tigre Elen arguement
    2. Elen and Tigre Argument scene- Elen was arguing with Tigre for treating Mila kindly, prompted her anger in jealousy. Their argument later brought a crowd of people attention including a boy who called the argument as "lover's quarrel". Elen and Tigre argument further elaborating and foreshadowing their future relationship.

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