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Agnes is one of Zhcted's territories, formerly administered by Brune[1]. It is one of the prime settings in the Madan no Ou to Vanadis series. During the infamous civil war in Brune, Agnes was abandoned due to Muozinel's massive invasion that terrorized the entire area. It was ceded from Brune after the end of the civil war.[2]


Before the cession of Agnes to Zhcted, Agnes is described as Brune's hottest wasteland which is located at the kingdom's far south east. With little natural resources such as vegetation or water, only a few residents are able to reside into this territory and there are a few guard posts in the territory. This territory is also near to Muozinel, a hostile kingdom for their attempts to invade Brune. This made it the most vulnerable province of Brune.


Muozinel InvasionEdit

Muozinel invasion to Agnes

Muozinel Invasion to Agnes

During the Brune Civil War where Roland was "executed" for his defeat in Orange Plains, Muozinel Army began its invasion towards Brune with 50,000 strong men, with Agnes as their target. As the result of atrocities committed by the enemy forces, Agnes was fallen.

Zhcted's AnnexationEdit

The following aftermath of the Civil War, Agnes was ceded to Zhcted by Brune as a truce between both kingdoms.[3] The current ruler of Agnes is presumably Ludmila Lourie as it is the closest to Olmutz.


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