Wind Princess of the Battlefield
Episode 1 title card
Kana 戦場の風姫
Romaji Senjō no fūki
Season/Episode Episode 1
Air/Release Date October 4, 2014
Novel Equivalent Volume 1
Next Episode 2

"Wind Princess of the Battlefield" is the first episode of the Madan no Ou to Vanadis anime series. It premiered on October 4, 2014.


Tigrevurmud Vorn, Earl of Alsace and one of Brune's soldiers, survived the horrible defeat in Dinant Plains while trying to escape. When he saw the Vanadis from afar, Tigre tried to kill Elen with his arrow shot but all of his shots were deflected by the Vanadis, leading to his capture. After a dream sequence about Brune Army's before their demise, Tigre was awoken by Lim through her blade to her mouth. Elsewhere in Alsace's Vorn Manor, Titta was shocked to learn from Mashas and Bertrand about Tigre's capture and a hefty ransom for his release. Meanwhile in Leitmeritz, Tigre missed two arrow shots thanks to his poor bow given by Rurick. When Elen avoided an assassination attempt from an assassin with Arifar's wind, Tigre managed to subjugate the assassin by shoot to his foot in an amazing distance, even with a weak bow. Elen apologized to Tigre while planning to execute Rurick and other archers for their disrespect, which Tigre found it exaggerated and pleaded Elen for pardoning Rurick and others. As days passed by, Tigre began to adapt to Leitmeritz life and became quite popular when he was admired by Rurick and others, even though there were some peers remained discontented about Tigre. When he saw a baby dragon, Tigre accidentally saw Elen naked and turned away. While thinking about Elen's words, Tigre was informed by Rurick about a captured intruder who appeared to be Bertrand. However, their reunion was short-lived when Bertrand reported that Thenardier Army has mobilizing it's 3,000 troops for Alsace, much to Tigre's shock and anger. Despite Rurick plea, Tigre insisted on heading to Leitmeritz's gate for Alsace, only to face Elen who in front of him and asked him where is he going at the middle of the night. In response, Tigre told Elen to stand aside without a flinch.


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Differences between Light Novel and AnimeEdit

  1. Contrasted to Light Novel and Manga's version, Titta's past of her relationship with Tigre were not presented.
  2. In Light Novel and Manga, the ransom for Tigre's release is shown as 70,000 Dinars. For Anime counterpart however, the ransom's amount was yet to be calculated but Tigre deems the ransom was too expensive and attempted to negotiate to drop its value.
  3. In Light Novel, the assassin was struck by Tigre's arrow on the leg while Manga counterpart claims he fell down from the palace walls after being struck by Tigre's arrow. In the Anime however, the assassin was struck to his foot with shoes pierced by Tigre's arrow.

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  • This is the only anime opening where Lim wears her helmet throughout the end of the opening.

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